No Rest for the Whiskered

By on October 24, 2013 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Most people go out and find a dog when they want to bring one into their life. Cats, on the other hand, typically find their new keepers.

Zoe relaxes in a rare moment of

Lisa and I got a dog from a rescue group three months ago – very intentionally. And now by happenstance, we also have a new cat in our lives.

Zoe, our new cat – of uncertain age but certain beauty – found me when I was out walking Lily, our rescue dog, on an early morning jaunt.

I wasn’t expecting to see many people out at 5:30 a.m. I thought I might see a few rats in the alleys, but no dogs on a walk quite that early.

It turned out that a dazzling-looking cat was walking behind a pedestrian, and keeping pace with him. I’ve seen a lot of unusual relationships that people have with animals and I figured this was one of those – a guy with his cat off-leash on a walk.

But when I circled back, a very nice young woman, who was out for a jog, was trying to coax the kitty to come to her. The pedestrian I saw earlier was nowhere to be found, and it was clear that this cat, at least for the moment, was on her own. It didn’t take much coaxing, and the cat was in the jogger’s arms.

Zoe and Lily
Zoe and Lily have become fast friends.

I made a lifeline call to Lisa for a cat carrier. She responded with groggy eyes and one of our carriers, which we quickly filled with the kitty.

Later that morning a local vet scanned the kitty and discovered she had a microchip – but it was unregistered. The vet clinic posted flyers. We posted her on several websites and called her in to the Washington Humane lost pet hotline, but nobody claimed her.

So now there is a hilarious cat who seems to never sleep, bounding and racing around the apartment.

Lily occasionally plays hide and seek with the cat, and they are known, once in a while, to rest side by side. She greets me at the door each evening and tries to sneak out to explore the hallway. During the middle of the night, she pounces on me. It’s not a soothing effect.

So everyone, say hello to Zoe. And if you can, please talk some sense into her. I need to sleep.

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