Breaking News: Largest U.S. Food Service Company Embraces Game-Changing Rules on Animal Welfare

By on April 30, 2015 with 92 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

At the gathering of The HSUS’s Board of Directors and National Council this past weekend in Philadelphia, it was impossible not to notice perhaps the tallest and most recognizable building on the city skyline from the broad window of our meeting room. This skyscraper is the home of Aramark, the largest U.S.-based food service company, with sales topping $15 billion. Aramark has become a remarkable partner with The HSUS, and today, I am so pleased to announce that the company itself has reached new heights when it comes to animal welfare – announcing a game-changing set of new policies to improve the lives of animals in its supply chain and setting the bar even higher for other corporate players in the world of food service and retail.

The Fortune 500 company—which runs the dining operations at thousands of schools and other institutions across the country—is tackling three key areas where industrial agriculture has been badly failing in its production model: intensive confinement, painful procedures and practices, and unnaturally fast growth.

On confinement, the company is eliminating from its supply chain all cages for laying hens (within five years), gestation crates for mother pigs (within two years), and crates for veal calves (within two years). Aramark’s policy will ensure that millions of animals won’t ever know the suffering that comes from a lifetime inside a cage.

Especially within the pork, cattle, and dairy sectors, amputating parts of the animals’ bodies—without pain relief—is the norm, including castration, tail docking, and dehorning. Aramark sees this as unacceptable and is now working with its suppliers to either eliminate these practices or, at a minimum, use pain killers while its suppliers explore alternatives. For chickens and turkeys, the most painful acute welfare assault happens at slaughter when they’re dumped, shackled, and dunked upside down in an electrified bath while fully conscious – and Aramark is now going to work with its suppliers to end that archaic method of slaughter, as well.

The company is also addressing the hidden yet serious problem of unnatural growth forced upon farm animals, by eliminating the harmful feed additives and hormones pumped into cattle and pigs, including rBGH, zilpaterol hydrochloride, and ractopamine. It is reaffirming its commitment of refusing to buy foie gras, and will now work with its chicken and turkey suppliers to address welfare issues associated with genetic selection for rapid growth, which produces chronic pain and a lack of mobility in the animals.

The collaboration of Aramark and The HSUS may be one of the best examples to date of how a for-profit and non-profit can work cohesively to build a more humane society. In contributing to a humane economy, Aramark is making animal welfare a core tenet of its business model. My hat’s off to the company’s determined and caring staff for making the world a kinder place and reminding the nation that the biggest companies in the world can take bold action to help animals.

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  1. irene says:

    I still fail to see the reason why animals are killed for food… they are not “bred” for food. I am sure each one of these animals that started out as babies thought they were allowed the RIGHT to life on this planet being run by despicable people feeding an overpopulated species…. At the VERY least, adopting humane ways to treat these poor lives slated for slaughter, is minimally, a step in the right direction. Thank you for at least acknowledging the pain and suffering that these sentient beings are being subjected to for the sake of dinner plates.

    • tony ramos says:

      Irene, please, save the ridiculous comments for your fellow vegan reunions. If you don’t want to eat animals, then don’t. I am only concerned about the humane housing and slaughter of the livestock. Just the elimination of the gestation crates for pigs is a huge step. They will no longer have to spend 2 1/2 years not being able to move and simply looking forward only to be slaughtered after this period of time. Pigs are smarter than dogs and need mental stimulation. Many go mad in those gestation crates.

      • Monique says:

        Tony, chill out! Her views are her views. I’m not vegan, but even I can see her views as visionary, noble, and honorable, and certainly bringing humans to a higher level of consciousness.

      • Allan says:

        I don’t see what is ridiculous about Irene’s vegan views. On the contrary, I salute her compassion. Thanks, Irene for speaking up.

      • Nancy says:

        Irene never said she was vegan. However, compassion to all living creatures is what makes us human. So Tony, in response to your comment, I shall slaughter you for food, but not before I castrate you and dunk your head in an electrified bath. Enjoy it. You’re gonna be tasty!

      • Jane Messere says:

        But wouldn’t it be a great step for all people to eat less meat? Not only for the welfare of these animals but for the welfare of the planet as well. Factory farming is responsible for so much economic, health and environmental damage. And in the real world how often would you eat meat anyway?

        • Jan Downs says:

          Well according to forensic evidence, humans ate meat as often as they could, once they’d developed the capacity to scavenge and hunt.

      • Allison says:

        Yes, preach it!!

      • ruth Ferguson says:

        Thank you.

