Florida ‘Ag Gag’ Bill Fizzles

By on May 9, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

With the close of Florida's legislative session this past weekend, we were heartened to see that lawmakers chose not to enact agribusiness' proposal to criminalize taking photographs or videos of farm animals.

Dairy calves at the Bushway slaughter plant in Vermont, where an HSUS investigation uncovered disturbing abuses
A 2009 HSUS investigation found abuses of young calves.

In several other states however, some lawmakers are shilling for animal-abuse industries and seeking to turn back reform (conspicuously, the repeal of Prop B in Missouri) or to cover up animal mistreatment (with bills in several states to outlaw taking pictures at factory farms by undercover animal welfare investigators).

In the wake of so many important cruelty exposés across the nation, the industry should be trying to prevent cruelty to animals rather than preventing Americans from learning about it.

It's our hope that lawmakers in Iowa and Minnesota—the two other states with similar bills pending—will follow Florida's lead and reject these bills as an attempt to close the curtain on routine abuses (particularly cruel animal handling or slaughter) and food safety problems within these industries.


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