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By on January 26, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

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Last week I wrote about three outlandish and reckless pieces of legislation proposed by a handful of lawmakers in Nebraska (to establish criminal penalties for shelters and rescues that do not take in every unwanted horse), Montana (to repeal the federal Endangered Species Act), and Utah (to allow the shooting of feral cats).

Many of you weighed in about what you thought was the worst proposal — with the most votes going to Montana’s draft legislation to nullify the federal Endangered Species Act.

Here is a sampling of your thoughts: 


Killing feral animals? What if that "feral" animal is my dog who got out the door and was shot before I could catch him? Dumping animals on shelters and forcing the shelters to care for them or suffer a criminal charge IS criminal. Nebraska should fund shelters who do this work, not punish them for being humane and compassionate…I guess I am most offended by the attempt to nullify the Endangered Species Act. When you kill that last representative of an endangered species, it becomes an extinct species. True lunacy. –Cindie White-Weiss

These are all "lunatic bills," but the WORST one is Nebraska's LB 306. If Sen. Larson is this irresponsible as a freshman, I can hardly imagine his damage-creating potential if he ever "graduates"!   –Craig Cline

…For its promotion of violence, total disregard for life, and overall lunacy, I think Utah's HB 210 takes the cake. Shame on them! –Kim Curtis

Of course, if they don't want to adhere to the laws of the nation of the United States of America, then Montana no longer gets representation in the United States Congress. They can send an ambassador to Washington, DC…The mindset of the State of Montana legislative members and citizens, who actually believe they can nullify federal laws, is the pinnacle of arrogance. –Cindy Crone

They are all beyond my worst imaginations.  Let's go against them all. –Bob

I also wrote about attempts in Missouri to repeal or gut the core provisions of Proposition B, the anti-puppy mill ballot measure that a majority of Missouri voters approved just two months ago. This blatant disregard for the will of the voters sparked rebukes, too:

As a Councilman in O'Fallon, I am very much aware of the "will of the people.” I again now, as I have in the past, promise that I will work my tail off to help defeat any elected official who gets on board with this repeal effort. I have a long memory! –Jim Pepper, O’Fallon, Mo. city councilmember

Thank you for working so hard on Prop B! I am a resident of Missouri, and, yes, I am extremely thankful to HSUS for standing so firm in fighting for Prop B.  –Yvonne

Unbelievable that after the people have voted and stated their wishes that this could be undone. Guess that is why we have elections so we can vote out the elected officials that don't do the will of the people. Would like to see a Prop B in Arkansas. Hope to see you here. –Sharon Cook

I hope there are still intelligent lawmakers in Missouri who feel some type of compassion for the suffering of these animals and respect the right of the voters. Educating our children that animals may look different than us, they still feel compassion, love, anger, fear, sadness, loneliness the same as we do, the just can't speak English to say they are suffering in this wretched mills. I'm at a loss as to how anyone can see the videos and the pictures and still think it's OK! –Nancy Ball

If Prop B is repealed in Missouri by spineless state politicians bowing to business pressure I will be deeply saddened, but (unfortunately) not too surprised. These very politicians knew all along how inadequate their state's laws were at protecting countless innocent dogs from greedy puppy mill breeders, yet did nothing. If I lived in that state, I certainly wouldn't vote for any representative who didn't do the right thing and uphold Prop B. –David Bernazani


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