Urgent alert: Your help needed to stop Congress from sanctioning cruelty to wolves and grizzly bears on refuges in Alaska

By on February 15, 2017 with 110 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Today, The HSUS launched a television advertising campaign to expose a hard-to-stomach and hard-to-comprehend effort in Congress to overturn a federal ban on the most inhumane and unsporting practices seen in the recent history of American wildlife management. This gambit involves the sanctioning, among other deplorable practices, of private citizens going into dens and killing hibernating bears and shooting wolf puppies at point-blank range.

Since January, Republican leaders have been pursuing an anti-regulatory agenda, saying that federal regulations are burdening business and a correction is warranted. But repealing this U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule, developed by professional wildlife managers to stop despicable practices, won’t save one job and won’t bring one dime into Alaska. H. J. Res. 69 is a cruel, mean-spirited, and duplicitous legislative maneuver, and masking it as a pro-hunting measure or a regulatory reform effort is a joke.

Rep. Don Young – Alaska’s sole Congressman, formerly a licensed trapper — is seeking to unwind a carefully crafted decision by experts working on the ground and managing our national wildlife refuges in Alaska. His resolution, enabled under the Congressional Review Act, would not only allow killing of bears and wolves in and around their dens, but it would allow trophy hunters to use aircraft to scout and chase grizzly bears and then land and shoot them. It would also allow the use of giant leghold traps and snares to kill grizzly bears and black bears.

These are all outlier practices in American wildlife management, and it’s jarring to think they were ever permitted on national wildlife refuges – the one category of federal lands set aside principally for wildlife. Only Maine allows bear trapping, and no other states allow the use of aircraft to chase down grizzly bears. Only Idaho allows shooting wolves around their dens.

Yet, as I mentioned, the peddlers of this effort in Congress are trying to cast this measure as “pro-sportsmen.” That’s like a chicken farmer defending cockfighting by saying it’s part of American agriculture. These are extreme practices, beyond the pale of decency, and no true sportsmen would ever defend or participate in this conduct.

Our HSUS television commercial explains what’s at stake with this vote, but doesn’t show the actual cruelty that bears and wolves endure. If we did show a hunter shooting a wolf puppy at point-blank range, or a grizzly bear thrashing to escape a steel-jawed trap, viewers would recoil and the networks would pull the ads off the air. And that’s part of my argument: if you cannot watch it or broadcast it, it certainly shouldn’t be allowed on lands labeled as national wildlife refuges.

Killing hibernating bears, shooting wolf pups in their dens, and chasing down grizzlies by aircraft and then shooting them on the ground is not the stuff of some depraved video game. It is real, and the policy forbidding or green-lighting these activities is scheduled to come up for debate and a vote tomorrow on the House floor. The National Rifle Association and Safari Club International are pushing for the green-lighting of these practices, to their great dishonor.

The purveyors of this misguided resolution are engaged in all sorts of other phony arguments, including the claim that only the state of Alaska can decide these issues. But they conveniently fail to mention that these are national wildlife refuges, and there are multiple court cases that establish that the federal government is the final decider on wildlife management decisions for federal lands.

When the wildlife protection rule was made final in August, USFWS director Dan Ashe, himself a hunter, said it best: “Over the past several years, the Alaska Board of Game has unleashed a withering attack on bears and wolves that is wholly at odds with America’s long tradition of ethical, sportsmanlike, fair-chase hunting, in something they call ‘intensive predator management’.”

H. J. Res. 69 would also block the administration from ever issuing a similar rule, leaving the power to prohibit these outrageous hunting methods solely in the hands of Congress.

Congressman Young, who’s been in office for nearly a half century, is badly out of touch with the mood in his state. Most Alaskans favor the rule and object to these barbaric practices. A 2016 poll conducted by Remington Research Group showed that Alaska voters strongly support eliminating these cruel and unsporting practices used to kill bears and wolves on national wildlife refuges in their state. Driving down grizzly bear and wolf numbers on refuges is a prescription for tamping down tourism and hurting gateway communities to national wildlife refuges that benefit immensely from visits from people throughout the world who hope to catch a glimpse of a wolf family or a mama bear with her cubs. Wildlife watchers contribute over $2 billion to Alaska’s economy.

