Talk Back: Dogs Freed from Fighting, Pets Coming to the Rescue

By on August 17, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

150x125 nc dogfighting rescue -  mriley Recently I wrote about 50 dogs and puppies The HSUS helped rescue in North Carolina from two suspected dogfighting operations, who are now receiving dedicated care at our emergency shelter with the help of volunteers from Hello Bully.

Many of you were moved by our video from the scene, and happy to know the dogs are on their way to better lives:

I watched the video and ended up crying like a baby. It was so difficult to see those poor dogs in these horrible conditions. I can just imagine how the workers felt. So glad that these beautiful dogs will have a new chance at life with shelter, toys, food, and most of all love! Thanks for all you do. —Linda Amad

I want to cry every time I read about the savagery against man's best friend. But my rescued pits remind me that happy times can be had so keep up the good work, HSUS and helpers. —Arden Allen

This just always brings me to tears. To know what so many of these dogs have gone through…it is so heartbreaking. I also know that they are on their way to a new, wonderful life, and that is what makes me so happy. To be free from their abusers and off those huge, heavy chains must make them feel so much better, too! I love seeing the rescue team with all the dogs. They are so kind and loving. The dogs are so happy to see them! THAT is what warms my heart! Thank you to all on these two rescues. ALL of you are so amazing! May God bless all of you and the animals too!—Karen Wagner

In addition to this work of our Animal Rescue Team, I also wrote recently about animals aiding people. We asked our Facebook community to share how animals have helped them, and here are a few of your personal stories:

I always say I may have rescued my cats, but they saved my life. However, in keeping with this theme, back around 1989 I was living in an apartment and one of my cats (who had no voice) woke me up to let me know there was a fire in the complex by jumping from the window to my bed until I looked out the window. —Jeanne Stuart

I adopted a dog a few years back who was cantankerous but very protective of me, Buddy. He attacked another dog who [was] three times his size and aggressive towards me. I felt safe having him close and to have known a protective and brave little dog. —Jackie Enright

Our cats and dog alert us to spiders in the house and us being pregnant it honestly helps because the area we live in has a lot of black widows (which we've already found two) and recluses. They are our babies and even though it's a small thing (like saying “hey Mom, there’s a spider”) it means a lot to us. —Jeni Ezzell

My animals save me every day. By far my favorite story ever. —Stephanie Filer

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