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By on November 12, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

As of this morning, The HSUS is currently ranked #1 in the Pepsi Refresh Project. There are more than 1,000 charities competing for two $250,000 awards, and the top two vote-getters receive the quarter million dollar award for projects outlined by the organizations. The grant described by The HSUS will help us fund our animal rescue work—to help animals like Stallone, rescued from a dogfighting operation and whose story and video I posted Monday.

Please vote for The HSUS in the Pepsi Refresh Project

We need your help to maintain our top position through Nov. 30. This grant would help us expand our on-the-ground efforts to help rescue animals from abuse and neglect, provide veterinary and medical expenses to animals in crisis, and purchase supplies and equipment to make these rescue operations successful. Already this year we’ve rescued thousands of animals in desperate need; just this week, we worked with law enforcement officials to gain custody of 80 dogs in West Virginia at risk when a shelter lost its moorings.

Each of your votes brings us one step closer to helping thousands of suffering animals. Please vote today and every day through Nov. 30 to help us win $250,000 for animal rescue. You can vote for The HSUS twice per day, both on the Pepsi Refresh website and via text message on your phone (here are more detailed instructions). Also, please sign up for our daily voting reminder, and spread the word to all of your contacts.

With your help, we can win this vote for animals, just as we did last week on Election Night with the passage of Prop B in Missouri and the defeat of Arizona’s Prop 109, which sought to block some citizen initiatives related to animal protection.

I share your comments today on these two momentous victories; here’s a sampling of your celebratory notes:

I opened my mail tonight just to check how the animals made out. I am so happy for all of them and God bless the people who voted for them. —Sandra Gallagher

Yes! Wayne, thanks to you I learned of Arizona’s Prop 109 and mobilized shelter and rescue people; I could have cried for joy right there in Wal-Mart where I bought the paper! Delighted with the Missouri outcome as well. Keep up the good work! —Inge Gauer, Golden Valley, Ariz.

The Prop B and 109 victories are telling us the voting public is capable of making the right choice given the right information about both the benefits of anti-cruelty legislation and the false claims of the self-interested opponents. —Arden Allen

I am humbled by your strength in standing up to these very formidable challenges. Thanks for being a voice for all of us who care about animals. God bless you! —Patty

And about Prop B, which sets new rules to crack down on puppy mills, you were ecstatic (by the way, last night The Daily Show with Jon Stewart aired a satirical piece about Prop B’s opponents; you’ll want to watch if you haven’t already). The first returns that came in looked grim, but it turned around as precincts from all over the state came in:

So happy that Prop B in Missouri passed. I couldn’t go to bed until I knew we were winning. Thanks to all those that made it happen. Missourians spoke loud and clear that we are not going to accept puppy mills and let it ruin our state! I have a rescue [dog] and gave her an extra big hug today. What a great day for the canines. —Linda

I too was keeping a close eye on the numbers as the precincts were reporting. When I went to bed I had a tear in my eye that the proposition was down thousands of votes. The first thing I did when I got up the next morning is refresh the voting map on my computer and slowly opened my eyes to see the numbers. WE WON! WE WON! … Thank you to all that took the time to vote for the welfare of these innocent dogs. —Kathy

Watching the votes come in, I felt the pain of seeing so many “no” votes. My eyes couldn't believe that so many people were against compassion for these poor dogs who are nothing but money machines for greed. But when I got up in the morning, I was elated! To read that Prop B passed was such a feeling of relief! Good won out over evil. —Nancy Ball

I cannot imagine the rollercoaster experience of being so far behind and then feeling the momentum build for victory as more and more votes came in. Just reading this puts a lump in my throat in knowing that when people are determined and guided by compassion, there is nothing that can stand in opposition to their efforts. —Susan Trout

What a wonderful victory. As you did, I stayed up half the night, quite discouraged; then finally things turned. Let's hope this is only the beginning of the end for this deplorable industry. —June

Thank you, Wayne, and all those who were instrumental in bringing about Missouri’s Prop B, thus ending the terrible cruelty occurring in Missouri's puppy mills. I am a former Missourian and have lived in Minnesota for nearly 20 years. But that did not keep me from following this election with big hopes for the dogs. —Kitty

To all who made this happen, God bless! The dogs are truly having their day! I live in Maine and couldn’t go to sleep until I knew for sure that Prop B had passed. —Mom of four rescues

The howls of hundreds of pups elated that their cries had finally been heard could be heard all the way to the tip of Texas. —Florinda Rodriguez

I prayed and prayed for Missouri citizens to do the right thing and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you, thank you! I adopted a Yorkie from a puppy mill bust and he was so abused and sick. —Joyce, Florida

Congratulations to you Missourians. You not only showed the country your love for animals but the decency with which they should be treated. —Fenisia Pacini

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