Contact your U.S. Representative today and urge him or her to oppose H. J. Res. 69. The Young resolution is indecent in the extreme, and we must raise our voices against this policy change in the loudest way we know.

Ask your U.S. Representative to oppose H. J. Res. 69 »

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  1. Kathryn Burton says:

    Please vote no on H.J. Res. 69. Please do not allow the killing hibernating bears and wolves.

  2. Nina Perino says:

    Called, emailed and shared on all my social media sites.

  3. Rose Walters says:

    Speak for the animals that can’t speak for themselves!!!

  4. Sherry McCullough says:

    We must support any opportunity to ensure predator species’ ability to survive and thrive in ever-increasing proximity to human populations. Predators are essential to the environment and a vital part of nature. Our goal is to co-exist with them in a way that respects their space. Refuges may be their only remaining safe spaces.

  5. Allyson wong says:

    Please do not kill the bears or wolves.

  6. Mariam Willis says:

    Stop this abomination, you do not have the right to abuse and exploit animals, you do not own the wildlife

  7. Tashira says:

    They don’t deserve to be treated like that. How would you feel if it was you. Animals deserves the same rights as we; they have feelings, just because they can’t speak to us doesn’t mean that they don’t feel. This isn’t right this people are no one do decided how the animals should be treated, because if they treat the animals like that how would they treat their family?

  8. Pamela Harris says:

    Save our Animals. What right do you have to keep killing and taking away their lands. Oh wait you did to the Indians and still are taking away. Government is cruel!!!

  9. Fran Leard says:

    What is wrong with these crazy people who think they have the right to murder our innocent wildlife? Laws have to be put in effect to stop this slaughter and I hope our President can help push this dire destruction of all our wildlife to end.

    Very sick and outrageous. I’ll call my congressman and hope this is stopped.

  10. Pamela kenward says:

    That is disgusting and cruel what human being on this earth would do this or allow this. Cowards and sub human beings. Please do not allow this.? They are essential animals to this planet like all. And most of all that is just cruel

  11. Judy S Hanquist says:

    Yeah it takes a big man to go in dens and kill innocent bears and wolves. Wow what a big time hunter u think you are but frankly you and those cowards in office are pathetic. Leave the animals alone stop the insane cruelty let try to get along with animals and work something out that’s best for everyone but this cruel method isn’t it .

    • Donna Severson says:

      Judy, I couldn’t agree with you more! I hope these men (and Sarah Palin) end up in some sort of hell where the animals they’ve killed will scratch their eyes out, etc!

  12. Luz figueroa says:

    Please mercy for this animals

  13. Linda Phillips says:

    Its bad enough there are canned hunts in foreign countries that we have no voice in to protect these magnificent animals. Please stop this act of killing these innocent animals in their own environment and only for a trophy!

  14. say no!!! says:

    People are sick!!and soulless!! Murderers!! Hopefully what goes around comes around..just saying..sick ..sick…sick!!!!!!!!!!

  15. britta rennwald says:

    Stopt diesen grausamen Wahnsinn

  16. Gerald Wagner says:

    Using this practice doesn’t make you a hunter. It makes you a murderer.
    Keep the law of no hunting the same day you fly. This should apply to all animals.
    Vote no on H J Res 69

  17. David says:

    Can you please look into creating a worldwide petition for this? I live in Australia and am a big supporter of bear charities as I love these animals very dearly, however I followed the link above and since I’m not a U.S. citizen I cannot submit a request to vote “No”… I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading when I saw this article, I mean in this day and age how on earth is it possible that a ban like this could be overturned?? Seriously, correct me if I’m wrong but last time I checked it’s 2017, not 1917… This is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful… How would Don Young feel if someone shot his wife and children while THEY were sleeping? There is no difference, animals have feeling too God damn it.

  18. Susannah Thomas says:

    My God. Is this permitted in the Western world? ? What sort of people allow this?? Abhorrent in the extreme.