      • Deborah Chan says:

        Yes, it is very unhealthy to eat meat from factory farms!!!! We need to get back to humane treatment for animals…Maybe then it will rub of on our fellow man! Good job and Tony Ramos…great response!

      • Js says:

        Too bad there’s no such thing as humane slaughter!

        • KD says:

          Meat means nourishment. People have been eating meat, since they’ve lived on the planet. And guess what, animals have also been eating meat, forever. So, when a wild animal eats meat, is acceptable ? But, when humans eat meat, it’s not right ? That’s
          ridiculous. I do agree, that animals of any kind shouldn’t be stuck in a little box, deprived of exercise, and fed steroids and cheap modified food substitutes. But, I strongly feel that meat has always been provided to humans AND animals, for a healthy and substantial food source. After all, we did evolve from animals, anyway. The definition of humane is showing compassion and benevolence. Keeping animals cramped in “farms” is not compassionate. Free range is the best way and always will be. Anything natural is always better than a natural occurrence mimicked and recreated by man. &Hunting and EATING MEAT will always be a very natural thing.

      • carolyn says:

        I agree, it would be great if animals were not eaten, but we live in the real world and just to lessen their pain and suffering is huge step!

      • Marielle says:

        That was a very disrespectful comment, Tony.
        Disrespecting one another does not help our cause.

      • Gwen Fery says:

        Yes Tony, chill out! I agree with Irene too, and I appreciate your comments as one who obviously eats animals. Every day, around the World, animals suffer horrendously from the moment they are born until they are brutally slaughtered, without a second thought from most of the people who raise them and kill them. This is a welcome move from Aramark but in my opinion is too far off and nowhere near as far as it should go. All animals destined for slaughter have it tough. A complete turn around from how they are raised is necessary. There should be better ways of slaughtering, one that relieves their stress and suffering altogether. That would involve getting certain religions to end their barbaric way of slaughter and that is going to take a lot of pressure by animal welfare groups. Australia’s barbaric Live Animal Export to Middle Eastern and Asian countries who have NO animal welfare rights should also end immediately as they have no control over it.

      • sabraiz morrison says:

        well said Tony i don’t eat meat only because of the way they are so abused in their life it just makes me sick but if they are raised in a non abusive life no cages no worker’s beating them in a any way thats where most the abuse takes place and it sickens me but when that stops then maybe some people can stomach it again

      • lynn says:

        tony, yes you are concerned about the way the animals live, but they still get MURDERED at the end for humans selfishness… Humans are the WORST living creatures breathing and yea it bugs me to NO end on how they treat animals… It will be a step in the right direction to allow animals to live the way they DESERVE, NEVER did understand why all the abuse was going on… Oh and BTW can you tell me WHAT KILLING AN ANIMAL IN THE HUMANE WAY MEANS BCZ I DONT UNDERSTAND THAT SAYING?????

      • TANICE EDWARDS says:

        I think Irene hit it right on the nose! When you really think of it, it is barbaric of the humane species to do these types of things. There are alternatives to eating meat!

      • Sherri says:

        Tony – it’s time to step out of the cave. Humans do not require any kind of animal product, and in fact the eating of animals and animal products is responsible for most of the health issues humans face. But somewhere along the line some Neanderthal idiot decided eating meat denoted some level of superiority. And so we’ve taken it to the utmost possible extreme levels. The mass production of innocent sentient beings – so that ignorant individuals can consume them – is so wrong on every level. It’s mind boggling how wrong it is. And people like us are going to keep saying it until the masses begin to pull their heads out and listen. So get used to it.

      • Maria Fonseca says:

        Tony Ramos, You need to get a grip on yourself. You seem to be of the opinion that vegans are ridiculous and eating meat is the appropriate way to nourish the body. Why is your concern the only valid one? Ha? I`m a vegan for purely ethical reasons. I don`t believe in my right to take a life who just like you and even more so, is on this earth to experience joy and well being and not be imprisoned and exploited by humans who think themselves a superior species. If you want to eat meat , go hunt it yourself and don`t rely on other to do your dirty work. No matter how “humane” you want their lives to be you are still exploiting and taking away their freedom. Why is your view more sane then mine and Irene`s. At least our compassion goes deeper then to just give the animals a little more freedom so that you feel less guilty about your self gratification.

    • Sandy Smith says:

      I strongly agree Irene, but until the world stops eating animals (wish that was more of a possibility than reality shows), we MUST get companies to change AND change laws to force those who won’t make the change on their own! Wouldn’t a non-animal eating world be amazing? Not to mention… the way it was meant to be!

