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By on January 14, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Rescued dog gets a hug 
Michelle Riley/The HSUS
Another dog rescued from Ohio gets a hug from an HSUS staffer.


In the past weeks, I’ve touched on a few examples of the hands-on work The HSUS does to help animals – from helping pit bulls in Ohio to street dogs in Haiti and even rats by the thousand in a California hoarding case.

Several of you had a personal connection to the story from Hello Bully on the remarkable transformation of Ferdinand, one of the 200 pit bulls The HSUS helped rescue from a suspected dogfighting operation in Ohio:



I am honored to have had the opportunity to volunteer and help care for these dogs for the few days I was available. The HSUS staff was professional, efficient, caring, intelligent and mindful of the best interest of these dogs. —Mary

Awesome work. I have a friend who was there to help and she has one of the boys Chester. Amazing dog that plays at doggie day care. Loves people and dogs. —Linda Candler

This is a wonderful story about bullies, and particularly about Ferdinand. We are a rural city-owned shelter in the San Joaquin Valley of California, and over time we have learned a lot about pit bulls, as we see many of them. One thing springs to mind as I read your stories about pit bull fighting, and that is our local pit bull rescue in Fresno, Bully Pit.  They are doing a massive and wonderful job of rescue, rehab, foster, and adoption services here in the central valley where the situation with dog fighting is pretty horrendous. As a volunteer for the shelter, I have spent much time learning about our pit bulls, the dogs that are used for "bait" and the dogs that are used for fighting, and it is the cruelest sport I can think of. Thanks for all you are doing in that area. —Patricia Silva

I am SO proud to be a Hello Bully member! Working alongside the great people in the HSUS was an honor. Every time I see an update about one of these amazing dogs I cry a few tears of joy. —Sarah Berger 

You also responded to a dispatch from our staff member stationed in Haiti describing our long-term projects to fight pet overpopulation and build animal welfare infrastructure there:

I am one grateful animal lover who is thankful for the HSUS. It takes a lot of dedication, time and patience to accomplish what they have…You are a voice for many, human and non-human. —Kathleen 

It's an amazing achievement, and reaffirms my sense of commitment to the HSUS and to HSI….Blessings on you all for your dedication to helping those in Haiti — and everywhere else. —Victoria

And I wrote about the rescue of 2,000 pet rats from a hoarding situation in California, where The HSUS worked with NorthStar Rescue to remove the animals from an overrun home and put them on the path to finding new homes:

Thank you so much for helping with this rat hoarding case. My husband and I have been the proud parents of seven rats over the last few years. They are amazing, smart and adorable creatures…I was amazed that the attempt was even going to be made to save this many rats! Thank you so much!  —Megan

I believe every thing, plant, animal, or human is that essence of God….Thank you HSUS for enlightening us to what can happen when something that started with good intentions overwhelms us. I will always support you. —Cindy Villalovos


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