  19. ivelisse says:

    Please be the solution not the problem, dont aport on have more endangered species, share and sign

  20. Susan Karen says:

    this has got to end wildlife has a right to live STOP THE INSANITY

  21. Gina Hernandez says:

    So sad. How can people even think of hunting animals in such a cruel way.

  22. Linda says:

    These amendments to laws passed by the voters are absolutely ridiculous. Leave all animals alone! They were placed on this planet for a reason. Normal circumstances keep their numbers under control… stop messing with Mother Nature and Father God.

  23. Pearl says:

    It is sickening what is is happening to bears and wolves..they will be extinct just like like the rest of our wildlife..we need to save them with our voice..make stronger laws and penalties for any cruelty and abuse to our wildlife..Remember once they vanish they are gone..

  24. bobbie says:

    OMG, Please everyone please vote NO, This a Maniac Trump and his sons thing and the animal don’t deserve it.

  25. Hugh Felsted says:

    Is this sort of stuff supported by SPORTSMEN?? Let’s set traps for them !!

  26. Joanne says:

    It’s truly unbelievable that this may actually happen.Why shoot them with a camera?? Let the bears /wolves be.They have a hard enough time without these loser trophy hunters picking them off or pleasure.What kind of person would do this?? Absolutely disgusting. This has to stop.

  27. Annette Simpkins says:

    Sick individuals. They have no regards for life period ….idiots.

  28. Barbara Yoes says:

    Please vote “no” on HJ Resolution 69. Stop killing the innocent animals! They have as much right to exist as any being on the planet.

  29. Gerry Smith says:

    This is crazy. How would you like to be sound asleep and have somebody come into your house and kill you and your babies .trophy hunting ought to be banned worldwide. Wise up people before everything goes extinct and were left alone then we will be hunting each other. How would you like them apples!

  30. Yolanda marcano says:


  31. Donna Hawkinson says:

    Please vote no on H.J. Res. 69. Please do not allow the killing hibernating bears and wolves.

  32. Richard Taylor says:

    Totally agree. . . I support http://www.ProjectCoyote.org

  33. Brenda Mulkey says:

    These animals have a place in our ecosystem. They need to be protected. We have to be responsible and protect our planet.

  34. Alicia jimenez says:

    Please stop it!!!!!!!

    • Roberta Welsh says:

      We are indeed a lost world if this
      program is put into law. WOW!
      Please take time to care about
      the great beauty and majesty
      God has given us in all wildlife.
      Call your representative ASAP!

  35. Mark Khorramnezhad says:

    These animals have the right to live, please protect the wild life not destroy it. We are losing too many species and soon human beings will follow…
    Please vote no on H.J. Res. 69. Please do not allow the killing of Bears and Wolves specially in this inhumane way.

  36. Doreen Murray says:

    Please vote no on H.J. 69. Protect our wildlife and wild ecosystems. We are only as kind as we treat animals. The are sentient beings with family systems and communities. Erasing grizzlies and wolves would profit us how???

  37. Donna Severson says:

    THis Alaskan rep, YOUNG, should be ashamed of himself! What can we do as average citizens to do something worthwhile AGAINST the evil NRA??? I stopped shopping at Dicks sporting goods long ago, but what else can be done? anyone have any ideas on how we can hit these gun businesses in their pocketbook?

  38. kim silva says:

    I am sick to learn that 69 just passed. I can’t believe the extremely bizarre amount of cruelty that now passes for normal in the hunting sectors. It is beyond human; I can’t believe anybody with a conscious would engage in this kind of depravity. There will be blood; one way or another; karma, physical, this is not the way of integrity or decency. They will get what’s coming to them.

  39. Bob Simmons says:

    As I understand it, HR 69 overturning US Fish and Wildlife rules against leghold traps and killing hibernating bears and denning wolves,has already been adopted. Your opposition campaign is eloquent and persuasive….and late.

    Please explain what to do next and why, in trying to stop this idiotic rule from overwhelming USFW’s reasonable and widely supported rule. I’m afraid I don’t see much hope in calling our members of Congress about a House Resolution that’s already been approved.

