Super Market News: First Major Traditional Grocer Going Cage-Free              

By on February 24, 2016 with 4 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

In an announcement that will ripple across the supermarket and grocery sector, Ahold — one of the nation’s largest grocers and owner of the Stop & Shop, Giant, Martin’s, and Peapod brands — announced today that it’s switching to 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2022.

In a statement released last night, Ahold noted that “cage-free environments are a more humane way to treat hens” and reported that the company is working “to persuade the egg industry to quickly start making the significant investments needed to go cage free.”

Already, nearly all the top fast food chains, family dining restaurants, food manufacturers, and food service companies have enacted cage-free egg policies. (In fact, just this week, Krystal and the company that owns Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s made cage-free pledges too.)

The grocery sector is stepping up to help make America a cage-free nation. With Costco, Target, BJ’s Wholesale, and Trader Joe’s all going cage-free — and now with Ahold’s major announcement— the movement is unstoppable. There’s simply no room for any responsible company to continue with a program that sells eggs from hens packed wing to wing in small cages and immobilized for the whole of their lives.

What’s also significant about Ahold’s monumental announcement is that the company is based in Massachusetts, where we’re leading efforts to pass a historic ballot measure that would end the cage confinement of hens. (BJ’s and Trader Joe’s are also headquartered in the Bay State.) That measure’s phase-out date comports precisely with Ahold’s new policy.

We’re thankful for Ahold’s tremendous work and stand by its side. As the company states, they “hope with our announcement that the entire grocery industry will go there with us.”

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  1. Lauri's Johnson and says:

    Bats off to this grocery chain!!!

  2. Ida Lupines says:


  3. Lous Heshusius says:

    The REAL celebration would be if/when these stores shift a good deal, if not all of their chicken meat sales to non-meat protein products….

    • Frank says:

      Yes,Ms. Heshusius! and leave the raising of hens to the small farmer with organic feed and mobile henhouses that allow hens to graze to their contentment.
      And thank you, for inspiring my MA thesis with your fine article, “At the Heart of the Advocacy Dilemma.” You are still giving supportive guidance to us.

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