U.S. House sanctions killing hibernating bears, wolf pups in their dens on federal refuges in Alaska

By on February 16, 2017 with 562 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

What the U.S. House of Representatives did today – actually a very narrow majority of the House – was shameful. Cruel. Callous. Venal.

The vote in favor of H.J. Resolution 69, authored by Alaska’s Rep. Don Young, was 225 to 193. Those 225 members voted to overturn a federal rule – years in the works, and crafted by professional wildlife managers at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – to stop some of the most appalling practices ever imagined in the contemporary era of wildlife management. Denning of wolf pups, killing hibernating bears, spotting grizzly bears from aircraft and then shooting them after landing, and trapping grizzly bears and black bears with steel-jawed leghold traps and snares. The stuff of wildlife snuff films.

And not just on any land. On our country’s national wildlife refuges. More specifically, on 16 national wildlife refuges covering 76 million acres, all in the state of Alaska.

Republican lawmakers did this for the NRA, the Safari Club, and some hunting guides and outfitters. There were 10 Republicans who voted against the majority position – Reps. Dan Donovan and Peter King of New York, Frank LoBiondo, Tom MacArthur, and Chris Smith of New Jersey, Martha McSally of Arizona, Dave Reichert of Washington, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, and Fred Upton of Michigan. We thank them for their compassion and courage. There were five Democrats who voted with the Republican majority – Reps. Henry Cuellar, Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela of Texas, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, and Collin Peterson of Minnesota — even as a parade of Democratic lawmakers called out the cruelty and said the behavior in question was unconscionable and unthinkable.

Some members favoring the Young resolution cloaked their vote behind the mantle of states’ rights. But the states don’t have a right to dictate what happens on our national wildlife refuges. What’s the point of having a national wildlife refuge if the federal professional wildlife staff there automatically default to the management authority of the state? Congresswoman Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts, whose late husband, Sen. Paul Tsongas, helped write the Alaska National Interests Land Conservation Act (to create a good share of these refuges), specifically stated that Congress never intended to cede complete wildlife management authority to the states. In this case, Alaska has a bloodthirsty Board of Game, whose members enthusiastically implement a draconian policy called “Intensive Management.” That policy dictates that state managers drive down wolf, bear, and coyote numbers to boost caribou and moose numbers for hunters — turning Alaska’s wildlife refuges into what retired Arctic National Wildlife biologist Fran Mauer calls “game farms” — the very thing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acted to stop through a rigorous, science-based, and legal federal rulemaking process that was overturned by today’s vote.

[Trump administration opens Alaska’s national preserves to cruel practices like trophy-hunting denning bears and wolves and their cubs; proposes disbanding protections on Kenai Wildlife Refuge]

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shouldn’t run refuges like game farms, as Alaskan officials want to do. If Congressman Young – who conceded on the House floor today that he personally killed wolves in their dens for federal pay years ago – thinks he can prevail in court, then he can have at it. But don’t come to the floor with a half-baked , ahistorical theory that is very unlikely to withstand scrutiny in our federal courts.

In addition to making a phony states’ rights argument, Young and his allies argued that denning and land-and-shoot hunting don’t occur. If that’s true, why were they concerned about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule? If it was only cosmetic, do they want to take up the finite time the U.S. Congress has to try to make rhetorical points?

These practices do occur, especially trapping of bears and land-and-shoot killing. Alaska has permitted slaughtering wolves and bears by inhumane means for more than two decades, since the end of the term of humane-minded Gov. Tony Knowles, who won two terms in the state even as an outspoken advocate for ending aerial gunning, land-and-shoot hunting, and other despicable practices. In the post-Knowles era, politicians there have called for wiping out entire packs of wolves around Denali National Park and now the Alaska Board of Game is working to cleanse the Kenai Peninsula of wolves too.

I offer my sincerest thanks to so many lawmakers who stood up to this cruelty – practices that are to wildlife management what cockfighting and dogfighting are to the management of domesticated animals.

