Korea Dog Meat Trade Survivors Settle Down in Forever Homes

By on July 23, 2015 with 23 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

In January, I shared the story of 23 dogs who managed to make it out of a dog meat farm in South Korea – which, for all of the other dogs who’ve ever met the fate of being caught up and caged in such a facility, has always been a dead end. For these dogs, the story line changed. In a life-changing circumstance, they found their way into the arms of staff members of Humane Society International. We then transported these survivors to the United States, to find forever homes with people who’ll never let anyone hurt them. In this heartwarming video, you will hear the stories from the new caregivers who adopted three of these dogs — Snowball, Rusty, and Luna.

Of course, these wonderful stories don’t negate, and shouldn’t distract our attention from, the terrible things happening to thousands of dogs on farms supplying animals for the meat trade. In fact, 1.2 to 2 million dogs are eaten annually in that country – with most of the dogs raised on meat farms. Our video is just part of a major campaign we’re launching to get the people of South Korea and other Asian countries to rethink and find a way out of this hideous trade. Since January, we have closed two dog meat farms and rescued and rehomed 80 dogs in the United States, who now serve as ambassadors for this campaign. We have also helped the dog meat farmers involved transition into the humane trade of growing crops.

This is only the beginning.  Our HSI team recently met with several different dog meat farmers to learn more about their needs and their desire to move out of the dog meat industry, and we are identifying our next farm to convert. As we did in prior rescues, we’ll bring some of the dogs to the United States and shelter and work with our emergency placement partners to find them homes.

Our team will also reach out to the South Korean government in coming months to request a meeting to discuss a subsidized, phase-out program for dog meat farmers, in the hopes of putting an end to this industry before the 2018 Olympics in South Korea.

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  1. Fran Kremlick says:

    I have a smile on my face after watching these “meat farm” Furkids learn about being a dog and being loved. I thank all who work in this area of Rescue. We have saved a few dogs over the past 20 years and just that time has been so wonderful to see our dogs bond and teach us so many things. May the Creator bless you and all the creatures of our planet, too.

  2. Pj Bertsch says:

    Wonderful!!! Way to go Korean Animal Welfare Activists!!!

  3. Billie Uluisik says:

    I love dogs and can’t imagine them as human food. We should help these countries to start closing their dog meat farms and find something else to grow in their land (rice, beans etc). They eat 2 million dogs a year – this is an eye opening amount. They should really love them as a family member. My heart was broken when I saw the picture of the dogs from the Yulin dog meat festival. I hope the young generation will help the older generation to understand that what they did until now is wrong. Dogs are our best friend.

    • Frank & Doggy Jeffrey says:

      My Beagle has the most affectiently smile @ the Humain Society where he was Temp waiting for me! It was; Love @ 1st Sight, with his paws on me.

  4. Hermine Willey says:

    I hope this dog meat trade will end as eating man’s best friend is a savage, cruel way for the Korean people. They have been around for a long time and realize they have a wonderful culture to preserve. Eating someones pet for a holiday meal should be eliminated.

  5. Ken says:

    Thank those who are working to save these precious furry babies from this gross and horrendous dog meat trade. How do people even sleep at night that can do this? Talk about cruelty to the max. God Bless those helping and the furry babies.

  6. Sabine Schreindorfer-Gruber says:

    Please stop it!!!

  7. Sabine Schreindorfer-Gruber says:

    Stop it!!!

  8. Aida says:

    The Koreans, the Chinese, and any “civilized” country who either consumes these sentient beings, or uses their skins for “leather”, should be ashamed and subjected to the same treatment these loving animals receive while they are temporarily alive. After all, who are called upon after an earthquake strikes? Dogs who help find the wounded and dead! Who provides comfort and quiet balance to people who are terminally ill? Both cats and dogs! And in return, Humans torture, bludgeon, skin alive, etc. these, and other, of Earth’s animals.
    🙁 What a “wonderful” way of showing and saying “Thanks!”