      • Jake says:

        Well starting is never too late. 20% of people ages 16-24 in the UK are vegetarians and as more people realize misusing animals is unacceptable, the better off the world will be.

        • Gwen Fery says:

          It would be better if they were Vegan because the horrors in the Dairy Industry cannot be denied any longer. Bobby calves are the worst off, along with those sold as Veal Calves. The mothers are see to be chasing the truck as it carts their new born calves cry out whilst off to be butchered at just a few days old. There is no end to Man’s depravity and most of the rumors about better taste from being shut in a dark box is total and utter BS!!!!

      • Anca says:

        I agree with the point that it will be impossible for people to give up meat. However, humane treatment of animals while they are alive and during slaughter is VERY possible and it is a must, as far as I am concerned.

      • Deniz says:

        uhm.. Actually no, world was not meant to be non-animal eating. Yes, the first man was vegetarian, but then human communities evolved to involve meat in their diets. Man started hunting during the ice ages when the frozen ground was impossible to use for farming veggies. And animals were domesticated thousands of years ago because of the nutrition they provided. Meat eaters would have gone extinct if their diets did not provide them with additional benefits.
        Additionally, farm animals have been domesticated so much at this age that they would hardly survive in the wild. If we all stopped eating meet, nobody would take care of the cattle (which is a feat that requires much money, time and effort). And the cattle set free in the wild would not know how to avoid predators, or defend itself.
        Finally, I don’t ever agree with the current factory farming practices. But I do support a lifestyle with modest amounts of animal products from animals that are treated with respect for the amazing nutrition and company they provide us. I

        • Gwen Fery says:

          Man had better get used to not eating meat because within 20-30 years, there will not be enough feed to raise the cattle. This is a well documented fact by the USDA and other countries. Simply put, it takes far too much grain and pasture to raise a cow who feeds less people than it is to eat the grain ourselves. That is why the USDA has been secretly performing horrendous experiments on multiple births in sheep and cattle in an attempt to keep the market alive. The results are an animals nightmare as they are all born deformed and defenseless and have been left out in paddocks to be mauled to death by wolves etc. Shame on the USDA. Thank heavens they have been found out and I believe a ban is now in place.

          • Maria Fonseca says:

            Thank you.Someone who knows what is going on behind closed doors and the destruction that awaits us if we don`t change our habits.

        • Maria Fonseca says:

          Are you serious? Animals are bred by the millions in horrendous ways. They are production machines, artificially inseminated , their babies taken from them at birth and killed, especially if they happen to have the misfortune of being born males. We have made them our slaves and exploited them to our benefit without any consideration of whether they have the right to come into this world and be safe from harm and to be able to express the uniqueness inherent in every species. Our soil is not frozen and that we need animal meat to thrive is a myth. It`s a choice not a necessity.

      • Dalio says:

        I require nothing less than a complete ban on killing animals.

      • Jan Downs says:

        Where do you get the idea that the world was meant to be non meat eating?

      • KD says:

        You’re right. “FORCE” everyone else to do the things YOU WANT them to. That’s what we call FREEDOM. Animals hunt for food. So do humans. And THAT is the way it was meant to be. That’s the way it’s been, waaaaaay before you were brought to the planet. Let people do what they want, instead of trying to “force” your lifestyle on others.

        • Maria Fonseca says:

          When was the last time you hunted your food? And…. this is not a life style, it is a way of life, lived with clarity ,respect and compassion for all forms of life ,not just for human beings.

    • Garry says:

      I totally agree with Irene!!!

    • Jane Messere says:

      I agree with you 100 percent. Sometimes I think it will take forever for humanity to get a grip on itself…. Control the human population, have respect for animals (sentient beings that they are) and adopt a vegan lifestyle….

    • Jls says:

      What a tremendous victory!!!°

      Animals are not just used for food but also many other things, including clothing and fashion.

      Rules and regulations will help to insure that they be treated in a humane and more dignified way . Just need to make sure these take place as soon as possible and that those who do not adhere to them are not able to work with animals. Pray that this will be taken very seriously and any deviation would bring serious consequences.

      Thank you HSUS and Aramark for listening and taking action.

      • donna Wilson says:

        So u own a pair of cowskinned boots, and an alligator purse? With a zebra coat? Animals should no longer be used as accessiories, they are a part of a meat eating nation, which if u have a menu or shopping list in hand u can choose whether to buy meat, poultry, etc. for yourself but don’t crap on people who choose to eat things besides berries, nuts, fruits, and veggies.

