Update on Missouri’s Amendment 1

By on August 5, 2014 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

12.10 a.m.: 
With all precincts reporting, it is 50.1 percent for and 49.9 percent against Amendment 1, with a 2,528-vote margin. I will provide more details tomorrow.

11.45 p.m.: Amendment 1 is ahead by the narrowest of margins – about 10,000 votes out of one million cast. There are still thousands of votes to be tallied, and the race is too close to call. The “no” side appears to have won in 14 counties – Boone, Callaway, Christian, Clay, Greene, Jackson, Jefferson, Kansas City, Platte, Scotland, St. Charles, St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and Stone – where voters rejected the deceptive “right to farm” power grab. There are provisional ballots, and given that the margin is within 1 percent, there may be a recount. I will provide an update tomorrow, but The HSUS and Missouri’s Food for America are not conceding the race tonight.

10.55 p.m: The margin on Amendment 1 is razor thin. It’s now about 50.5 percent in favor of Amendment 1, and 49.5 percent opposed.  Just a small percentage of votes still trickling in. It’s going to be tough to make up that ground, but not impossible.

9.45 p.m.: It’s looking tough on Amendment 1. We are still 75,000 votes behind, but with very few votes reported in St. Louis or Kansas City.  It will be difficult, in this low-turnout election, to make up that kind of ground.  My guess is, a lot of voters got hookwinked by language that sounded good, and they didn’t probe further.

9.15 p.m: Results are coming in from the Missouri elections, and at the moment, the race is competitive on Amendment 1, the so-called “right to farm” amendment.  We are performing better in rural counties than we did when voters approved Prop B, the November 2010 ballot measure to crack down on puppy mills. We are also up very significantly in Boone and Greene Counties, but not winning by nearly enough in the urban counties.  The results though are still coming in.  At this time, we are down by more than 50,000 votes.

Stay tuned for another update in about 30 minutes.

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