Watching our Wild Neighbors in Winter

By on February 1, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

With snow and ice blanketing much of the country this week, many of us will be inside staying warm and looking out at the wintry landscape.

If you’re among the millions of Americans who enjoy watching wildlife, you may spot birds and other animals looking for food in the snowy weather. Take a look at these striking photos of wildlife in the snow, captured by HSUS staff member Kathy Milani who has transformed her backyard into a refuge for animals:

If you also enjoy seeing wild animals in your backyard and giving them a helping hand, our wildlife experts offer a few tips on how to help wildlife in winter.

Especially when other sources of water are frozen solid, you can help animals by providing water for them in a heated birdbath or pond. At this time of year, birds appreciate high-energy foods like black-oil sunflower seeds, white millet seeds, suet cakes and medium-sized cracked corn.

And if you’re already on your way to making your backyard a welcome home for wildlife, you can become a member of our Urban Wildlife Sanctuary Program.

Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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