Only the U.S. Senate and President Trump can now stop this unwinding of a decision by a professional wildlife management agency. Please contact your U.S. Senators and tell them to steer clear of a disgraceful resolution, and to honor limits in the conduct of wildlife policy in the United States of America.

Public Policy (Legal/Legislative), Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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  1. D Young says:

    Forgive me, but will it still be referred to as HJ Res 69? Wanting to make sure I have the correct info when contacting my senators, even though I know being from Texas it is pointless.

    • Wally Cameron says:

      Hi–Just saw this. This legislation is in a Senate Committee as of Feb. 1. (Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources). It is titled SJ Res. 18. More info at https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/sjres18

      • Lael White says:

        It was called that. We listed it as such on our action network. But not now. Not sure if that was a state bill # ….learning.

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you, I have the same question! Just looked it up, and if I’m reading correctly, I think in the Senate it is called S.J.Res.18


    • Patricia Mc Carter says:

      Tell me what I need to do to help. I’ve already wrote to the house of Representatives telling them this is not how we want to be represented. This was done in Trumps self intrest to appease his sons and friends appetite for big game hunting.

      • Sandra Tubb says:

        Which in my opinion is NOT big game hunting, it is slaughter. Hunting is pursuing an active animal, not sleep in its den. This is sick and cruel either way (but sometimes necessary for controlling population under authority) but sport is just sick. Something sick rich man do because they are bored in life but if we allow this, what else do we allow in their bored lives?

        • Bret says:

          Do you know what it take to find a den in the winters of Alaska. Trust me 98% of the bears are safe. And as far as land and shoot it don’t happen there is a 24 hr window after you land you have to wait 24 hrs

        • Pucca says:

          And this certainly is not hunting of any kind. Trump went to the all important meeting of the NRA. You think his was a coincidence? Not!

        • Costas Pikatsa says:

          I live in UK, Trump and his mob r nasty, blood & carcasses everywhere. Trump destroys, wow. An egoist. Why slaughter these animals. The do not know what is coming. Trapped in their dens while those sadistic hunters burn them alive. His wife was stopped speaking at that Cultural meet. GOOD. Culture includes our planet, animals. Animals she obviously does nit support. So good move people to stop her.

      • Valerie Campbell says:

        Actually if you read the articles, Alaska’s government wants this. If you read the last few lines it states that only the Senate and Trump can stop it.

        • Judy Gard says:

          thanks for actually reading the article…

        • Debra Reece Simons says:

          it does not matter what the state won’t this is federal land and right now the Wildlife Commission in Alaska only works for the NRA and they are shooting happy so that they can get rid of this game and have more elk and other animals for the hunters to kill perhaps you should read this entire article and you would understand that

      • Lillian Mungioli says:

        You are right on when you mentioned Donald Trumps sons and their hunting. This has got to stop now killing bear and their cubs as they sleep and wolves with their pups. So wrong and cruel.Big brave men should use their shooting somewhere else where it counts like terroist.

        • Tina Gabelein says:

          The state of Alaska has been doing this over two decades! But now because Trump is in office, and maybe his son hunts, people are all in an uproar! Get on Alaska’s Senator’s case about it! He’s all for denning.

      • Karla says:

        So sad to hear the out come. The rich win again and it’s not fair to say all rich. When I heard protection for grizzlies were lifted I couldn’t understand why. My first thought, was imagining Trumps sons running in the room saying daddy daday we don’t have a stuffed grizzly in our room we really want a grizzly we already have a stuffed polar bear, elephant,tigers,etc. But we yet to hunt a grizzly oh daddy please even though there are maybe 1800 left. Please Daddy? OK hunt the grizzly!

    • Connie says:

      It’s pointless no matter where you are from. This senate/house seems determined to do whatever they please no matter what the consequences. And there WILL be consequences, thank goodness.

