Survivor Stories: Fay’s Rescue

By on December 3, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

We come across thousands of animals in the most desperate of situations in our work at The HSUS.

We step in wherever we can and save these animals from the worst kinds of human cruelty. These survivors drive us in our work, inspire us as we confront the individuals and industries that profit off of such callous mistreatment.

Over the next few weeks, through a series of videos, we’ll introduce you to four of the animal survivor stories that most moved us this year. Today, you’ll meet Fay. Hers is the story of the worst of humankind, and I might say the best, too.

Fay was rescued last July in Missouri, where we assisted in raids in eight states to rescue dogs from the horrors of dogfighting. Fay’s mouth had apparently been badly wounded in the ring. In response, a dogfighter had mercilessly cut off her lips.

True to the spirit of humankind’s best friend, this animal who had suffered so much at the hands of people responded to her rescuers with unreserved affection. As you’ll see, Fay had been stripped of her lips but she still had a tongue, and she was happy to use it to lick the face of someone who would hold her close.

With animals like Fay in mind—and the others you’ll meet soon—we’ve created a special 2010 Animal Survivors Fund. As we look to the New Year and think about all of the suffering animals out there who still need our help, we’ve set a major goal: to raise a million dollars online for this fund before Dec. 31. After watching Fay’s video (don’t worry, it’s not graphic—just incredibly moving), please consider becoming a monthly donor to this special fund. When you do, you’ll be supporting the most hard-hitting, highly effective organization in the nation for animal protection. With your help, we’ll save thousands of animals like Fay from lifetimes of misery.

Watch Fay's video then please give to The HSUS's 2010 Animal Survivors Fund

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