55 Actions to Help Animals and The HSUS

By on October 24, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

HSUS volunteer at North Carolina puppy mill rescue
Photo: Diane Lewis
Volunteer with The HSUS.

Perhaps the number-one question I get in my travels and meeting with our supporters is, “How can I get more involved with The HSUS and with the cause of animal protection?” Today, here’s an updated and expanded guide to help you or people you know get involved.

By taking some of the following actions, you can exert a tremendous, beneficial impact on the lives of animals. And when lots of people take the actions, we become an even more powerful collective force in our communities, in the political arena, and in the marketplace.

Please take some time in the days, weeks, and months ahead to make your way through as many items as you can. And as you do, let me add an item—please share this list or any specific elements with friends or family members who are also interested in advocating for animals.

Get involved in your community:

Help animals in your everyday life:

Participate in trainings and events:

Gray squirrel at the Cape Wildlife Center
Heather Fone/The HSUS
Volunteer at a wildlife center, animal shelter, or rescue.

Volunteer to help animals:

Get political:

Reach out to youth and schools:

Help animals while you shop:

  • Shop at Humane Domain—our online store—for pet products, Cause Gear that supports our campaigns and programs, and unique gifts for animal lovers.
  • Orange cat named Ella with collar
    Liz Bergstrom/The HSUS
    Get pet health insurance from Petplan.

  • Purchase pet health insurance from Petplan and receive a 5 percent discount—and with each completed application, Petplan will make a $20 donation to our Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association's Rural Area Veterinary Services program. Use code HSUS20.
  • Purchase or renew your subscriptions at The HSUS Magazine Store for up to 80 percent off newsstand prices, order personal checks through our website, and create custom gifts from Zazzle, including stamps and cards.
  • Shop with other HSUS Corporate Supporters and help animals with every purchase—coffee, flowers, wine, jewelry, skins for electronic devices, and more.
  • When searching or shopping online, use the GoodSearch toolbar; if you shop on eBay, check out what people are selling to benefit us.

Help fundraise and spread the word:


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