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By on December 18, 2014 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

I like to make a logical case for animal protection, because I believe that our work is an extension of anti-cruelty principles that are so well-established in our society. So much of what is done to animals is wrong, and it defies the norms of a civil society. From dogfighting to factory farming, the people and institutions involved in these practices are so often causing trouble for people and the broader society, along with animals.


Our videos help create positive change for animals like Sasha (above) who was rescued from deplorable conditions and has restarted a new life as Zoey. Photo: Kathy Milani/The HSUS

But we’re fortunate in that there’s also a powerful visual and storytelling component to our work, not only because animals are majestic and beautiful and enticing, but also because their plight is often so tragic and gripping. It can stir the conscience of people, and compel them to act.

Within the non-profit sector, The HSUS was one of the first organizations to invest in video, and our video.humanesociety.org platform is replenished with original video almost every day. Our team of videographers and photographers uses video to drive our campaigns, as with the Great Crate Challenge to increase awareness about cruel gestation crates. They often accompany our Animal Rescue Team or our veterinary services program on their deployments, as with Sasha (renamed Zoey) who was rescued along with 60 other animals from a property in Mississippi that was a blend of a puppy mill and a hoarding operation. Our gifted teams take reams of footage from our investigations unit and turn them into engaging stories, as they did with our Catelli Brothers veal calf and Iron Maiden gestation crate investigations. And they also celebrate animals and their place in the natural world and in society, as with Lil Bub, a former stray cat who became an Internet celebrity, or the work of our Humane Wildlife Services program.

Here are the 10 most viewed videos from The HSUS in 2014 – a refresher on some of the amazing work done by our team and enabled by your support.

1. The Great Crate Challenge

2. Meet Lil Bub, Internet Cat Sensation

3. Momma Fox and Her Seven Babies Have Left the Building 

4. HSUS Investigation of Catelli Bros. Calf Slaughterhouse in Shrewsbury, New Jersey

5. Broken leg, Mended Spirit: What Became of Sasha

6. More than 180 Animals Rescued From Arkansas Puppy Mill

7. Fifty Dogs Rescued From Suspected Dogfighting Operation in Sevier County, Tennessee

8. Pigs Suffer at Iron Maiden Farms in Owensboro, Kentucky 

9. 367 Rescued Dogs 365 Days Later

10. Actress Laura Marano Promotes Meatless Monday 


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