Talk Back: Sandy, Animal Rescue, and Social Media

By on November 7, 2012 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Since Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast more than a week ago and I began writing about our efforts to help, many of you have written to express your thoughts. 

With tens of thousands of people homeless in New York and New Jersey, the full extent of animal — and human — needs in this region is coming into focus. We’re there to help in this time of crisis, which will affect people and animals for weeks ahead. Take a look at this new video shot by our amazing videographer and keep up to date on the latest developments at

Well done. Good to see you're able to continue your crucial help for animals in need in spite of being hit so hard by this storm yourselves. —Debbie Hogan

Wayne, I live in Ocean County, the county that has the picture of the roller coaster in the ocean; the county that had Barrier Island cut in half by the ocean; a county I hope HSUS does not forget.  We got hit just as hard as Monmouth and the devastation is unbelievable. … Thank God we did not suffer and our furry babies are all safe and sound.  Thanks for all you do! —Desiree

Editor's note: Yesterday, The HSUS responded to more than 40 calls for help and rescued 64 animals in Ocean County, New Jersey.  We are also now caring for more than 300 animals in emergency shelters in New Jersey and New York, including 94 animals in our newly opened emergency shelter in Ocean County.

As a wild bird lover, I always put out extra bird seed and water for displaced wild birds that are confused and need nourishment after the storm. They take shelter in our trees and on our deck. Everyone is welcome. Extra suet is especially needed, but water is essential! Inexpensive bird feeders are all that is needed, and pans filled with warm water in cold climates, changed frequently, will save lives. Thanks. —Jaye Lewis

I really felt sorrow when I heard about Sandy. … Thanks to the social media and Twitter for their help. —'CA Glue'

Thank you, you’re doing a wonderful job. I can only imagine what is going on. I volunteer for a cat and dog no-kill facility in Albany, N.Y. and have done so for over five years now. It gives me great pleasure to know I help with whatever I do for our small and large friends. —Bonnie

Although we cannot donate, we always read with emotional hearts the fantastic work you are accomplishing. With much love, Jorge-Luis

Thank you. —Sally Heiman

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