    Please update your advisory.

    Bob Simmons
    Bellilngham, WA

  40. Tammy Kenneke says:

    This can not happen. I own 5 acres of land and a I have a pet cat that was gone for 8 days. When he came back he had to have his leg amputed because he was caught in a trap. He also had frost bite. The vet is not sure how he survived. I suspect someone trespassing on my land set traps and did not go back to check them. The whole situation make me mad. Cruel to pets or wild animals.

  41. Carol-Ann Jackson says:

    The lack of respect for our natural heritage is astounding. The lack of respect for the natural world will, I believe, be our undoing. And unfettered greed will be the vehicle that drives it.
    I wonder how history will judge us. I, for one, am so ashamed.
    I am not American but there is enough blame to go around in this world. I have, however, shared this message on Facebook with my American friends, urging them to act.

  42. Brian O'Neill says:

    I called Rosa DeLauro’s office and told the woman who answered about my wish that Rosa vote against H.J. Res.69 and I also called Elizabeth Esty, who isn’t my rep, and let them know that I wanted Esty to vote against the bill. A few hours ago I found out that this evil thing passed. How sick must Rep. Don Young be! I’ll bet young and his henchmen are all good Christians, too. This is usually how it works, no? Shame on all who voted for this and a pox on all of their homes. I am pleased that Peter King voted against it. There is still hope for him. Early tomorrow I will take Wayne’s direction and call my senators, Murphy and Blumenthal, and see if they can stop this evil cruelty. I would call Trump, but his phone is probably busy with tweets. Right, that’s not funny anymore.

  43. Evelyn Lennon says:

    Please stop this madness, our animals need to be free to roam on their land, use their space, and be free. Safari Club International, didn’t learn from killing Cecil, on his land, his space, and his right to be there. This is the best you are going to get to wildlife, it’s important for us and our existence to enjoy their place on earth which brings us great joy, and makes us feel we are a part of their world.

  44. Rebekah Boos says:

    Cruel and unusual for innocent animals who do not deserve it!!!

  45. Lynne Sapienza says:

    “The progress and morality of a nation can be measured by how it treats its animals” so said Mahatma Gandhi.

    This country fails miserably. Let nature take care of itself then we will have a balanced eco system.

    Stop the madness brought about by this cruelty

  46. Lyn says:

    Lord all this mashing of teeth. Please look up the stats on Moose populations in North America, and see if this has something to do with that. Hunters do not want to dig up sleeping bears, and kill litters of wolves just because. Look into why this is being considered, rather than just act like a bunch of nuts.

  47. Julie Alden says:

    This horrible practice has to stop! Those who “hunt” this way are nothing but cowards and bullies.

  48. Patricia Michele Liburdy says:

    I am absolutely against this type of hunting. It’s one thing if animals have come into human areas for food. It’s completely another thing to use helicopters to find them. And for trophies! No hunting should be allowed for that purpose.

  49. Patricia Michele Liburdy says:

    So would a calling for boycott of Alaska and all its tourist’ cruises and hiking tours be a reasonable way to hurt this state? People go there to see the wildlife in addition to the scenery. If they allow the wildlife to be so brutally killed for nothing more than “sport” and decoration on some fool’s wall, they are hurting their own economy. So if tell your friends, neighbors, family, and anyone who will listen to find someplace else to go for their vacations. Also avoid WY. Liz Cheney is going after the wolves there.

  50. Helen Hoag says:

    ”This Congress and so called American government is hateful, cruel, likes killing, slaughter and murder and you wonder why there are so many crimes and it is people like our so called Congressmen who live for death of anything that will put money in their pockets by any organization for any reason. I suggest that anyone that is in favor of HR Resolution 69 volunteer to put their leg in a steel trap. We can arrange for someone to bring one of these traps to Washington and let one our mentally ill congressmen put their leg in one.

  51. Heidi says:

    H. J. RES. 69

    Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the final rule of the Department of the Interior relating to “Non-Subsistence Take of Wildlife, and Public Participation and Closure Procedures, on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska”.

    Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That Congress disapproves the rule submitted by the Department of the Interior relating to “Non-Subsistence Take of Wildlife, and Public Participation and Closure Procedures, on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska” (81 Fed. Reg. 52247 (August 5, 2016)), and such rule shall have no force or effect.

    Passed the House of Representatives February 16, 2017.

  52. Jim canter says:

    Just wondering if only the regulating body is changing, that is from administration to Congress and not the rule. I haven’t found any debate video on this. It also seems like the State of Alaska, who seems to be against taking animals in this fashion, won’t allow it, and it looks like Congress wants the State to decide. So the argument would be who controls activity on federal preserves located on State Lands. A single congressman from Alaska wouldn’t be able to decide for the State. Looks like the Senate would now have some ‘splashing to do.

  53. Jim canter says:

    *’Splaining…(I hate autotype)

  54. Rose Zapel says:

    Go look up your congressman; this article has the full list of how they voted and get in his face if voted to support this. The man who submitted this bill is the sole Congressman in Alaska; what a horrible legacy he will be leaving; I hope he is voted out of office. Call your senators and ask them NOT to support this when it goes to the Senate.
    Here are the Democrats, Reps. Henry Cuellar, Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela of Texas, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, and Collin Peterson of Minnesota that voted with the Republicans to approve this horror. The Congressman for my district (not my Congressman since I did not vote for him) voted in favor of this. Why would he even consider this? I plan to ask him. Resist, resist and be vocal about this.

  55. Aleksandr Klimov says:

    Killing for sport or profit is unjustifiable. Man kind is by far the most vicious animal of them all & will likely destroy the planet because “it’s good for the economy”. There are currencies of a natural economy that are worth so much, that we cannot live without them. Those currencies being fresh air, clean water, & fertile soil. When these natural currencies are debased, our natural economy will crash & a new depression called the 6th mass extinction will occur. Then, if we survive, we can declare moral bankruptcy as we choke on toxic air & use poison water in efforts to hydrate sterile seeds in hopes that the infertile soil might sustain a new beginning..
    Biodiversity makes up a healthy & natural, worker owned corporate entity we call Earth. It is our home. We are one. ESOPs Wolf & Bear once held as much stock as man. Earth was & should again be, a worker owned community of many organisms with equal stakes in the business of survival. Man’s hostile takeover of Earth will inevitably lead to the abuse of it’s workers via natural wage theft i.e. fresh air, clean water, & fertile soil, in addition to a general disregard for the laws nature & the inhabitants there in. So, it is now the time to exercise our first amendment right of “free speech” & tell congress to LET THEM LIVE!!!

  56. sam sammons says:

    The world’s wildlife is being decimated by the human world and on a daily basis too …tells about man’s heart & where he stands with life….. Jesus have mercy on us …

  57. Jennie says:

    To think this is sadistic uncivilized and despicable. Is there any way to reverse this? Why is the information and on this resolution made public only the day before or after the resolution has passed?

    Someone has to do a better job if getting this info out there so we have time to contact our representatives and stop this senseless sick cruelty and slaughter.

  58. myrna brown says:

    Not very sportsman,flying overhead,walk you lazy people,hunt like a real HUNTER. Killing wolf pups at the den? lazy and cowardly

  59. Chris Neville says:

    I have written a letter and posted it to GovShout! That means you can send a physical letter to your Sentaors to encourage them to vote AGAINST S.J.Res 18 in just a few clicks. Check it out here!


  60. Diana Monks says:

    This is so cruel and unnecessary. Please vote against H.J Res.69. We share the earth with many species and cannot exploit other animals for pleasure. This is not a sign of strength but weakness. Especially to kill mothers with their young. This is madness, please don’t call yourself a Christian. Not true !

  61. Tom Stokes says:

    I absolutely support HSUS and this abject cruelty MUST stop!!!!!!!!

  62. D says:

    This is truly barbaric!!!! I strongly oppose !!!!

    “We can judge the heart of a man, by his treatment of animals” Immanuel Kent

  63. Kathleen A Vaughan Calef says:

    it’s hard to believe that so many humans are so cruel. We are a species who has live over 550.000 yrs on Earth (according to scientists’ best guess); and still we haven’t learned much.

