First-Quarter Blog Favorites: Progress for Farm Animals, Horses, and More

By on April 19, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Now that we are nearly three weeks past the first quarter of 2012, I thought I’d give you a list of the top 10 blogs of the period, the ones you read and remarked upon the most. Not surprisingly, the most popular blogs focused on progress―like the gains we made in relation to McDonald’s, L’Oréal, and horse diving, and the introduction of the federal legislation to ban barren battery cages.


You also showed a great interest in our undercover investigations of horse soring and pig factory farms. And you paid attention to areas where efforts at reform fell short, such as the Obama administration’s half-measure on restricting the import of snakes and the U.S. Supreme Court’s adverse ruling overturning a no-downer law we helped to pass in California.

Of course, you also looked closely at the post on Rick Berman, the front man for industries that want to go on exploiting animals. He spent hundreds of thousands on deceptive advertisements attacking The HSUS, and with this blog and other outbound e-mail, we raised an additional quarter-million dollars or so to augment campaigns we are already conducting against animal abuse of the sort that Berman defends. Now whenever Berman attacks, we are going to turn his offensives into opportunities. We’ll raise more funds so that the anonymous funders backing Berman know how self-defeating their support really is. In fact, they’ll face more heat than ever from The HSUS. We don’t run from our attackers, we charge the front lines, and we don’t relent.

1. McDonald’s Moving to End Gestation Crates

2. Shocking New HSUS Investigation Leads to Arrests, Horse Rescue

3. C Minus: Subpar Score for Obama Administration on Animal Welfare Issues

4. Give ‘Dr. Evil’ a Taste of His Own Medicine

5. New EPA-L’Oréal Partnership Could Help End Animal Testing for Cosmetics

6. The Way Washington Works

7. Bon Appétit Adopts Strong Farm Animal Welfare Measures

8. California Downed Animal Law Struck Down, Hens Legislation Introduced

9. HSUS Documents Animal Abuse at Major Pork Producers

10. Horse Diving Act Belongs Only in the History Books

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