Talk Back: Taking Action to Help Seals

By on January 11, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Baby harp seal
Marcus Gyger

I wrote last week about the growing momentum to end the Canadian seal slaughter as Russia and other nations have announced bans on seal products and a new report highlights the threat to seals from the loss of sea ice. This has been a top-tier campaign for The HSUS and HSI, and it’s not surprising that there’s so much passion on this issue among our supporters.

Take a look at our guide on how you can help protect seals, or our action guide for residents of Canada and elsewhere. Thank you for supporting the international campaign to stop this cruelty.

The barbaric slaughter of helpless baby seals must stop. I would never ever visit Canada or buy anything Canadian. Money talks! If everyone that is against the killing of baby seals boycotted anything that is Canadian, these killings may stop. Canada may think twice before allowing this heartless, barbaric, boorish act to continue. —Vasilis Alekos Korallis

Well, most Canadians are against this, myself included. It’s disgusting. —Renée Erdman

Wayne, I look forward to the day this barbaric murder spree ends and I honestly think it may be on the horizon. The Canadian Prime Minister and Fisheries Minister really have no leg to stand on now. It breaks my heart every year when I hear about it. I still protest eating any seafood from Canada and will not eat at any restaurant that gets its seafood from there. I actually protest anything and everything from Newfoundland until they stop this insanity… —Desiree Reid

Please keep working on this issue and keep the pressure on Canada. I've been waiting all of my life for the seal hunts to end and it seems like we are getting really close. I won't even travel to Canada until the seal hunts stop. —Sharon Ponsford

…As you suggest, only a compensation for the fishing industry by the government could make a difference. And on our part a vocal boycott of Canadian seafood or any product for that matter. Here in Manhattan, each time I buy fish or eat in a restaurant, I ask whether the fish comes from Canada. They must have heard the question so often, that they usually answer "Oh, no!" How to be sure? —Dr. Ch. de Lailhacar

P.S. You can find out which U.S. restaurants and businesses have joined our Protect Seals boycott using our locator map, or view Canadian and European restaurants that are participating. And we’ll be sharing an action alert soon to thank the Russian government for its seal product ban.

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