      • Kathleen Townsend says:

        I agree with you: the GOP run of choices seems to be focused on whatever makes the most money. There is no commitment to make America Great with focusing on ethics and helping those who need help and protection. I regret my state [NC] has 2 senators who are both Republicans. Not my fault, perhaps. At 78 I have witnessed too many presidents and since 1980, we have changed from a political system of serving the ordinary people, to the wealthy only. I will do what I can, but I am not wealthy. Those who are like me need to make our politicians responsible and vote them out of office.
        Kathleen T

    • Tanya says:

      I am Canadian and I am pleading all of you to call your senators to stop this insanity!! PLEASE!!!

      • Leigh Vice says:

        These two sorry senators from the state I live in MS both voted for this and also being able to use steel traps that have been outlawed for the most part. They are Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran. What is wrong with these people??? They are sick, evil and like to see animals suffer. This is what is elected to Congress??????

      • Nadine Dietz says:

        Im with you Tanya. I am also from Canada and I am discusted by this. There are just as many people out there that are appalled by this so take a stand. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing!!!

      • Pooh says:

        Go girl! Stop the cruelty!

        Wait a minute…. it appears as though Canadians are quite experienced hunting bear over bait with expired candy and Tim Hortons doughnuts, at minimum you all seem to be very much ok with it because hunting baited bears in Canada is LEGAL.


        I did get a chuckle you pleading with USA citizens to heed your cry for action to call their senators because you are Canadian.

        Relax everyone….All that is happening is that the Federal Government is repealing unnecessary regulations and allowing the state of Alaska to manage it’s own wildlife resources. Alaska has PREMIER Fish & Game Management professionals who need no help from guys and girls in suits in the DC swamp. For those of you who are upset about all this, go to the Alaska Fish & Game website and read all the true facts about hunting in Alaska. Most of you will not understand and lose interest after reading for just a few minutes; because most of what you will read is about all the rules and regulations in place to make sure Alaska’s wildlife resources thrive for generations.

        Not to mention; most bear shot in Alaska is by residents for FOOD. And if you do shoot an animal, bear, you are legally responsible to care for the meat, carcass, fur etc…AND hunters are donating a significant portion of their meat to Food Banks for people less fortunate…evil hunters.

    • Ann Hunter says:

      You are right about that! This state is embarrassing

    • Sharon Gavin says:

      Thank you for clarifying the information about our lawmakers above. I will also be contacting Congress again to thank NJ Representstives i asked to vote “No” for doing so and asking for their and the Senate’s help to overturn this barbarous legislation. This country’s tragic cultural legacy and mentality it still fosters and continues to operate under too often is one of superior, smug, ruthless entitlement at a terrible expense to others, marked by endless greed, and wanton, needless, violent takeover that involves harm or complete destruction of the less powerful: both people and animals. It’s not a coincidence that mass murder and mayhem still darken so many days in the USA.

    • Melissa Ray says:

      We live in Florida, also pointless. Especially the republican. Your best bet is to vote for O’Roark and get Cruz out of office.

  2. Deborah Higgins says:


    • Steve says:

      These are NOT hunting practices in Alaska. Go to the Alaska department of fish and game and read the rules and regulations. No animals are killed in the manner described. Most hunters are ethical people and use humane methods of taking game animals. Over population of any species can be detrimental to the ecosystem and cause imbalances. Too many wolves can cause detriment to more other wildlife, and will not be wiped out.

      • Lynn Van Gilder says:

        Don’t believe you

      • Carrie says:

        If the numbers are as detrimental as you say, then the answer should be to relocate them not kill them. Especially when numbers around the country are so low and dropping. For example, there are only 45 reds left in the wild.

      • Scott Meyers says:

        And so the reason for wasting my tax dollars repealing these regulations waaaas….what, Steve? If it doesn’t happen, why was this even introduced? I agree that most hunters are ethical people, and wouldn’t dream of doing this. But why, then?

      • Stephanie says:

        Humans are the number one over populater impacting the eco system not animals. Let to their own they would balance out on their own.

        • James Perry says:

          I agree I think we should make refuges bigger,

        • Ruthie says:

          I completely agree. We are forcing the animals out of their habitats.👎 They’re not overpopulated,humans are. Hmmm will they start doing that to us??
          Isn’t federal reserves/refuges to save and protect animals?🤔

      • Jade says:

        These are living their life’s they want to take away their rights away. I don’t agree with you. Animal life’s matter. Don’t HURT ANIMALS!!

