Advances Against Gruesome Shark Finning, Animal Fighting

By on December 21, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Another December Victory: The Congress today gave final approval to legislation to stop the gruesome practice of shark finning in American waters. It’s the third great outcome for our cause in the lame-duck session of this Congress. I reported on Monday that President Obama signed the HSUS-backed Truth in Fur Labeling Act into law this past weekend, right on the heels of his signing into law a ban on the production, sale, or distribution of animal crush videos. Now, this third bill is on its way to the president, and not a moment too soon. There are 100 million sharks killed worldwide each year, and many millions are killed for their fins, which are used in shark fin soup.

The HSUS is at work for animals every day—pushing for public policies, advancing our ideas to citizens, and helping animals in crisis. No group puts more resources into the battle against illegal dogfighting and cockfighting than The HSUS, or does so with greater effect. This past weekend, HSUS investigators sniffed out yet another illegal animal fighting enterprise and worked on the ground with law enforcement to raid the operation. It was a cockfighting ring operating right on the outskirts of the city of Dallas—with lawbreakers, broken birds, and the knives and other weapons of bloody pastime all on display. Please take a look at what your support makes possible—in this case, a raid of a cockfight in progress and a first step toward putting the perpetrators in prison.

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