        • Melanie says:

          Not everyone will be vegetarian or vegan but our bodies do not require the huge amounts of meat consumed today.However as long as the world is killing animals do not disrespect the life they gave and throw the rest of them away.If you kill an animal ,all parts should be used and not wasted.Why throw away a cowhide and create a pair of boots from a synthetic substance that damages the environment by not decomposing?

      • Michele says:

        I hate to burst your bubble, but the folks who work with food animals will not suddenly love and respect the animals in their “care” just because rules and regulations tell them to. And good luck finding animal lovers willing to work with animals destined for food.

        That being said, I sure hope this company succeeds. My husband hunts, but I would prefer to purchase meat that has been raised and slaughtered humanely. I try to purchase locally from a reputable butcher, but it’s very expensive. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I don’t tolerate grains well at all (ever wonder why so many people are sensitive to gluten?), so it’s it’s necessary portion of my diet.

    • MissDee says:


    • Sanjay Rao says:

      Irene, that is a wishful thinking but far from reality. What is practical is to lessen the suffering of these animals. I commend Aramark for taking the right step in that direction.

    • Tracy Frank says:

      Just reading this article should turn people away from animal agriculture and the human addiction of eating flesh. These animals suffer in unbearable ways. While this article implies a step in the right direction, the only true way to end animal suffering and cruelty is to adopt a vegan diet. Animal agriculture is destroying the planet and peoples health. btw. thank You Irene, and others commenting for having a sensible, compassionate soul! 🙂

      • Jan Downs says:

        Right. And vegetable farming is not a gigantic ongoing man made disaster. Or do the wild creatures that lose habitat and die because of human agriculture not count in your vegan fantasy?

    • Maria Williams says:

      I agree completely

    • donna Wilson says:

      yes tony animals are bred for to sole purpose to be slaughtered for food. That is why veal, lamb, suckeling pig, and other meat products are on the market. Is because a younger calf (veal) is more tender than an older bovine. I lived on a dairy farm during my younger yrs. My parents slaughtered young pigs, calves, and chickens to feed our large family. I’m very happy that what the companies are doing now help to limit the suffering. Also you may want to compare this to the human race. Premies (very early births) among humans was once considered to be inhumane to try and save the babies. These rules going into place will just make the population of cattle, pigs, and chickens live a more humane life before being taken to the slaughter house. Better than the conditions they are in now. Also so many now die and lose money for the farmers anyway, why not make the short time they have on this earth better. People want it, supply and demand whether you like it or not. I could give a newborn heifer a name and 12 months later know u were eating them on the table. Nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned.

    • Mick says:

      do you think wilder-beast and rabbits are born with an inherent belief system that they will have rights too? I agree that humans are mostly greedy and glutinous but I also think anthropomorphisizing their paradigms is where many vegans and vegetarians and “animal rights” speakers loose their ground in debate. We should strive for welfare first.

    • Bamako says:

      Honestly, I don’t think any one of the animals that started out as babies had the thought that they had a “RIGHT” to freedom. I’m sure that they would LIKE freedom, but I don’t think they thought they had the right to it. Does that make sense? Animals know pain, joy, anger, etc. They don’t have that complexity of, “hey, I’m in a cage. And I bet there’s a whole mother world out there that I don’t know about that I should have a tight to!” That’s just not the way it works. Animals are bred for food throughout history. We’ve eaten animals since the beginning of our existence and they easy each other! The problem is what it has become and the suffering and unnatural phases it has gone through. THAT is not ok. THAT is what’s wrong. Animals are delicious. I’m not going to lie. I do not eat animals that have not been humanly raised. It may be more expensive, but it’s worth it and I find nothing wrong with that.

    • Ann Marie says:

      Keep in mind we are not the only creatures that eat meat. There are a lot of other carnivores out there. I’m not saying that animals raised for food shouldn’t be raised humanely. I don’t like the way a lot of major companies have treated animals and I think the steps this company is making is wonderful. I also think, for people who do eat meat, that it healthy and better for the planet to eat less meat.

    • Bridget Bates says:

      It’s crazy when you think about it that animals are actually raised to be killed and eaten for billions of humans. I just hope we will at least be humane with the method of slaughter.

