The Videos That Animal Abusers Don’t Want You to See

By on December 9, 2013 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

If you don’t think video of animals, and specifically of animal cruelty, has the power to drive social reform and behavior changes, then take note of what happened this year in nearly a dozen state legislatures in 2013. From California to Indiana to Tennessee to Wyoming, adversaries of The HSUS, acting in concert with agribusiness interests, introduced legislation to make it more difficult, or in some cases impossible, to legally obtain footage of animals on factory farms. So far this year we have blocked all of these over-reaching bills, but they were cost-intensive, high-profile battles. And more proposals like these are sure to return in a number of states as legislative sessions resume early in 2014.

Chimp Haven video
Watch former research chimps see unobstructed sky for the
first time in our video, “Chimps: A New Life, Retirement.”

More broadly, whether it involves highlighting the findings of an HSUS undercover investigation, documenting a raid of a puppy mill facility or the rescue of gopher tortoises, celebrating animals in our lives, or tracking our Humane Wildlife Services team, the power of video in drawing people into animal protection is of inestimable worth. Transparency and an informed citizenry are the greatest antidote to animal cruelty.

Today, it’s impossible for me to imagine our work without the talents of videographers who document our work. They produce compelling pieces that tell the public the actual story of what’s happening with animals and also provide a window into the dizzying array of programs that The HSUS conducts. For the animal-cruelty apologists who falsely argue that The HSUS just talks about companion animals and sheltering, to the exclusion of other animal welfare issues, our broadcasting of all of our programs through our video platform answers that nonsense every day of the year.

Here are ten videos from 2013 that provide a sample of our work, with an emphasis on some of our investigations and raids. There are dozens more, and you can watch any and all of them by going to or getting our free HumaneTV app through iTunes.

Have you got a favorite among the ten, or one that didn’t make my list? Write me and let me know.

Chimps: A New Life, Retirement
Former lab chimpanzees start a new life at Chimp Haven sanctuary in Keithville, La. The success of this campaign started with an HSUS undercover investigation.

HSUS: Pets for Life
Pets for Life is a program of The HSUS that works to prevent shelter overpopulation, reduce animal suffering, and promote veterinary care. It improves the lives of not just animals, but the people who care for them in under-served communities. It involves a more strategic risk-based approach to our companion animal work.

Raccoon Friends Reunited
Our Humane Wildlife Services team encouraged a raccoon to leave his den in the ceiling of a client’s porch. We installed a one-way, repeating door in case others were inside. Sure enough, after some vocalized encouragement, a second one emerged! Because of the methods we used, these guys were able to reunite and move on to one of their other known den sites in the area.

Big Cats and Other Exotic Animals Rescued in Kansas
When private citizens keep wildlife as pets – especially big cats and other large, powerful animals – it almost never turns out well. It’s also a potentially deadly situation for the owner or other people who must live or work around these animals.

Black Beauty Ranch: America’s Largest Animal Sanctuary
Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is America’s largest and most diverse animal sanctuary. It is a permanent haven to more than 1,200 domestic and exotic animals rescued from research laboratories, roadside zoos, captive hunting operations, factory farms, the exotic pet trade, and other forms of abuse and neglect.

Paralyzed Dog Gets Wheels – Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby was rescued from a suspected puppy mill in North Carolina and never would have walked again – until we rescued him. We’ve done 15 interventions of puppy mills in North Carolina in just the last two years.

What a Heroic Investigator Did for One Pig

A mother pig — crippled, starving and near death at a factory farm. The only act of mercy she received was a few drops of water from an HSUS undercover investigator.

Dogfighting Rescue Saves 367 Dogs
The HSUS Animal Rescue Team at the request of the United States Attorney’s Office and the FBI, assisted in seizing 367 dogs in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia in what is believed to be the second-largest dogfighting raid.

University Animal Lab Investigation; Narrated by Kim Basinger
The HSUS undercover investigation at Georgia Regents University revealed the tragic fate of dogs sold into research by random source Class B dealers. These dealers have a long-standing history of poor conditions and illegal activity, taking up significant USDA enforcement resources.

Animal Hell in Mississippi
What the HSUS’ Animal Rescue Team discovered on a Marion County Property left some haunting memories and some hope for more than 200 animals rescued from deplorable conditions.

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