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By on November 8, 2016 with 11 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

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The first polls close in just a few hours, and soon after the results will start pouring, you’ll get first news of the results on animal issues here, at A Humane Nation.

As with every general election ballot since 1990 – when The HSUS and The Fund for Animals began playing in this space—there are major animal issues decided by voters in the states.

In Massachusetts, voters will decide on Question 3, to make Massachusetts the first state to ban extreme confinement of farm animals and to restrict the sale of animal products in the state that come from these confinement practices.

In Oklahoma, we are fighting a “right to farm” measure, which seeks to prevent any future regulations on agriculture, including humane treatment standards. We have helped to build an incredible coalition of family farmers, faith leaders, local governments, and others fighting State Question 777.

And in Oregon, we are advocating for a state policy to restrict wildlife trafficking and ban the trade in body parts of 12 species of imperiled animals. Measure 100 complements efforts at the national and international level to crack down on the trade in ivory, rhino horn, and other parts of wild animals.

There are several other measures with consequences for animals, but the three I mentioned are the ones we’ve invested in and that have the most substantial implications for animals and our cause.

Please keep plugged in to A Humane Nation, and I’ll share results and commentary, with first reactions just after 8 p.m. today.

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  1. Sally Palmer says:

    I pray all your hard work receives visible support at the ballot box.

  2. June Wilson says:

    I am praying with all my heart Trump loses. I know it will be devastating if he becomes president. All the hard work will be reversed. Just look at his kids. Cold blooded killers.

    • Toni says:

      Hillary just conceded to Donald Trump and his Trophy hunting spawn. We have to believe God has a plan in all of this….to protect his precious creation. I am so very, very sad and frightened for the world.

  3. Bonnie Welch says:

    what about the dogs? what about the cops and courts that never do anything about protecting them or punishing the scum that harms them??? The cops that do these hanous acts as well and NOTHING happens to them. They pass a law stating that animal cruelty is a felony, but ignore it 99% of the time. Theres nothing worse than murder as animal cruelty, yet shelters get away with murdering millions. They have people out there teaching shelters how to ALL be NO KILL……but they continue murdering and get away with it??? what about that???? These scum bags ALL should get life prison setences with NO parole and NO plea bargains. Theres NO excuse for these things they do to our family members. Plus theres NO excuse for the Authorties to ignore or do something next to nothing about it. Anyone who want my vote will have to change ALL the laws protecting animals and MAKE the Authorities enforce it every time!!!!!

    • Liz says:

      Law Enforcement (specifically cops) can’t do much, without the appropriate laws in place. Many times when a Police officer effects an arrest for animal cruelty, the DISTRICT ATTORNEY doesn’t push the issue. Once an arrest is made, officers are basically tied at the hands. Unfortunately, an animal can not be easily taken from their “owner” because they’re considered “property”. A warrant has t be issued by the COURTS. Again, we need strict laws to be put in place, to protect animals from cruelty. I’m talking about JAIL not just insignificant “fines”.

  4. Denise Cunningham says:

    The Oklahoma right to farm sounds like the worst and most harmful up for vote.
    The state just went for Trump so I don’t have too much hope, but will keep hope alive!!!

  5. Denise Cunningham says:

    Go Oklahoma!!! Good for them! Such good work Wayne!!

  6. Robynne Catheron says:

    If the animals win, I’m happy. Not just because it means Trump-the-animal-hater lost and the thought of his animal-killer son being named Secretary of the Interior, but because these individual state laws are vital to the welfare of all animals, especially those currently living in deplorable conditions in factory farms. Thank God OK’s “Right to Harm” is losing!

    My prayers are for those who can’t vote for themselves.

  7. Nadine Skye-Davis says:

    Great news!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for some good news!!!
    Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  8. Cyndi Myatt says:

    I’m sitting here at the edge of my seat contemplating what our world will look like with a Trump Presidency?? For the world…and for animals! The race is too close for comfort right now. But, I’m over the top exhilarated about our wins in MA, OR and Oklahoma!!!! I campaigned for months for Prop 2 in CA and we won by a 58% vote. Attending the election party in Los Angeles with Wayne Pacelle, Jennifer Fearing, Paul Shapiro and the dedicated volunteers was THE most exciting & memorable day of my life! I can only imagine the excitement right now at the Question 3 election party. I wish I were there celebrating tonight. A huge thank you to the HSUS and the 1,000 volunteers who dedicated their time and made these amazing wins for the animals possible!!!

  9. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says:

    Such good news on all fronts, Wayne. Thank you so much for all your hard work. For the animals, Colleen

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