President Signs Fur Labeling Law; See Second Chance’s Survival Story

By on December 20, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

News Alert: President Obama this week signed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act, which The HSUS advocated for after a series of our investigations revealed that major retailers and manufacturers were selling fur-trimmed garments that were unlabeled, incorrectly described as faux fur, or labeled as the wrong animal. It was more than a decade ago that The HSUS discovered the killing of millions of dogs and cats for their fur, which was then sent to western markets as trim. Now, with President Obama’s signing of this bill—on the heels of the signing of the crush video legislation—we have scored a second major victory this month, requiring that all animal fur trim be labeled by species and country of origin.

Watch  rescued horse Second Chance's amazing story

On Friday I told you about 43 horses saved from starvation in Texas thanks to the coordinated efforts of The HSUS and local authorities and humane organizations. The case was eerily similar to another equine rescue mission for us this year, removing 49 horses, donkeys and mules from barren pasture, with no water or food, on a West Virginia farm in May.

Amidst a crowd of equines suffering from emaciation and serious untreated wounds and medical ailments, perhaps the most startling victim of neglect on that West Virginia property was the horse now named Second Chance.

In grave condition—with his bones jutting out from his skin and his brown coat dull and matted—he looked like a walking skeleton. A veterinarian we work with said she’d never witnessed a horse so thin; she couldn’t believe he was still alive.

Today, you wouldn’t recognize Second Chance as he grazes contentedly in the pastures of his new loving home, back to a healthy weight and having regained his strength.

Second Chance’s story is the third and final installment in our Survivor series for this year. Please watch in this video as Summer Wyatt, our West Virginia state director, tells of Second Chance’s rescue and recovery, and then please consider making a donation to our 2011 Animal Survivors Fund to support our work coming to the rescue of even more animals, prosecuting those who abuse animals, preventing these types of cruelty before they occur, and our many other efforts to help animals.


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