  2. Rosemary Marshall says:

    Well done HSUS and Aramark, it is excellent to see the progress being made in the USA by animal advocates and an engaged and concerned company.
    Rosemary Marshall
    Trustee, Compassion in World Farming (UK)

  3. Robynne Catheron says:

    Although I have no tolerance for factory farming, I’d like to know what Aramark’s improvements will be. This news sounds really good on the surface, but is it a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Animals deserve the best possible care, even if it means a temporary profit loss.

    Mr Pacelle, I hope you can and will address these questions.

  4. Stickman says:

    i completely agree with irene

  5. MaryRose says:

    My 8 year-old son went to be crying last night over what my older son had been learning in school about factory farming. (We are all already vegetarian/vegan, but it continues to be hard to hear about.) I didn’t know what to tell him to lead his innocent, sweet heart out of the depths of such despair. I am excited to share this with him today as a way to show him that human beings can change and do much better. Thank you, HSUS for continuing to be a light in the darkness, and thank you Aramark, for putting decency before profit.

    • Monique says:

      You are blessed for having such a compassionate child! Maybe give him some action steps to take to release his sadness?

  6. Luci says:

    Teach children compassion and ♥ by having and showing compassion ♥ and compassion . When they learn become aware and know better they then do better. We humans need to do better and teach better to get better.

  7. rosanna says:

    Yes,I am Vegan,and I will only say as to this nees Why Not Right Now? Why 2yrs and 5yrs? Too Long.

    • Donna Looney says:

      I don’t understand why it’s going to take years to implement the policy change ? It’s exciting news, but the change is needed now.

  8. Erial says:

    Irene may have a point. However all progress takes baby steps, and this is a mayor improvement in the agriculture industry. The world isn’t going to go vegan, and certainly not overnight. Let us big grateful that a major company like Aramark has placed new procedures and practices that can be an example to other companies to follow suit. I applaud Aramark and The Humane Society. This is a major improvement and one that wasn’t easy, I’m sure.

  9. Diane Castle says:

    Why Why Why does it have to take so long – within 2 years, within 3 years. Please please just start it now.

  10. Lesley says:

    i also take this with a grain of salt, yeah it all looks great on paper but why does it take five years to take chickens out of cages and two years to take pigs out of crates? So let them keep suffering even though you know what you are doing is cruel and inhumane just turn a blind eye until your deadline is up at which time they still will not have managed it. If you know something’s wrong you stop it NOW. So taking this two and five year notion, apply the same rule to some random law and say oh ok, murder of people is wrong, but for five years were just going to sit and watch it happen. I applaud you Aramark, but I fear it’s rather more of a publicity stunt than actually making things change, if it’s wrong you fix it now, you don’t sit in the dark with a burned out lightbulb for years waiting to fix it, you fix it now. Limit the changes to ONE year or six months and maybe I’d think it was the least bit credible,

    • lillipup says:

      I think it’s something like this. If you just take hens and pigs out of cages, where do you put them? Just putting them in the same room without cages wouldn’t work because they’d still be all crammed together. There needs to be proper housing and at such a large scale it will take some time to build and set up. At least, that’s what I’m hoping they’re doing.

      • Gwen Fery says:

        The simple truth is that the farmers would need to spend money to adapt their facilities and they are not wanting to do so. Also, it takes more land and more elbow grease to raise them humanely. More pasture is needed, hence more fertilizer etc. Farmers are cruel most of the time and care very little for animals they say they love. What they love is the fat cheque they get for the animals at market.

    • joann says:

      I totally agree that the time line needs to be much shorter since we all know how many more animals are going to suffer their whole life tucked up in cages.

  11. Jeanne says:

    I agree with Irene Jane and Roseanna. Why wait for several years do it now. It is a step in the right direction but this should have been done a long time ago. It is impressive that a child cares very good parents teach their children to love and care for all animals

  12. Rhonda says:

    thank you Aramark…

  13. Gail says:

    I don’t understand why 2 years and 5 years. Why does it take so long to implement these practices. Also, I am Shocked at the way chickens and turkeys are treated. How or why is this ok? EVER? I had no idea they were treated this way. I’m so glad I am a vegan. I would never go back to eating those poor animals. They are not here for our dinner tables.

  14. Joan Parsley says:

    Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, but progress is often accomplished in minute steps. Let’s hope that in two to five years this is really accomplished. Hopefully, the HSUS will keep us informed. I felt strongly enough about the suffering of animals in how they are raised and killed and for my own health that I cut meat out entirely. Let’s just hope that in the future more people will decide to become vegetarians/vegans and the world will be better place. Just my opinion.

  15. Pam curtis says:

    I believe all animals need to be respected & be treated humanely. They live in horrific confinement, why can’t they live a decent life my God to be so confined you can’t stand up or turn your head? Let’s get some compassion already.

