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By on April 19, 2013 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Recently I wrote about two outrageous campaigns against animal protection. In the Michigan legislature, there’s a bill designed to derail our wolf protection referendum, to repeal a 2006 referendum that banned the target shooting of mourning doves, and to cede authority to allow hunting and trapping seasons for any protected species to the seven-member Natural Resources Commission. And just the other day, in Tennessee, an ag-gag bill designed to thwart investigations of, and picture-taking at, horse stables and factory farms was passed by the legislature.

California undercover investigation

In Michigan, we ask you to contact your state legislators and oppose S.B. 288 and H.B. 4552. Today, we released a new television advertisement to air throughout Michigan aimed at drawing public attention to this abuse of power.

In Tennessee, S.B. 1248, the ag-gag bill, is on its way to Governor Bill Haslam’s desk. Please call him today and urge him to veto the bill.

So many of you have sent me comments about this, and I want to share just a few of them:

One thing I know that I can do is withhold my tourist dollars from Tennessee, and I will.

To me this is taking animal welfare back to the dark ages – who will speak for them now? How can we protect them? Only those who have something to hide would even contemplate this evil law, and those who do should be required to stamp their products with “ag-gag law in place.” We must stop it now as it is gathering momentum and undoing all that the animal activists and organizations have achieved in the past. 
Valda Purvis 

What a shameful, underhanded way for any kind of so-called lawmaker to represent themselves! I am furious and appalled at the bill that’s been introduced to give the seven appointees (hunters & trappers mostly) at the Natural Resources Commission authority to open up hunting season on any species they want, no matter how the people feel! This is an ignorant, careless and oblivious attitude toward God’s creations.  In addition, Jackie McConnell is a monster and completely transparent within his greed…how pathetic.

Blatant disregard for animals, the will of the people and for democracy.
Debbie Johnson

S.B.288 in Michigan’s legislature is another attempt to destroy democratic government and hand the law over to a gang of bullies.
Arden Allen

As more and more citizens turn to a humane way to treat animals, our government officials and politicians need to remember that we the people vote for them or not. Let’s become a more humane nation!
Doreen Bauer

It is proven every time – if a certain portion of society wants power in government, they run for office. We need to get our people in and we must vote these people out.
Rita De Ferrary


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