Talk Back: Celebrating McDonald’s Move to Help Pigs

By on February 29, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle


Earlier this month, I shared the news that McDonald’s, the largest restaurant chain in the world, announced its intention to acquire pork for its U.S. locations only from pigs who weren't bred using gestation crates. Just a few days later, Bon Appétit Management Company announced that it will reach that goal by 2015. Major suppliers Smithfield Foods and Hormel had committed publicly and to The HSUS that they’d phase out the crates in company-owned facilities by 2017, and it has seemed like a real moment of change on what had been an intractable issue in the realm of factory farming.

While many of you wished the elimination of the crates would be overnight, rather than phased out over a few years, there was elation that we are making progress on this issue:

Great news! Way to go McDonald's. These wonderful creatures of God deserve the most respectful and humane treatment. Thank you for this move towards that end. ―Carolyn Allen

I agree. I would gladly pay a little more for my meals if the livestock is raised and treated in humane manner. It is the right thing to do. ―Doug Richard

Thank you HSUS for all the tireless work that has been done for animals who suffer mercilessly on factory farms. I have not eaten pork in 20 years because of the cruel treatment and confinement of these hapless, sorrowful beings with no voice of their own. ―Denise

Unfortunately most of us Americans have been unaware of the cruelties toward animals that we eat. Up to now most animal humane groups have zeroed in on cats and dogs. It is time for the American public to become educated on the abuses toward…cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, horses and to work toward more humane treatment of these creatures who have but one life to live as well. ―Bonnie Kohleriter

Thank GOD for this move. I live in the middle of pork-producing Iowa and it makes me sick to see the trucks packed full of hogs and the many, MANY hog confinement buildings popping up all over the place. Not to mention, some hobby farmers will put today's enormous-sized sows into old vintage gestation crates made for the past generation sows that were much smaller. It made me want to cry. People have no idea how bad this is until they see it for themselves. The legislators in Iowa protect the hog farmers and allow this abuse. The best way to vote is through your consumer dollar and do not re-elect the senators and representatives who cave in to special interests. ―S.Z.

I am absolutely thrilled by today's news about McDonald's! They have the power alone to overturn the worst abuses in the animal supply food chain, and I commend the company for making the right choice. Dittos for Hormel and Smithfield Foods to also do right for the animals. I only wish that the abuses could be abolished tomorrow. ―Mark Reed

This is positive news! I'd like to know that this will be an immediate and definite action of getting out of the business of using gestation crates for breeding sows, not just an intention! Yet, meanwhile these sows will still have to endure this cruelty until it's phased out. I hope that many more people will become aware of the horrible suffering these sows and other farm animals endure. This has to stop! ―Tatijana M. Grk

Great news, very exciting. My 13-year-old dog loves the McDonald burgers for a buck. I buy them because she is aging and fussy. Anyway, it's exciting news about the gestation crates. I will feel better about buying the burgers for her. Way to go! Congratulations! ―Carol Penner

This is an excellent beginning for pigs, as well as for other animals. Thank you again for informing me of this. This is terrific! Thank you again so much! I am grateful. It is one small step, but we will make it! ―Melissa G. Tipton

Thank you HSUS and to all the people who spoke up for those poor pigs who are confined in unbearable conditions. Progress is being made thanks to people becoming aware and speaking up! ―Rob Anderson

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