      • Matt says:

        There can’t be “too many wolves”

        Wolves need a large range to hunt. They compete with other packs, and kill off competitors. If there’s not enough food weaker and younger wolves simply die off on their own.

        Wolves and the ecosystem did just fine for the 10 millions years before humans showed up

        • Maureen Middleton says:

          Human beings are the greatest threat to our planet Earth! Why do humans assume that they can kill any animals when they (the animals) have been here for eons and managed very well by themselves. I feel ashamed to be a human sometimes. The republicans are cruel, greedy and do what is best for themselves not for the country! I agree with everything you said vociferously!!!

      • George W Webb says:

        Its not our right, or place to think that WE are the ones to decide the balance of wildlife. It has only been deemed as OUR decision because WE said it was. The earth has been ariund for billions of years. Diverse wildlife has been here for millions of years without humans deciding the fate of whether they should be ALLOWED to live and breed. We no longer “NEED” to hunt and kill to survive. If you live in an area of which you are still forced to,, then it was by choice, not out of necessity. Shooting bears or wolves in their dens is DISPICABLE, SHAMEFULL, COWERDLY, COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY, AND SIMPLY SHOWS A LEVEL OF COMPLETE AND UTTER STUPIDITY THAT BORDERS BEING MENTALLY CHALLENGED!!! There are no words that can be spoken by anyone that will truly justify these acts. Only a sick or disturbed person would do such a thing. Or maybe a serial killer.

        • daniel Roberts says:

          Well said

        • Will says:

          I take it you are a wildlife scientist and you know what it takes to balance wildlife. Not everyone believes that world Is billions of years old, some believe it’s only a few thousand years old. You for know it’s the Government that does this right? I don’t live in Alaska so I really don’t know how much of a threat wolves are to domestic stock and wildlife, perhaps there is are terrible problem there. I would think offering more hunting licenses could be a solution to predator over population.

          • George says:

            Did you ever finish grade school? Or do they not teach you predator populations are lower than prey populations. If there is not enough food predator population goes down. It’s only the human population that keeps increasing even when there is not enough food to go around. You don’t need to believe the world is a billion years old to realize that nature does not need humans to help it reach a balance. Nature has been doing its balancing by itself for at least 3000 years.

          • Walter S says:

            You can’t possibly believe the world is a few thousand years old, that is just crazy. Two words… carbon dating

          • Floyd Clingenpeel says:

            Carbon dating has been shown to have inaccuracies

        • Carla Crawley says:

          I totally agree, it’s wrong.

        • Gwen Kenan says:

          You Are Absolutely Right And I Agree Don’t Kill Our Wild Life You Have A Gun What Does The Animals Have If You Think It Makes You Abig Man Think Again

        • Janette Mejia says:

          I am sickened by the direction our nation is taking. I hate to say it but I want no parts of paying taxes to harm animals anymore!

        • Yvonne Bottle says:

          Well said . . . Humans are the most dangerous predator ever to walk the earth and too many seem to think we are the most intelligent . . . NOT . . . just the greediest

        • Pat Augustyn says:

          I agree with you. Stop the killing, protect the animals.

        • Pooh says:

          Preach George
          Now let’s go get pile of chicken wings and a steak! I am buying.

          I think you are understandably emotional about all this. Maybe I can offer you some relief. This has nothing to do with increasing the killing of animals, nothing. Alaskans simply want not to be told by the federal government how to manage their resources. I don’t blame them, Alaska Fish & Game managers are experts in their state and need no input from politicians isolated in the DC swamp.