  64. Lara Williams says:

    Please vote NO this law is terrible. How can I vote NO?

  65. Shirley Swaine says:

    WTF is wrong with you USA? Have you any idea how backward this makes you look to other first world countries? Your approach to animal welfare is already somewhat questionable, or “strange” as my vet herein the UK (who has worked in the USA) diplomatically put it.

  66. Carolyn ryan says:

    Young was and is a trapper!! It’s putting the Fox in charge of the hen house..!! How stupid can people be?? Alaska! Really??

  67. Kristin Lundgren says:

    This has already passed the House, and is now in the Senate, so write your senators and ask them to vote NO. And make sure you have it as HJR 69 as there is a completely different bill that is HR 69. The NRA and other sportsmans groups are for this, so we need others to sign on against it.

  68. Tom Beard says:

    It’s true that this joint resolution has successfully passed in the House of Representatives and is up for consideration in the Senate as soon as this week. I urge everyone to contact (call, email, Twitter) your two US Senators and urge them to oppose S.J.Res.18

  69. Colleen Dunn says:


  70. Diane joy Haye says:

    This is so wrong , The law needs to be changed there’s animals don’t deserve this this is cruel and heartless

  71. Maria do Céu Rodrigues Aguiar Lopes Tavares says:

    MONSTERS!!!!! This is absurd and inhuman on SO many levels. This animals should be protected. Especially when they are sleeping and hibernating with their children. Killing the mothers of young wolf and bear cubs will lead to extinction way faster than we think. This planet is already going downhill enough with the environment the way it is, we do not need to start hunting for fun and put beautiful species into extinction. Take the study where they reintroduced 10 wolves into Yellowstone…. it COMPLETLY changed the state of their surroundings. Withen a few years, the wolves had brought back all of the trees and other plants that needed to be there to create a better environment. They also brought back so many other animals into yellow stone, most birds, bunnies, mice, and other important smaller species that help feed the predators. Because, wolves are just that important to the environment. We as humans should respect nature and the other creatures around us. They don’t hunt us in our sleep, what gives us the right to do it to them? Have a heart. Protect this beautiful planet that we are so fortunate to call home. Stop killing loving, living things for fun and for decoration in your home. Animals are more important than we all think.

    • Rex Allen says:

      Bringing back wolves to yellowstone did no such thing. Wolves do not grow trees. Wolves didnt bring back bunnies and mice. They eat them. Have you ever even been in the wilderness? It really is a wonderful place to be. No humans, no propaganda. Just simple, pure, freedom. Be advised depending on where you go…you are the prey. Wolves and bears if hungry enough will eat you ….They wont care if your awake, sleeping, young, old, male, female, who you voted for. They eat meat. Were made of meat.

  72. novac lopes says:

    Só espero ouvir um dia…que alguém entrou em casa destes que assinaram a favor desta lei… e a meio da noite…os assassinaram! Só assim se fará justiça!

  73. Shocked says:

    This is wonderful news for pedophiles, child molesters, and sadists of all stripes who can now torture animals legally. The thrill of killing a wolf pup must be irresistible to these pieces of human garbage. I can’t wait for the POS Donald Trump to be impeached or better still to finish his crap life in Jail

    • Rex Allen says:

      Pedophiles? Child molesters? Poor misguided individual. Your thinking of California(or maybe rapist Bill Clinton).They recently passed a bill to legalize child prostitution. That said cant imagine why anyone would want to kill a wolf other than dlp. Sadly, politicians very, very rarely go to prison.

  74. Sharon Sanders says:

    WHY? Can’t our ‘ hunter ‘ men find another way to be macho? and to amuse themselves? How about helping Habitat for Humanity or children in Big Brothers, Big Sisters….or so many other positive charities?? What is happening to our people who can’t be more kind and protective of out environment and our wildlife?? Let’s change and be really helpful to God’s “children” ….we are ourselves hoping to be helped and we belong to the animal kingdom too! Be kinder….make yourselves happy and really masculine.

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