2010 Victories Video: See What You Helped Make Possible

By on December 22, 2010 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

What the animals of this world need more than anything is a powerful, strategic, and tireless organization that responds to the needs of animals in crisis, but also works to prevent cruelty from happening in the first place by addressing its root causes and seeking systemic change. That’s the sort of group you have in The HSUS, and that’s why all the leading opponents of animal protection have The HSUS in their trigger sights—whether it’s front groups for cruelty like the so-called Center for Consumer Freedom or the more transparent animal-industry trade groups for the cockfighters, puppy millers, fur traders, or factory farmers. There is no organization that delivers stronger or more positive outcomes for animals than The HSUS, or puts more of a shudder down the backs of people causing harm to helpless animals.

See the year's biggest wins for animals, then please give to our 2011 Animal Survivors Fund
See the year's biggest wins for animals, then please give.

Our victories are many, but our progress is only possible because of you. We are a membership organization, and we draw our strength from you. By supporting The HSUS and its affiliate entities, spreading awareness about animal issues, and speaking up to lawmakers or corporations when action is needed, you are part of, and you help us to remain, a powerful collective force in achieving fundamental and lasting social reform for animals.

Today, I share with you this four-minute video featuring some of our major achievements this year. Please watch, knowing that you are behind all of these outcomes. And if you have friends or family who support The HSUS or the cause of animal protection, pass it along with pride and ask them to get involved.

Then please also consider a special contribution to our 2011 Animal Survivors Fund. Only through your generosity can we continue this life-saving work, unleashing the creativity and goodness in the human spirit in order to achieve a better day for all animals.

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