          And for the record, this was NOT Trump’s idea….Alaska Rep Don Young created the proposal based on the feedback he received from the people who ELECTED him. “There’s no sport hunters going to be shooting cubs and sows” and “there’s no one in the state that doesn’t support my resolution,” Alaska Rep Don Young said on the House floor. “Yes, you’ve got some letters,” he said, adding that if Alaskans aren’t happy with his work, they can stop re-electing him”

          As far as your opinion about a person choosing to live in an area where they will be required to hunt for food being their choice. I think you are overlooking many many people. For example, indigenous people of Alaska who live in the wilderness, of course they choose to live there, it is there home, their way of life. Is it possible they look at us and say the same? Disgusted by our domesticated lifestyle, confused how we could live like we do.

          And, are we really going to chastise a man, any man or woman, for choosing to live the way they want? Some people do not identify as a typical resident of a town or city. Some people identify with being free and have a visceral need to support themselves.

          Like you, I prefer someone else to kill my food. I would prefer not to slaughter a cow for a ribeye or a chicken for a wing, but I will cook and eat them. According to what I was taught in school, this is necessary for my survival.

          You are right…it is not our right to decide the balance of wildlife. But unfortunately that boat sailed long ago. Now it is our RESPONSIBILITY to do so. Until we all turn off our running water, electricity, dismantle our manufactured shelters and return to the savanah, human beings will forever be the stewards of the earth and all its resources. This is not our fault and I am not ashamed to be human. We are soooooo lucky. Enjoy your time while you are here!

          I would be curious to know what everyone on this chat board will be eating tonight for dinner.

      • Lori Berkeley says:

        There are NOT too many wolves ! Just the BS talking-points of GOP ! 🙁

      • Darren says:

        How is killing humane? You sir are an idiot

      • Mac says:

        This is the Justification given but there are more of Us than wildlife now. One hunter, one life=Extinction

      • Rebecca Jones says:

        good point. People automatically jump to conclusions. Hoping that the president will continue with practices that value the system needed for balance and to protect and continue with hunting seasons. They are for a reason. There is also laws about how much a bear has to weigh to be taken so cubs are out.

      • Bill Perry says:

        This is not hunting.

        • joy says:

          y is this not hunting? are we backward in technology? are we backward in medication? we can control the bear population. y do we have to slaughter? instread of going running hunting Killing…we can do the same running to sterilise them right? there are much equpiment and technology we can use to make things easier..then y not this? y are we going with evil practice?

      • Cindy Wollenschlaeger says:

        Enough, just ENOUGH. Stop all the killing!!!!!!! When will enough be ENOUGH!!! LIVE AND LET LIVE!!!

      • Tracey says:

        While I do agree with you on the over population being detrimental to the ecosystem and most hunters being ethical in their kill, I do not agree with den killing and hunting of a hibernating animal. I do not believe it is a humane way to hunt. I hope Congress and the President see that when it comes time for them to cast their vote. I am not say you are wrong, I am just expressing my opinion.

        • Sheba says:

          The only thing that is over populated are the number of morons. It is the most cowardly move to hunt something while it sleeps. Regardless if they are hard to find or not.

      • kat says:

        don’t believe you either

      • charles says:

        The only thing that there’s too many of is humans ….that’s where the in ballance lies.

      • Dr. Chi Krumenacher says:

        Barbaric, inhumane acts against any species cannot be justified by any argument regarding population numbers. Americans need to stop killing animals in order to satisfy their need for control and aggressive behavior. Hunters who hunt responsibly are not in favor of this legislation. Our American representatives have no right to impose such practices on federal lands, or anywhere else. Shame on each and every representative who voted in favor of this horrendous act. I know that I will do everything within my power to see that Rep. Corker and Black are not re-elected in Tennessee.

      • George says:

        You’re a tool. Wolves go after the old and weak animals they are the ones who help balance the ecosystem. If there is not enough food then the wolves in turn will reduce their population through starvation. The detriment comes from too many deer over grazing and no bears or wolves to control these prey populations. You then get barren fields easily subject to erosion and wind. The detrimental species here, causing all the imbalance is homo sapiens. Should start wiping out homo sapiens as you say any species can be detrimental and cause imbalances. This homo sapien species keeps increasing their numbers even when there is not enough food to go around.

      • Juan Galeano says:

        It’s funny we regulate the existence of animals in the Wild but do nothing about human kind. The ones who are destroying this planet!

