Jack in the Box Says ‘No’ to Birds in the Cage

By on November 23, 2015 with 6 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Jack in the Box has laid out a timeline for switching to 100 percent cage-free eggs. The nearly 3,000 Jack in the Box locations nationwide each include an extensive breakfast menu, including more than a dozen items with eggs. The company also owns Qdoba Mexican Eats, which has nearly 700 locations and a breakfast menu. The HSUS welcomes the company’s commitment to doing good and to making progress on animal welfare.

The company announced in its updated animal welfare report: “In response to evolving research on cage-free housing environments, and to consumers’ changing expectations and preferences, we have informed our egg suppliers of our expectation that they transition the majority of our egg supply to cage-free by 2020, and to fully transition to cage-free eggs by 2025.”

This is the year that the nation decided to shed battery cages in favor of cage-free production. Just last week, Taco Bell announced that it’ll switch all 130 million eggs it uses each year to cage-free by the end of 2016. And in 2015 alone, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Compass Group, Aramark, Sodexo, Kellogg’s, Panera Bread, Unilever, TGI Fridays, and others have also set in motion the process of eliminating eggs from caged hens from their supply chain.

While, of course, five to 10 years is a long time for chickens to remain in cages, this is still great progress. And while cage-free, of course, does not  solve all of the animal welfare problems in egg production, Jack in the Box’s announcement represents a major step forward. It’ll hasten the day when our nation’s food supply is no longer linked to extreme confinement, improve food safety for millions of people, and hopefully lead even more companies to follow the path toward a more humane society.

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  1. Sally Palmer says:

    While I’m so very glad to see continued progress with reducing farm animal suffering through action plans for cage-free eggs, I’m disturbed that I am currently witnessing diabetes and heart association advisory groups as well as Kevin Bacon ads using the study paid for by egg sales interests that says egg cholesterol is now “ok” as a basis for advocating more egg intake. Apparently the public, the media, and health care professionals need updated guidance to be able to determine the accuracy of the egg study paid for by people hired to do egg promotions.

    • Kathy Liso says:

      I thank God for all of you who create these laws! I’ve signed every petition that I see for the humane treatment of our animals. I will do so until I take my last breath, (and will probably die while signing)! If given the opportunity, I would have a non-kill shelter of my own. It’s a dream of mine.
      Keep up the great work HSUS! ♡

  2. Donna Lysinger says:

    Egg’s are good for you , it;s like every thing else you eat & drink , it’s bad when you over indulge in it. I feel it depend’s on your health problem, what your diet say’s you can have & the amount. Different stroke’s for different folk’s.

  3. Donna Lysinger says:

    Let the bird’s out of the cage’s give them freedom.

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