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By on February 24, 2014 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Editor’s note: Discover is discontinuing its affinity credit card programs with The HSUS and 13 other non-profit organizations, effective March 15, 2015. Please continue to support The HSUS through our other corporate partners.

There are so many ways to help animals, such as volunteering for an animal protection group, contacting lawmakers about pending legislation, or making choices in the marketplace that reflect an awareness of animal testing, the trade in wildlife parts or pelts, or factory farming.

I also find myself so inspired by the people who work to help The Humane Society of the United States, especially young people who devote themselves to the cause and who use the many new tools we’ve created to enable them to magnify their impact and to make a difference for animals. Indeed, the millions of supporters of The HSUS, working collectively and channeling their energies and talents through the organization, are driving transformational change for animals the likes of which our movement has never seen.

One new tool we’ve developed is myHumane, a personalized platform to allow animal advocates to raise money to support the critical work of The HSUS. Many people now devote their birthday “presents” to The HSUS, asking friends and family to donate in lieu of making personal or material gifts to them.  Others set up such pages as an alternative to a wedding or baby registry. Still others set up pages to support fundraising marathons or other challenges, to gather support for the cause. It’s also possible to set up a personalized memorial to honor a beloved friend, family member, or companion animal who has passed away.

I recently heard from 10-year-old Shira Zeiberg, who has been raising money for The HSUS on her birthday for the past few years, and is a determined advocate in her Connecticut community. By using myHumane, she raised over $2,000 to support HSUS recently! Shira and her older sister Brianna have personally raised more than $5,000 for The HSUS since they put their mind to the task, and their mom is now serving on our Connecticut State Council.

There’s another outstanding tool to help us in our work, and you don’t have to wait until a birthday or some other major occasion rolls around. We announced last week a relationship with Discover, so that any purchases you make on our new HSUS Discover Card will help animals. It’s the only HSUS credit card that supports the mission and programs of The HSUS.

Here’s how it works: Discover will give to The HSUS each time you use the card, and you’ll help support our efforts to shut down puppy mills, rescue animals after disasters, end the Canadian seal slaughter, expose the abuse and suffering of animals in factory farms, stop dogfighting and so much more. You can even convert your existing Discover Card over to an HSUS Discover Card – my wife did this for us earlier this week and it was easy as could be. Learn more and apply for the card today at or call 1-800-204-1336 and use invitation code KC3J to sign up so we get credit for sending you their way.

Our supporters are the driving force behind The HSUS, (take a look at what your support made possible in 2013 alone here) and we wouldn’t be able to do our work without you. I hope you’ll check out these new ways to help, and share them with your friends as well.

PS If you’re looking for even more ways to help animals, like donating an old vehicle to HSUS, I’m sharing my list of 55 ways to do just that here.


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