Will Somebody Please Buy Him a Drink…of Water?

By on December 12, 2013 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The HSUS reaches out to meet the needs of all animals, including those thriving on wild lands throughout the United States and abroad. The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, our affiliate, works to ensure the permanent protection of lands that support wild animals, and helps landowners to ensure that wildlife will be forever safe on their properties.

Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust
Milt is a pronghorn who serves as Greenwood’s official
ambassador, and the campaign’s honorary chairperson.

The Greenwood Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary in Lakeview, Ore., started with a generous donation of 2,271 acres of undeveloped land in 2008. In the summer of 2011, the WLT acquired an adjoining 720 acres after two anonymous donors funded the project. They recognized the value of the land as a safe haven for wildlife, where there will be no development, no destructive logging practices, and where recreational and commercial hunting and trapping will always be prohibited.

The sanctuary comprises a diverse range of valuable wildlife habitats and is home to more than 400 wildlife species, including amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals such as pronghorn, elk, black bears, badgers, and mountain lions.

This holiday season, the WLT has launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide a critical water source to the wildlife that visit the Sanctuary. Crowdfunding invites participation in projects that can make a difference for wildlife. I hope that you’ll consider making a small contribution to protect this land, and share the website link with friends and your social networks. 

More broadly, I like reminding blog readers about the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust. The HSUS’ work is so broad and encompasses all animals. This is one of our vital programs, with properties in 32 states, doing work every day to provide homes for thousands of species and millions of wild animals.

Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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