Telling the Story of Animals Through Videos – Our Top Videos of 2015

By on December 11, 2015 with 4 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Every day, The HSUS chronicles the story of animals – both celebratory, and also the hard-hitting kind that exposes abuses. Our video production work pulls together the strands of our undercover investigations at factory farms or exotic animal menageries, on the ground with our Animal Rescue Team for puppy mill raids or hoarding cases, or featuring celebrities articulating the case for Meatless Mondays or other major campaigns of The HSUS. You can find new video almost every day on our website,

These are the most-watched of the videos of 2015:

Alabama “hog-dog” rescue

In January The HSUS, in cooperation with local police in Cottonwood, Ala., rescued 65 horribly emaciated dogs from a suspected “hog dog” breeding operation. The dogs were moved to a temporary shelter where they received state of the art medical care and love and attention from our highly trained staff.


Investigation of massive egg farm names Hillandale

This hard-hitting video documented abusive conditions for egg-laying hens at Hillandale, a notorious egg producer previously implicated in the largest egg recall in American history.


Duchess Sanctuary

At the Duchess sanctuary in Oregon run by the Fund for Animals, draft horses who have been rescued from the Premarin Mare Urine industry or mustangs rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management live peacefully on a picturesque, 1,120-acre facility.


Mama dog rescued at SC cockfight

When our Animal Rescue Team broke up an active cockfight in Marlboro, S.C., they rescued not just 122 birds but also a mother dog and her puppies. We learned she had been stolen from her home in 2013, and we were able to reunite her with her family.


Korea dog meat farm rescues  

In January and in March, Humane Society International closed down Korean dog meat farms, rescuing all of the animals at the farm and bringing them to the United States where they were placed for adoption. The videos of these rescues were among our most watched this year.


Kate Mara speaks out for Meatless Monday

Many celebrities work with The HSUS on a variety of animal issues. In this video, Kate Mara, star of the Netflix series House of Cards and The Martian, advocates Meatless Monday.


Investigation of Tennessee Walking Horse training stable

In August, an undercover investigation of Thorsport Farm, a top training barn for Tennessee walking horses, revealed terrible abuse.  Major trainers were caught red-handed hurting horses and prepping the animals for the breed’s upcoming National Celebration. One of the horses sored at Thorsport, He’s Vida Blue, died in November of colic. Most horsemen will admit that soring increases the chances of death from colic.


Investigation of roadside menageries

In January, an investigation of two roadside zoos – the Natural Bridge Zoo in Natural Bridge, Virginia, and Tiger Safari in Tuttle, Oklahoma, both of which breed tigers for two-bit photo shoots with paying customers, revealed cruelty, neglect, and suffering. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries soon after suspended the public exhibition permit for the Natural Bridge Zoo.


Forever Homes for Mikhail and Gremlin

Our heartwarming Forever Homes series featured the stories of two dogs, Mikhail and Gremlin, who are now living happy lives with their families after surviving terror and neglect. Mikhail was one of 120 dogs discovered living in filth and lacking basic care at a suspected Jefferson County, Ark., puppy mill. Gremlin was rescued from a dogfighting operation in North Carolina by our Animal Rescue Team.

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  1. pat dupree says:


  2. pat dupree says:


  3. riot says:

    Nous animal humain devons sortir les martyrs des laboratoirs des abattoirs et autres endroits qui oblige mes saints êtres d autres espèces a agonisé PITIER PITIER PITIER.

  4. leta rosetree says:

    It’s sickening to see how vast this network of cruelty is, and most of us ‘public’ have no idea of the reach of this cruel inhumane industry. As many animals as possible much be rescued, AND we have to get the word out to more people; we who cannot see to accomplish anything alone need to contact others like ourselves, forming groups with focus and strength in numbers; shifting to more constructive action… somehow it can be done, it must be done.

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