Talk Back: Stopping Captive Hunts, Working Like a Dog

By on June 29, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Earlier this week, I called on the California Senate Natural Resources Committee to pass strong anti-shark finning legislation, and to resist the maneuvers by lobbyists and lawmakers working on behalf of the restaurants and other businesses and groups that trade in shark fins. The bill has survived, but we’ve got a tough task ahead to align California law with those of Guam, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington, with Sen. Leland Yee leading the charge against the legislation.

Gazelle at a captive hunt facility
Take action to stop captive hunts.

Last week, I told you about an Animal Planet special featuring a new HSUS investigation into captive hunts, where trophy hunters pay to shoot tame, fenced-in animals. Many of you were shocked to hear that this despicable practice still goes on in the United States—in fact, in about two dozen states, due to the obstructionist efforts by the NRA and the Safari Club International.

Some lawmakers had something to say about this, and they’ve introduced legislation to outlaw the practice. Many of you had something to say as well:


What hideous cowards they must be who kill penned animals, all for a "trophy" on the wall. No, I did not know this happens in the United States. Thank you HSUS and Wayne Pacelle for bringing this to light. —Jackie Reina

I sat through it with my eyes diverted much of the time. I went to bed furious. This is one of the most disgusting acts I can think of—and unfortunately, I live right smack in Central Texas—there are canned hunting operations all around here. Unfortunately, most people don't know about the practice—hopefully, this exposé and this bill will be the end of this awful practice. —Jennifer Lawyer-Wilson

I also wrote last week on a lighter note about Take Your Dog to Work Day, an annual holiday started by Pet Sitters International. The dozens of dogs who come to our office every day are a great reminder of why we work to protect and celebrate all animals.

Many of you commented on how much you enjoy working with your pets, or wish that you could:

I am fortunate to work from home, so my 2 dogs and 2 cats are with me all day. They are the best officemates I have ever had and calm me down throughout the workday with wet noses, kisses, and snuggles. —Beth Graham Bryant

Can you see my bull mastiff at my dentist office! Cute thought, he would eat all my toothpaste! —Gena Sykes-Gurgone

My office actually allows us bring our dogs in *every* day! I'm so fortunate to work for such an awesome company; in fact, my little rescue wouldn't have been available to me if I couldn't bring her with me—they wanted her to go to an elderly person who could spend the majority of their time with her. —Lisa Robles

My office manager brings her dog to work. The day always goes so much faster when he is here. I have 3 dogs so that would be a bit much for me to handle and get work done. —Angi Vanhoose

I'm trying to figure that out right now. Maybe you can call and put in a good word with my boss. —Jeanette Elizabeth Eckert

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