Earth Day Actions to Help Animals and the Environment

By on April 22, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle


If you care about animals, you should care about the environment. To live and be healthy, animals need a healthy environment. And that’s one major reason why The HSUS celebrates Earth Day.

Today, as you celebrate Earth Day and explore the many ways to lessen your impact on the planet, consider these actions to help animals and the environment. Email with your other favorite actions and I’ll post them in a follow-up blog.

  • If Buffalo Exchange has a resale clothing store in your area, drop off fur items for donation to Coats for Cubs, then shop at their Dollar Day Sale (April 24 at most locations) to benefit the Don’t Trash Wildlife program and The HSUS's three wildlife care centers that rescue and rehabilitate wild animals.
  • Be a conscious eater—thinking about how your food choices affect animals and the environment. Start by practicing the Three Rs—refining your food choices by wringing out the worst cruelty and not purchasing animal products from factory farms, reducing total consumption of meat (Americans eat more than 200 pounds of it annually, and even a small reduction will help animals and the environment), and replace animal products with plant-based foods where appropriate.
  • See the new Disneynature documentary Oceans, which opens in theaters today, and sign the pledge to do your part to help save our oceans.

P.S. A reminder. You can watch the 24th annual Genesis Awards on Animal Planet on April 24 at noon ET/PT or April 25 at 1:00 p.m. ET/PT and celebrate the major media and celebrities who are raising awareness of animal protection and environmental issues. This HSUS production will lift your spirits, and give you a primer on the major animal issues of the day.

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