Third-Quarter Favorites: Protecting Dogs, Horses, Pigs, and Animals in Labs

By on October 3, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

I like to look ahead on the blog, report on major action items, take on our critics, or opine on a major fault line or controversy within our field. It’s also my custom, each quarter, to look back and provide a summary of which blogs got the most eyeballs from readers.

HSUS South Carolina puppy mill rescue
Photo: Allen E. Sullivan
A dog rescued from a South Carolina puppy mill.

Because I range far and wide on the blog, it should be no surprise that you show interest in an array of topics—in this last quarter, from dogfighting to chimps in research to horse soring to gestation crates. But there is a definite theme in the most-visited blogs in the third quarter: dogs. You loved news of our recent puppy mill raid in South Carolina, our exposé on the sale of dog fur, our dogfighting raid and rescue in Michigan, the story of redemption for a dog enlisted into the world of dogfighting, and Congressman Steve King’s record of attempting to block anti-dogfighting legislation and other modest animal welfare reforms.

Feel free to click through to refresh on these topics. One more quarter of blogging for 2012, and I hope, lots of good news to impart.

  1. Breaking News: Hundreds of Dogs and Other Animals Rescued in South Carolina
  2. For Sale in the United States: Domestic Dog Fur
  3. Dog Days of Summer for Congressman Steve King
  4. Unchained: Nearly 50 Dogs Rescued from Suspected Fighting Rings
  5. A Dogfighting Victim’s Tragic Story Spreads the Message of Combating Cruelty
  6. 110 Chimpanzees from New Iberia Research Center Will Be Safe from Testing
  7. Rep. Steve King, Defender of Animal Fighting
  8. The 'Big Lick' Shows Big Changes Are Needed to Stop Horse Soring
  9. Cosmetics Companies Backslide on Pledge to Be Cruelty-Free
  10. Companies Move to End Gestation Crate Confinement, while Big Pork Drags its Heels
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