Former Chicago Students Give Back by Helping Pets

By on October 27, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

I wrote recently about successful HSUS pet wellness clinics in Atlanta and Philadelphia, just two of the cities where we’ve expanded our Pets for Life program to bring animal welfare services to underserved communities, to promote the human-animal bond, to encourage proper veterinary care, and to drive down euthanasia rates, preventing dogfighting and other neglect and abuse in the process.

Our first community outreach program of this type launched a few years ago in Chicago, and today I wanted to share a story with you about two local men who stand at the heart of our program. Sean Moore and Anthony Pickett first came to our attention as students in our free dog training classes. These classes help people to steer clear of dogfighting and encourage them to view dogs as friends instead of fighting instruments. Now, five years later, Sean and Anthony work as full-time community organizers for our Pets for Life Chicago program. They teach dog training classes for a new generation of students, and they were the driving force behind our recent successful clinic in their own neighborhood.  

The Oct. 15 clinic provided free vaccinations administered by Delta Animal Hospital to nearly 200 pets, signed up more than 60 animals for free spay/neuter surgeries to be performed by PAWS Chicago, enrolled several people in our dog training classes, and gave out free pet food. Through the Pets for Life program, Sean and Anthony are giving back to the people and pets in their community, and we’re proud to see what a positive difference we can make when we work together with local animal groups and community advocates.

So much work with companion animals is happening outside of shelter settings and consists of finding people where they conduct their lives, and our Pets for Life program is just one example of that trend at work. You can see a few snapshots from the event below.

Pfl chicago clinic oct 2011

Pfl chicago clinic oct 2011 - 5

Pfl chicago clinic oct 2011 - 2
Pfl chicago clinic oct 2011 - 3

Photos: Chris Kim Photography

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