First Quarter Blog Favorites

By on April 6, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

For the first quarter of 2010, the blogs that attracted the most eyeballs focused on the disaster in Haiti and the disastrous organization run by professional scammer and profiteer Rick Berman. You also paid special attention to our animal rescue operations (specifically the ones in New Jersey and Tennessee), our spay/neuter photo contest, a rating of the states on their animal protection policies, the problems for dogs associated with the purebred fancying, and the killing of a trainer at SeaWorld by a captive orca.

  1. Monitoring the Situation in Haiti
  2. With the Assist: The HSUS Helps Save 200 Dogs and Cats
  3. Follow the Money
  4. Hurricane Katrina to Haiti: Dogs Survive Two Disasters
  5. They Defend Animal Cruelty: Don't Let Them Win
  6. Dog Breeding: Behind the Best in Show
  7. Where Does Your State Stand on Animal Protection?
  8. Lending a Helping Hand in Haiti
  9. He’s Our Winner, Dagnabit
  10. The Case Against Captive Whales
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