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By on November 12, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Our images of animals are powerful—some of our stories, videos and photos make you want to leap for joy, while others hit you so hard that you scream and redouble your efforts to assist us in putting an end to cruelty.

We all know that the very best spokesmen for the cause of animals are animals themselves. So this week, we’re giving animals a revamped and, we hope, a more appealing stage to showcase their beauty, their majesty and, yes, when warranted, their plight. Check it out—it’s our redesigned website.


Everything The HSUS does, everything we stand for, a full accounting of our actions, our beliefs and our hopes resides here at humanesociety.org. Please keep that in mind. Because as we gain ground on many fronts in the battles against cruelty, our foes are evermore desperate. Those people and corporations who are making profit by mistreating dogs in the puppy mill industry or who are confining farm animals in crates and cages on factory farms so they can barely move, they know the one organization standing in the way of their business as usual. That’s us—The HSUS and the many millions of you who grant us your support. The same for dogfighters and cockfighters, and the Canadian sealers with bloody batons in their hands, and all the rest of them who withhold mercy from those creatures they control. They know us, and they know something else. They know they cannot defend the suffering they inflict on animals. So they frantically try to change the subject.

You’ll probably hear these critics in the months and years ahead. Every time you hear them raise their voice against animals, you can take satisfaction in realizing that we’re doing the right things for animals. They’ll say just about anything to try and slow us down. They’ll hide in the shadows and hire PR hacks to spread lies like, “The HSUS doesn’t shelter animals.” The truth is we operate the largest system of animal care centers and mobile and emergency shelters and operations in the nation—and we’ve been working for 55 years to strengthen our nation’s system of shelters run by private organizations and local governments. But we do so much more than provide direct care for animals—we attack the root causes of problems by reforming public policies, corporate practices, and public attitudes.

So if you want to know what we do and believe in, visit our website.

For that matter, if you want to know what animal exploiters do and believe in, our website will show you that too. We’ll give you the stories and images so that you’ll know what their puppy mills really look like—where breeding dogs are kept confined in tiny cages for their entire lives. We’ll show you the inside of a slaughter plant where the owner and workers callously torment newborn calves. We’ll let you look in the eyes of a dog rescued from the fighting pits.

Our website is a daily diary of our work, your work—the joy of it and the aching sadness of which there is still far too much.

Please take a look, explore the site, pass it along to friends, and tell us what you think. If you share your feedback in our short survey, you’ll be entered to win a $250 gift certificate to our online store, Humane Domain.

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