We’re There: The HSUS 2012 Annual Report

By on May 15, 2013 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

2012 HSUS Annual Report
View our interactive 2012 Annual Report.

Today we’re officially releasing The HSUS’ 2012 Annual Report, which pulls together the many strands of work of the world’s largest animal protection organization and bundles them together in a single place. We’re committed to transparency in the communication of our results and the management of our affairs. As you’ll see by reading this report, there really is no organization like The HSUS in the world – with program departments focused on companion animals, farm animals, equine, wildlife and marine mammals, and animal research and testing issues. In addition, via Humane Society International, there is a far-reaching enterprise extending the impact of our programs throughout the world. Our staff consists of veterinarians, wildlife biologists, issue experts, educators, investigators, lawyers, lobbyists, animal care specialists, and so many others, united in their passion for halting human-caused cruelty and providing care and protection to all animals.

In 2012, The HSUS and its affiliates provided direct care for more than 100,000 animals – making us the largest provider of direct services to animals in the country. We care for animals through the work of our Animal Rescue Team, our traveling veterinary teams, our Animal Care Centers, our Pets for Life programs, our Humane Wildlife Services team, and our Wildlife Innovations and Response Team. As with our advocacy work, it’s the most diverse set of animal care programs you’ll find anywhere. We run six animal care centers, and we also run dozens of companion animal shelters, principally temporary shelters we set up after we raid the sites of large-scale animal cruelty or neglect.

But if we only conducted rescue, we’d be failing in our mission. Our greatest purpose is to prevent cruelty by challenging legal, institutionalized forms of animal abuse. It’s this work that leads us into the domains of factory farming, the fur trade, wildlife cruelties, puppy mills, the exotic animal trade, horse slaughter and soring, and so many other areas. In 2012, we made historic progress in our campaign to eliminate the use of gestation crates on factory farms, in getting chimpanzees out of laboratories and into sanctuaries, and in exposing horse “soring” abuses that shocked the nation.

I hope you’ll carefully peruse this report in order to understand the breadth of our work and, we hope, to be a strong ambassador for the organization. The Annual Report also provides a roadmap for where we are taking society on the fundamental question of our relationship with the other animals who share our world. Thank you.

Animal Rescue and Care, Animal Research and Testing, Companion Animals, Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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