Breaking News: More than 130 Neglected Arabian Horses Rescued

By on April 29, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Arabian horses are known as a beautiful, gentle breed, well-loved for their stamina and skill in shows. They are often pictured as the iconic image of a horse running in a field with her tail held high.

But sadly, this sought-after breed is not immune from the neglect and cruelty we’ve seen afflict far too many horses. Today, our Animal Rescue Team and equine experts are in eastern Maryland saving more than 130 Polish Arabian horses suffering from severe neglect.

Arabian horse rescued from neglect in Maryland
Mike Buscher
One of the underweight horses rescued today.

Our equine cruelty specialist, Stacy Segal, reports that Canterbury Farms was at one time a well-respected operation that imported horses from Poland and bred them for sale. However, the conditions have apparently deteriorated, and many of the animals on the property are in appalling shape.

After being alerted to this neglect by local residents, Queen Anne’s County law enforcement called in The HSUS, Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue, and the ASPCA to assist. We worked with these groups to put together a large-scale rescue operation in just a few days.

Today we found many emaciated horses lacking adequate food and suffering from serious parasite infestations and overgrown hooves. The living quarters for the horses were also unsafe, with fallen-down fences and stalls filled with rocks and accumulated manure.

We found a number of foals and young horses on the 200-acre farm, showing that breeding has been ongoing. One horse, who should have had a long life ahead of her at the age of 6, was dangerously underweight and plagued with parasites. While removing the horses from the property, rescuers discovered this suffering mare hidden under a tent. A veterinarian determined she was too far gone to be saved, and humanely euthanized her.

Though stories like this one are tragic, there are better days ahead for so many horses because of today’s rescue. Day’s End Farm will care for some of the horses at their facility in Lisbon, Md., and we’re arranging for the other horses to be boarded at area farms, where we’ll help fund their veterinary care and rehabilitation.

We're glad to be working with Day’s End and ASPCA in this effort, and we're grateful to the law enforcement officials and concerned citizens who set this rescue into motion. After legal proceedings determine the custody of these animals, we hope they can be adopted into good homes.

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