Helping Animals in Half a Dozen States

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Since Hurricane Katrina, The HSUS has grown its emergency response capabilities, and the program has become an enormous one, responding to animal crisis situations all over the country to rescue dogs, cats, horses, and other animals from dire situations. It’s worth spending a moment just to capture how diverse the needs are and how varied and complex the response must be, with so many of our Animal Rescue Team members in the field right now.

Helping Pets in Alabama

Since the devastating tornadoes hit last Wednesday, we’ve been assisting animal control and humane groups in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Ala. Several HSUS staff members have deployed to Alabama, helping to set up a hotline for lost-and-found pets out of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and to set up staging areas to distribute pet food. We’ll continue to help with sheltering and rescue needs in the most hard-hit areas.

Tami Santelli of The HSUS with a rescued Arabian horse
Mike Buscher
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Missouri Flood Response

We’re also on the ground in southeast Missouri assisting with the rescue and sheltering of animals affected by monumental flooding. HSUS and ASPCA staff are caring for more than 330 displaced pets at an emergency shelter in Kennett, and that number is expected to increase as waters keep rising.

Maryland Horse Rescue

After joining with the ASPCA and Day’s End Farm to rescue 133 neglected Arabian horses, this week HSUS staff are assisting with veterinary checkups of the horses and overseeing their ongoing care. The HSUS will be working to have all the horses assessed and trained and to plan for their care over the next few months. We’ll also help fund their food, veterinary treatment, and boarding. The horses are now at Paradise Stables, Day’s End Farm, and other stables, where they are receiving the dedicated care and environment they need to thrive. The state’s attorney is continuing to pursue criminal charges.

Florida Animal Fighting Raid

We are still caring for dozens of dogs and gamefowl seized from a Florida dogfighting raid, while the dogs are evaluated for placement by rescue groups. The court awarded custody of the animals after an HSUS animal fighting expert provided key testimony about dogfighting evidence documented at the scene. Local officials continue to pursue prosecution for multiple felony dogfighting charges.

Arkansas Horses in Greener Pastures

For more than five months, The HSUS and the ASPCA cared for 114 neglected horses seized in Arkansas by law enforcement last December. Now, all but two have been transferred to a 600-acre farm with several large spring-fed ponds, open shelter, and the room to socialize and roam. Two horses are being privately boarded because of medical issues.

We’ll continue to help fund the horses’ care and recovery while we work hard to resolve their legal disposition so they can finally find loving homes.

HSUS driver Perry Stone with his dog Duke, rescued from an Arizona hoarding case
Perry Stone relaxes with his rescued dog Duke.

Finally, I want to relay good news from Arizona, where our team worked with law enforcement to rescue more than 200 dogs, cats, and other animals from a hoarding case. The HSUS and United Animal Nations staffed an emergency shelter for several weeks to care for these pets. After a hearing secured the custody of the animals, The HSUS transferred them to our Emergency Services Placement Partners in Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon. 

To place 47 of these puppies and dogs, last week our field responder Tara Loller and driver Perry Stone drove 33 hours straight (stopping only for water and bathroom breaks) to new shelter partners in Oregon. Mr. Stone even adopted one of the dogs from the rescue, an older Labrador mix named Duke.

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