See Hundreds of Prairie Dogs Transported to Safety

By on September 1, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

We at The HSUS care about all animals—wild and domesticated, abroad and at home, large and small. You may not be aware that not too long ago, we established a program to protect prairie dogs, whose populations have been decimated by a variety of factors. Today, surviving prairie dog towns are at risk from contest shoots, poisoning, and unyielding development.

These little creatures, so central to the ecosystems in the West and Great Plains, need their advocates, and we at The HSUS are there to stand up for them.

Recently, Lindsey Sterling Krank, the director of our prairie dog protection campaign, helped oversee the relocation of hundreds of prairie dogs who otherwise would have succumbed to poisoning.

This video provides a fascinating perspective of these burrowing critters and a behind the scenes look at an innovative relocation project that has been months in the making. Working together with several other conservation organizations and the U.S. Forest Service, The HSUS helped to move more than 550 prairie dogs in eastern Wyoming's Thunder Basin National Grassland to safer areas.

This project is the first collaboration between conservation groups and the Forest Service to save imperiled prairie dogs, and the Forest Service’s vital contributions deserve a note of thanks. Please take a moment to share your gratitude; when you do, we’ll relocate a few more prairie dogs to your home—giving you a free prairie dog image to use as wallpaper on your computer or iPhone.


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