Woody Harrelson on Fur

By on January 10, 2013 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

You don’t have to show blood and guts to make an emphatic anti-fur statement.  That’s the principle behind our exciting new anti-fur video with actor and animal advocate Woody Harrelson.  You can watch every second of it without seeing animals in steel-jawed leghold traps or imprisoned on a fur factory farm, but Woody still helps tell the story in a powerful way.

In the last year we have celebrated meaningful progress for fur-bearing animals on all fronts. Popular brands like True Religion Jeans rejoined our fur-free list, top retailers continue to take steps to move away from animal fur as a result of shareholder outreach and our investigations continue to uncover shocking reports of real animal fur being sold as fake and  domestic dog fur being sold right here in the U.S.  

We saw the implementation of the Truth in Fur Labeling Act which we helped pass in Congress, with all fur trim now labeled regardless of dollar value. Just last month, the Netherlands, which is the third largest mink fur producer in the world, passed historic legislation that will ban the farming of mink for fur, effectively ensuring that all fur farming will be prohibited starting in 2024.

With more and more consumers learning about the cruelty involved with fur production, there promises to be even more progress for fur-bearing animals in 2013.

Please join me in sharing this video with friends and family, and be sure to sign our fur-free pledge.


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