  16. Noel says:

    Whether you chose to believe it or not, one day very soon the Lion will lay with the lamb. There will be no meat eating in the next life. You might want to get use to it NOW!!

  17. Sandy Palmeter says:

    What took you so long to be kind to these animals.

    The reason it takes so long to make changes is MONEY. I certainly hope they ask to be forgiven for all the years they were ANIMAL ABUSERS.

  18. Lydia says:

    Why….Why does it have to take sooo long???? The animals are suffering now. 2 or 5 yrs is a long time.
    Do something now,you have the power to do it.

  19. Laura says:

    I’m probably going to show my ignorance, but did Eve and Adam eat meat in the garden? Anyone. …

  20. Dana says:

    The abuse animals suffer is the unbelievable to me – what I see and read daily is so upsetting. But I thrilled to an thrilled to see the direction towardsore vegan ways.
    Where are the politicians who might do more for animal rights ??

  21. Jose R Gonzalez Aponte says:

    Come to P.R. and see the abuse with one men his safe the life of 160 dogs the government of P.R. and the Family Department want to send her dogs to dead. This men not receive help from the commomweath of P.R. Tem money from help this animals are not receive and we don’t know is going. I want from you to investigate this problem with the abandoned animals in P.R. and what happened with the agencies. The name of this Man is Jesún fron the Santuario de Jesus. This man had date in the court or Guayama on may 13th at 8:00 am. Please take letter in this case.

  22. pgeishirt says:

    Thank you, Aramark.

  23. Dave robertson says:

    Excellent comments one and all. As with all open forums everyone’s opinions are and should be welcomed and examined. Of course, the immediate change would be great and of course could be done immediately, but remember we are dealing with boardrooms and a culture where three dollars gets a double cheeseburger, fries and a coke. Just the fact that a large MEGA corporation is not only willing to address these issues, but actually move to change that will decrease their profit margin is truly amazing and should be commended. WAY TO GO ARAMARK.

  24. Dr. Elizabeth Knowles says:

    Please do these humane things in a shorter time-line. Two years, etc., more of suffering is too much. There must be a way to make all this happen sooner. Please!!

  25. donna Wilson says:

    I didn’t know that the article I read was going to be a vegan free for all. There is nothing wrong with the USA producing and selling meat/poultry of any kind. What I don’t like is the new generation of bug and plant eaters shoving their beliefs at all who do enjoy meat. Do they all have farms to replenish what they are consuming on a daily basis? Most go to a health food store and expect that the trend will catch on. What about dairy can’t get “real” dairy without the cows/goats etc to produce it. This site is so one sided I just can’t believe it. Meat eater forever, and tough pig pile if no one likes it. Thank you for letting me voice a meat lover’s way of thinking.

  26. Jessica says:

    I was vegan until I met my husband. The topic of food is our biggest fight. Instead of buying meat from stores that support factory farms we found a farmer that slaughters the animals on his farm and doesn’t finish with corn or anything. We also quit buying eggs years ago because we got our own hens. If we want things to change with these large companies boycott them. I believe the only reason they are “changing” things….(2-5 years seriously??!) is all for marketing. People are so into this green movement that if Aramark makes people think that they are torturing animals in a nicer way then people will still buy from them.

  27. Karen says:

    This is wonderful news. Humans are omnivores, but they don’t have to be brutal.

  28. Lisa Carnahan says:

    I could not be more thrilled to read this news today! As an animal rights advocate, this is such wonderful news, and I’m very excited about Aramark’s commitment to treating livestock animals more humanely. Due to the nature of Aramark’s big presence in the global food industry, I think this will be a gamechanger in the long haul for animals all over the world. Thank you, Aramark! And for sharing, Humane Society!

  29. Michelle Z says:

    Many thanks to HSUS for their unrelenting quest to improve the lives of animals. Thanks also for making us aware of this huge (yes, i know its not enough…it will never be enough, unfortunately) step taken by Aramark. We need to voice our support of their efforts….and encourage others to follow their lead. Kudos to all. And also to the commentators on this blog..thanks for voicing opinions. Its another way to PROVE there are many of us out here who CARE for and support animal rights.

  30. Ann says:

    it’s a big step in the right direction. Let’s acknowledge it for that.

  31. Karen Myers says:

    I have been fighting against the horrible inhumane way other countries slaughter their animals not knowing our country does the same thing. Sick. I hope something happens soon to stop it.

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