So Many Individuals, Corporations Stepping Up in Support of Animal Protection

By on March 10, 2016 with 7 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

We are running a campaign to ask people to be a hero for animals by supporting The HSUS. When people do step up, things happen for the good of animals.

But there are so many ways in which people and the institutions they represent can help.

To that end, we’ve made many announcements with major corporations that are integrating animal welfare in their business plans. Now, we are making some sense of that list and identifying McDonald’s, Aramark, Compass Group, Sodexo, Costco, Hugo Boss, and Pets Plus Natural as recipients of our 2015 Henry Spira Humane Corporate Progress Awards.

The Spira Awards were created in 2011, when The HSUS partnered with friends of the late Henry Spira (including philosopher Peter Singer), an animal advocate, the founder of Animal Rights International, and a pioneer of the humane economy. Spira worked to move corporations toward humane reforms, and his campaigns in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s were remarkable for their corporate sophistication and focus on cooperation. The awards created in his honor go each year to forward-thinking companies, business associations, and entrepreneurs who have collectively helped relieve suffering for millions of animals worldwide.

One of this year’s honorees, Hugo Boss, a leading luxury brand, worked with The HSUS and the Fur Free Alliance to adopt a 100 percent fur-free policy in 2015, which will come into effect with its 2016 Fall/Winter collection. Among other reforms, Hugo Boss also banned angora, down feathers from force-fed, live-plucked geese, and it will give preferential treatment to wool suppliers who stop mulesing their sheep (a procedure in which farmers slice strips of wool-bearing skin off sheep without painkillers). Given how influential Hugo Boss is in the world of fashion, its forward-thinking policies will no doubt inspire present and future generations to make more humane fashion choices.

Pets Plus Natural, a chain of eight pet stores with locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, has been working with The HSUS since August 2013 to convert to a more humane model by offering adoptable shelter pups and dogs in their stores instead of selling commercially raised puppies who often end up being sourced from puppy mills. By the end of 2015, all eight Pets Plus Natural locations were no longer selling commercially-raised puppies, and to date it has helped place more than 2,600 puppies and other homeless animals into loving homes.

You have been reading almost weekly on A Humane Nation about our sprint toward a cage-free future for egg-laying hens, with most major food corporations announcing a shift away from extreme confinement. Among our Spira Award honorees this year are McDonald’s, which became the first major restaurant chain in 2015 to set a timeline for converting to 100 percent cage-free eggs. The McDonald’s announcement broke the dam, and announcements from dozens of other corporate leaders have been flowing ever since, including Panera BreadDenny’s, IHOPStarbucks, and Kroger.

Also being honored with the Spira Awards this year is Costco, the mammoth retailer that moves more eggs to customers than even McDonald’s, for becoming the first of the country’s top grocers to commit to a cage-free future. Compass Group, Aramark, and Sodexo, the largest food service companies in the world, are being honored for their cage-free commitments, all of which  preceded even McDonald’s announcement. Compass Group also launched the industry’s first all plant-based dining concept called “Rooted,” which makes humane eating easier than ever at its accounts.

We salute all of these pioneers for carrying forward the principled and humane ideas that Henry Spira championed, and for helping drive forward the humane economy.

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  1. Lynne Anderson says:

    It is unfortunate that this store, encouraged by HSUS, takes puppies out of high kill shelters but will only take the mom to the puppies if she is small enough and only the occasional adult dog on the smaller side. This leaves adult dogs in shelters to die. Reputable shelter and rescue organizations that support these shelters take them all. They would not take puppies and leave the mom behind and they would not take puppies only leaving a rural southern shelter with only adult dogs that are not likely to get adopted there. Having supported shelters in rural Kentucky for 10 years I see the damage you do with this program. If this program supported adult dogs and puppies equally it would be award worthy. Currently it is not.

    • John Moyer says:

      Dear Lynne Anderson. Pets Plus Natural (PPN) doesn’t want to leave any mothers of puppies behind. They take the mothers of these puppies whenever possible. In addition, they will take older/smaller dogs that will fit comfortably in their store kennels. Going forward, PPN does want to accommodate older/bigger dogs that they can adopt at their eight locations. They want to make these renovations so they can help more animals. As of December of 2015, PPN has converted all of their locations to offering adoptable shelter dogs instead of selling commercially-raised puppies so they are part of the solution for a more humane economy. They are very committed to saving as many lives as possible as they continue to implement even more humane improvements at their stores. Please give them a chance as they also get feedback from their surrounding communities. Thank you very much for your compassionate input. The HSUS and PPN greatly appreciates your desire to also help as many animals as possible. Sincerely, John Moyer, Corporate Outreach Manager in the Puppy Mills Campaign at The HSUS

    • Polly Ward says:

      PETS PLUS NATURAL has always taken mothers and puppies from our shelter and fosters in Martin County, KY, in eastern KY. Without this program, there would be no hope for the many, many stray, homeless dogs and puppies our shelter, the Martin County Shelter, cares for weekly. Pets Plus Natural is a godsend for us, Stray Hearts, the rescue that runs the shelter. We rejoice that so many of our pets have been adopted into great homes, and have the complete vetting that we as a rescue group cannot afford.

