You Spoke, Talbots Listened: Fur Pulled from Shelves

By on September 8, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Brown rabbit

It turns out many HSUS members are customers of Talbots—a nationwide chain of nearly 600 women’s apparel stores. A few weeks ago, our fur-free campaign staff started receiving emails from concerned supporters reporting that they had just seen animal fur in the Talbots catalog—a company we had listed as fur-free in our shopping guide. More and more emails arrived, so we contacted Talbots and learned that the company had in fact decided to start selling animal fur after years of being fur-free.

So last week, we asked members and supporters to urge Talbots to go back to being fur-free. Your response was overwhelming. Within days, thousands of emails had been sent, phone calls made, and comments posted to Talbots’ Facebook page—many from folks saying how much they like Talbots, but not the decision to sell fur. The message was pretty clear from our view, and it seems it was clear for Talbots as well. On Friday, the company issued this statement:

“Thank you for your concern. Talbots always seeks to operate under the highest ethical standards. We have heard our customers’ concerns regarding the items offered that contained real fur. These items have been pulled from stores and are no longer available for sale. Talbots remains committed to its policy against the use of real fur in our collection.”

Talbots is to be applauded for retaining its policy against animal fur, and being willing to alter its course of action after realizing it had made a misstep. And our thanks go to all of you who were on alert and made your voices heard.


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