No Need to be Spooked by Bats this Halloween

By on October 11, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Little brown bat

It is inevitable that people and wildlife will bump up against one another. The question for us at The HSUS, and for everyone else in society, is how we manage those encounters. Do we exhibit tolerance and try to find ways to solve problems without harming animals, or do we simply kill other creatures because that seems like the most convenient thing?

At The HSUS, we are devoted to all animals, including wildlife. One part of our work is to help resolve human-wildlife conflicts and to show a better way forward—whether that work involves elephants or gophers, raccoons or deer, bears or bats.

With some species—such as bats, where there are long-standing prejudices or fears—there are times when people have a hard time getting past those preconceptions and demonstrating a willingness to try humane approaches. Bats are not only amazing animals, but they help farmers and homeowners by consuming so many insects. Now, these valuable environmental services could be lost as White-Nose Syndrome has decimated bat populations throughout the East and continues to spread through the Midwest on its westward trajectory. Protecting bats has never been more important.

Please take a look at the new video of our Humane Wildlife Services team resolving conflicts with bats who had found their way into the siding and attic of a home. It’s uplifting and instructive work.

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