  2. Beth Kinder Rubin says:

    I am not certain where you have gotten your information regarding Pets Plus Natural not taking the momma dog of puppies because of their size. I know for a fact that this is not the case, and before commenting, you may verify your information making certain that your information is correct. I am the transporter for the transports that originate out of KY. I have done all of the 22 transports from KY/WV to the Pets Plus Natural located in Lansdale, PA. I know what has been on every single one of my transports. I have had on board mommas with their puppies that are of a small breed and at the same time, mommas that are medium and large breeds on almost every transport. If puppies are surrendered, rescued from a shelter or found on the side of the road abandoned, and the momma is there, they are always transported together. There are instances where there are only puppies, with no momma, but that is only because the momma was not found, or worse, had died for various reasons before the puppies were found or rescued. The last transport that I just completed on Wednesday, I had a 38 lb momma and her 10 puppies and a 50 lb. momma and her 7 puppies. There was also an older large, 68 lb. Great Dane mix dog on board. There have been many transports that there were more medium and large dogs on board than there were puppies. I have pictures to support every transport that I do, and documentation of weights, and pairings of mommas and puppies.

    Before you belief the words of others, double check your facts. My transports alone out of KY have saved the lives of approximately 650 dogs, mommas, puppies, daddies of puppies, and individual dogs, small, medium large and even extra large dogs. I know personally, because I load them, walk them, feed, water and clean after them, from pickup point to delivery point. I am very proud to be a part of this program that has saved the lives of so many that would otherwise still be in the inhumane situations that they were found in…they are still alive, healthy loved and adopted to caring homes, and I will continue to do the same thing I have been doing since June 2015…saving the lives of KY/WV dogs by transporting those of all breeds, ages and sizes to a better life.

    • Cindy Smith says:

      So Grateful for Pets Plus Natural helping Kentucky/West Virginia “Shelter/Rescue” dogs.

      The FACTS: Pets Plus Natural has taken every mom that was available with pups and even some dads. We have a number of these success stories.

      Since June 1, 2015, over 600 “Shelter/Rescue” dogs of all sizes have been helped.

      -On Tuesday’s transport there was a 68 lb. Great Dane mix and an 8 year old dog.
      -The first dog adopted in the “Shelter/Rescue” Program was a 6 year old Shepherd mix.
      -Currently there is a 58 lb dog being vetted.
      -I have many pictures of the dogs (moms, dads, all sizes) that have been helped. I would love to share some of them with you.

      Yesterday one of the Kentucky shelters we have helped said, “we are so glad you are working with us”.

      Keep in mind all dogs are spayed/neutered and vetted. Now they come with microchip identification, and 30 days of medical insurance (up to $750).

      Pets Plus Natural also has an outreach program where they take the dogs to various events and to schools to get the word out about Shelter/Rescue dogs.

      I am sure you will all agree that Pets Plus Natural deserves many accolades for their work with Shelter/Rescue animals. Thanks to all the Kentucky/West Virginia rescuers, shelters, vets, and transporters for helping with this life-saving work for the past Nine months….everyone has been amazing!!!

      I know these are the facts because I organize the Transports of dogs from Kentucky/West Virginia.

  3. Dawn Bateman says:

    The Pets Plus Natural family is grateful for being selected for the Henry Spira Award. This means a great deal to us, we have worked very hard to participate in the efforts for a humane economy. The lives that have been saved from homelessness, cruelty and neglect is overwhelming and heart felt. We appreciate the hard work of all our rescue partners, and transporters that make this all possible. Without their efforts we would continue to see over population in shelters, animals left abandoned and other types of cruelty. We continue to strive to be one of the voices for these animals, while giving them the care they need, and finding forever loving homes!

    Special Thanks to the Humane Society of the United States for showing us how Pets Plus Natural could save so many animals.

  4. Cindy Smith says:

    Congratulations Pets Plus Natural on this well-deserved Award. Huge Thanks for helping over 600 “Shelter/Rescue” Animals from Kentucky/West Virginia.

    Pets Plus Natural has taken every mom that was available with pups and even some dads from Kentucky/West Virginia.

    Pets Plus Natural has helped dogs of all sizes:
    -This week they took a 68 lb. Great Dane mix and an 8 yr old dog
    -The first dog they ever adopted in the “Shelter/Rescue Program” was a 6 year old Shepherd mix.
    -Currently there is a 58 lb dog being vetted.

    These dogs are spayed/neutered, vetted, and come with micro chip identification, and 30 days of medical insurance.

    Pets Plus Natural also has an outreach program where they take the dogs to various events and to schools to get the word out.

    I am sure you will all agree that Pets Plus Natural deserves many accolades for their work with Shelter/Rescue animals.

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