Third-Quarter Blog Favorites

By on October 12, 2011 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Jack, a chocolate Lab rescued from a Vermont puppy mill by HSUS
Jack, rescued from Vermont, has been adopted
by an HSUS staff member.

At the end of each quarter, I look back and rank-order the blogs that generated the most traffic—and therefore the most interest from readers. It’s no surprise again that you like action and forward progress for our cause. Two of the three top blogs related to major puppy mill raids we conducted, in Vermont and in Quebec. And two of our top campaigns—to end the use of chimpanzees in invasive research and to phase out the use of barren battery cages for laying hens—were also represented among the top five blogs of interest. Our work on dogfighting—whether two raids in North Carolina or a visit by Michael Vick to Capitol Hill to lobby for A federal ban on attending an animal fight—also generated click-throughs and comments. So did our announcement that Allergan, the company that produces Botox©, is going to phase out the use of animals for the testing of this anti-wrinkle treatment.

These look-backs are always are always a reminder of the progress we’re making, and how we’re shifting the terms of the debate in our nation and abroad. The agreement with the United Egg Producers, the announcement by Allergan, and Michael Vick’s continuing participation in anti-dogfighting campaigns shows that we are engaging with former adversaries and working to turn them into allies.

  1. Dozens of Dogs Saved from Deplorable Conditions in Vermont
  2. Feds Set Stage for Critical Action to Help Chimps
  3. Saving More than 500 Suffering Dogs in Canada
  4. Landmark Agreement to Help Millions of Hens
  5. Animals and People, Saving Each Other
  6. Campaigning Against Animal Fighting on Capitol Hill with Michael Vick
  7. Contagious Concerns about Health Risks of Factory Farming
  8. Animal Testing Policy Gets a Facelift
  9. Two Old Dogs on their Way to New Lives
  10. Chain Reaction: Two Rescues in One Day Save Dogs from Fighting
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