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By on January 4, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Today, I post the blogs that got the most visitor traffic for the year—the top ten blogs of the 259 postings for 2010.

Celebrating on election night as Prop B passes in Missouri
Darci Adams/The HSUS
Celebrating on election night as Prop B passes in Missouri.

At the top of the list were entries celebrating some of the biggest political wins for animals—with my discussion of the outcomes on Prop B in Missouri and Prop 109 in Arizona gaining the top slot and following it, the enactment of the law in California to ban the sale of whole battery cage eggs, at the same time that Prop 2 takes effect.

Reports on our response to the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti came in third.

Also drawing a great deal of reader interest were my thoughts about Michael Vick's rehabilitation, his work speaking out against dogfighting, and his expressed interest, after his probation period ends, of adopting a pet for his two daughters.

Blogs about some of the most egregious forms of cruelty also drew many eyes and much concern: my posts about undercover investigations revealing disturbing abuse at an Ohio dairy farm and the nation’s top egg producer were the fifth and eighth most popular, respectively. Coming in at six and seven were responses to the April U.S. Supreme Court ruling that invalidated the federal law banning animal crush videos (though the sale and distribution of these obscene, extreme videos has again been banned thanks to the swift action of Congress) and the puppy mill crisis in Missouri and across the country.

Those items rounding out the list at nine and ten provided guidance for taking action on behalf of animals, and moving images of the animals in crisis who elicit our sympathy and our activism

  1. Victory Declared for Missouri’s Dogs and Arizona Wildlife
  2. Breaking: Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Landmark Egg Bill
  3. Monitoring the Situation in Haiti
  4. Michael Vick and Having a Pet
  5. Disturbing Abuse Uncovered At Ohio Dairy Farm
  6. Reaction to Supreme Court Ruling on Animal Cruelty Law
  7. A Veterinarian's Prognosis for Stopping Puppy Mill Cruelty
  8. Shocking, Unacceptable Conditions Revealed at Nation’s Largest Egg Producer
  9. 55 Actions for Animals and The HSUS
  10. Little Orphan Animals
Companion Animals, Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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