Talk Back: Smithfield’s Record Profits and Our Animal Rescues

By on June 21, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Last night’s Animal Planet Investigates piece on our captive hunting undercover work exposed an ugly subculture of the hunting industry. It’s bad enough that exotic animals are placed in fenced areas to be shot for a trophy. Add to this that the operators then drug some of the animals to make the whole thing a farce in terms of an actual hunt. It’s almost beyond belief.

Pigs in pens on factory farm

We are urging our supporters to contact their U.S. Representative and Senators in support of pending federal legislation on the topic.

I’ll publish some of your comments soon on that item, but want to share your feedback on some other recent blogs. Many of you felt it is time for Smithfield to get back on track with its pledge to ban gestation crates, in light of its enormous earnings in the first and second quarters of the year.

“Maybe if everyone boycotted Paula Deen and other chefs [who support Smithfield] that would get their attention and they would withdraw their support. Smithfield has not suffered consequences and only when these companies lose revenue or celebrity support, which translates to lost revenue, will they think twice about their approach to humane treatment of animals.” –Connie

“Gestation crates are not necessary, nor appropriate. Pigs are easy going, smart and intensely social animals, and this needs to be recognized and respected. These animals do better when they are allowed to roam outside to root in soil and to be together. Don't be cruel, and maybe your sales will increase instead of decline.” –Christa

“The dollar is the indisputable leader in denial, despair, destruction and death.” –Arden Allen

So many of you were touched by our recent animal rescues, like the rescue of 700 cats from a hoarding situation in Florida:

“It broke my heart to hear about those cats in such terrible conditions and I thank the HSUS so much for recuing them. I hope they get good homes. Thank you the HSUS for caring so much for animals.” –Renee S. Fox-Turbush

Our efforts to reunite animals with their owners in disaster regions also inspired you:

“Thank you for sharing this video of owners being reunited with their pets in Joplin, Missouri. Watching these volunteers in action and seeing the pets reunited after such devastation is so heartwarming.” –Nancy Ball

“Aw! I just watched this video and had tears in my eyes. So wonderful that these people are being reunited with their family pets. These people and animals have been through so much and to see the joy in all their faces really warmed my heart! Huge thank you to those involved in this rescue. All of you are so amazing! May God bless you and the animals too!" –Karen Wagner

Please keep the comments coming. We appreciate hearing what’s on your mind, and we’ll continue to occasionally post some of your thoughts.

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