    This is why I try to donate what money I have (I am currently unemployed), to those are doing the utmost to save animals and change some of those barbaric practices which are considered “traditions” and “culture”. They should be labeled “Torture” and “Murder”.

    • Pamela J. Semies says:

      When President O’bama makes no secret of the fact that he has eaten dog. How can we expect better from other countries..pamelasemies@comcast.net

    • Anne says:

      I agree with you Aida. Unfortunately, our society uses too much leather, which is so unnecessary and sad. Car seats, furniture, clothing, shoes and etc. All could be substituted with synthetic material, which I use, and see no difference at all, even better lasting for me. Same goes to the fur industry. Not ever necessary to rip out the poor innocent animals skin so that we can wear it.

  9. Frank & Doggy Jeffrey says:

    Thanks Wayne for being a Dog Lover: I sure hope that you take a nation tour; the Lady Director at the St Paul Como is Extreamly Effciently! & mention that Jeffrey whom is a Beagle is very affectionial; perfect match; I wish more Doggies would be as lucky!

  10. Kitty Candelaria says:

    The work for the Korean Activist to stop this unbelievable practice will be hard and take a long time. the horrors they will witness, I can’t imagine. I will continue to donate to this effort. These activists are angles.

  11. Yolanda Figueroa says:

    “A righteous man has regards for his animals”, says the Lord1

  12. heather isberian says:

    We have no right to kill any animal, let alone our good companion, the dog.
    We should not test on animals, we should not abuse animals, and we should be grateful for their existence because they keep us on the right track and trust us with their lives.
    There is no difference, in my estimation, between a pig and a dog or a cow and a dog. We should not eat any sentient being. (I am a vegan and I feel great, both in mind and body)
    Certain “other countries” need help and direction to understand how to honor, love and protect their animals and the HSUS is helping to do that. But we have to achieve this soon. Too many are dying. How can anyone look in the eyes of a trusting animal and kill them? Only a person without a soul.

    • Pamela J. Semies says:

      I so agree with you. Pamela Semies, Edgewood, Md 21040

    • Anne says:

      I too agree with you Heather. I too am vegan, and no animal should die for any human needs. We should only live in peace side by side with these animals, as they have every right to live on this planet without any pain and suffering. This is my dream, my wish and maybe someday will happen, not in my lifetime unfortunately.

  13. Mary V says:

    I am glad that this is getting a lot of attention. It’s disgusting, But remember, they do this to the cats as well. They throw them in boiling water alive.

  14. Chris Cava says:

    I’m a veterinary technician working in a high-tech specialty center, where animals receive as good, or better, medical care as do patients in human hospitals. My patients are pampered, well-loved pets and are considered to be family members, and owners will sometimes mortgage their homes or businesses to provide whatever care is needed. Working in this environment, I thought that the world had made such great progress in the humane treatment of animals. Then I viewed images from the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat festival, and I felt that part of my soul had been ripped away, and that there really is no hope for animals anywhere, as long as cruelty of this magnitude exists. I was so devastated by what I saw that I had to call a pet loss hotline and speak to a grief counselor. Since I saw the pictures on June 11, I have been grieving for animals I have never met. Imagining my own pets (all rescued strays) or my patients being subjected to such cruelty is something I can’t even wrap my brain around. The world needs to protect and cherish its most helpless citizens, the trusting, gentle creatures who won’t fight back even in the face of brutality. I would love to know how anyone thinks this will be possible with the mentality in Yulin, Korea and other places involved in this horrifying trade.

  15. margarita clayton says:

    We are to care & protect the most vulnerable, our animals, from humans who do not understand. Thank you HSI for all you do.

  16. margarita clayton says:

    We are the stewards of this planet; we are to care & protect our most vulnerable, the animals, from humans & all harmful situations. THANK YOU HSI
    & all of your other departments.

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