Victory in the California Legislature for Wildlife and Dogs

By on August 27, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The California Senate, in a tense and close vote of 22 to 13, just approved S.B. 1221, sending a bill to ban the hound hunting of bears and bobcats to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature or veto. The bill needed 21 votes to pass, and it got to the magic number with the votes of Sens. Ed Hernandez and Mark DeSaulnier. The Assembly passed the bill 46 to 30 last week.

Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and bill author Ted Lieu did incredible heavy lifting to get the bill passed, and I want to extend my public and personal thanks to them. They were the two leads on the bill, and rarely have I seen this kind of leadership and skill exhibited by lawmakers in all my years of advocacy. Sen. Tony Strickland of Ventura County was the only Republican to back the bill, and my special thanks to him, too.

Hound puppy
S.B. 1221 to ban hound hunting of bears and 
bobcats now goes to California's Gov. Brown.

After a series of close votes in committee, on the Assembly floor, and on the Senate floor (twice), the bill goes to Gov. Brown. Brown has signed other pro-animal protection bills during his tenure, including a hard-fought bill last year to outlaw the trade in shark fins. However, animal advocates cannot take his support for granted, and he must hear from thousands of Californians, so that he knows exactly where the electorate stands on this issue.

The NRA and other hunting groups pulled out all stops to try to defeat the bill.  But the time has come for this despicable practice to end in California. We are now one signature away from that happening. Tomorrow, California residents can call Gov. Brown at (916) 445-2841 and communicate your hope that he signs the bill.

These are the senators we can thank for voting to protect bears, bobcats, and hounds:

  • Sen. Elaine K. Alquist, D-13
  • Sen. Ron Calderon, D-30
  • Sen. Ellen M. Corbett, D-10
  • Sen. Kevin De León, D-22
  • Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-7
  • Sen. Noreen Evans, D-2
  • Sen. Loni Hancock, D-9
  • Sen. Ed Hernandez, D-24
  • Sen. Christine Kehoe, D-39
  • Sen. Mark Leno, D-3
  • Sen. Ted Lieu, D-28
  • Sen. Carol Liu, D-21
  • Sen. Alan Lowenthal, D-27
  • Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-32
  • Sen. Alex Padilla, D-20
  • Sen. Fran Pavley, D-23
  • Sen. Curren D. Price, D-26
  • Sen. Joe Simitian, D-11
  • Sen. Darrell Steinberg, D-6
  • Sen. Tony Strickland, R-19
  • Sen. Juan Vargas, D-40
  • Sen. Leland Yee, D-8
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