      • Will says:

        Carrie, We are relocating the bears and wolves it’s called hunting and eating tasty animals. Love live the beast!!

      • Michael says:

        And man?? Let’s start culling there.

      • Maggie says:

        Actually i just saw an article where a man took a picture proudly with a dead bear, shot in hibernation. So yes, it is.

      • Raven says:

        I am sure this if a new law such as this came about, rational reasons, would be based on over abundance of bears and wolves. Many animals were put on this earth to be food. Sadly I have to understand that to not have heart over mind reactions.

      • Former Fairbanksan says:

        Then why do they want to overturn the rule so badly they created new legislation? I am a former Fairbanksan. People want to be able to do this, ergo, the legislation from one of the most corrupt state reps ever, Don Young (and with this administration, that’s saying a lot!).

      • Lucy, super intelligent and smarter than all men says:


    • Robert Johnson says:

      …unless it is a Hillary supporter or a snowflake

      • Patricia DE MOURA says:

        Tell me what I need to do to help. I’ve already wrote to the house of Representatives telling them this is not how we want to be represented. This was done in Trumps self intrest to appease his sons and friends appetite for big game hunting.

        • Jennifer says:

          Omg seriously??? The President had nothing to do with it. The Congressman Don Young Alaska introduced this bill. Apparently once again the Govt believes it falls under state’s rights. Granted many things do. The FG has gotten way to hands on in a state’s rights to govern. In this case they are wrong. We are speaking about federal land in a state. The bill is wrong. Alas it has nothing whatsoever to do with the President or his family and friends. Outrage is great. The “it’s Trump’s fault” is the new catch phrase of Democrats.

          • Paulette S Rayne says:

            Every body should be this …Gung ho to stop the killing of Innocent Babies in the womb!!!!!

          • doug jobe says:

            No one is blaming Trump.. unless he allows this to happen… then it is his fault and the blood will be on his hands…

  3. diane luke says:

    Diane Luke 901 Bell Drive Excelsior Springs, MO 64024; diane5556@hotmail.com//All that I just read is deplorable/unreasonable to kill defenseless animals while they sleep, parent their pups or even from the air and land on refuges. I want my family for generations to come see the beauty of all the animals in the wild. Perhaps the people need to go back to the big book aka BIBLE in Genesis, Where God gave Adam dominion over all the animals he was to name them and care for them…that did not mean to kill them!! Killing these animals is morally wrong. Just because you are fearful of them and don’t understand them you feel it is right to wipe them out? Then the ecosystem suffers because you want CANNED HUNTING rights!!! Everything goes into an unbalanced state. You people that are blood thirsty should be ashamed of yourself and for what a few dollars. Money is the root of all evil(read your Bible it so states First Epistle to Timothy in KJV 1 Timothy 6:10) need I say more?

  4. Jo Williams says:

    In a word HORRENDOUS

  5. Dawn Nelson says:

    Was I wrong that I beleived a “refuge” is just THAT…..a refuge where all animals are safe and protected????? What changed???? And if these animals are going to be arbitrailly killed in heinous and dispicable ways than I suppose this is no longer a “safe” place for our wild animals and should no longer be designated as such??? ? Can anyone expound on this? Please……

    • Kalina says:

      This is crazy! We have global warming, deforestation, and cities, towns, and houses encroaching on natural animal habitats that should be left alone and now on top of it we have senators and reps. endangering our beautiful, inspiring, educational, and marvelous wildlife even farther!? What is happening to this world!? If we don’t do something about it now the next generation will NEVER know what a wonderful place the world is because it will all be gone. Nobody should be allowed to use wildlife refuges or natinal parks or state parks or ANYWHERE to kill animals needlessly!

    • James Perry says:

      It’s only a refuge until gov. says it’s time to kill baby kill.

    • TrueBlueMajority (@TruBluMajority) says:

      What changed? DJT was elected.

  6. Brynn says:

    I’m heartbroken. I’m shocked. I’m devastated. How can humans be so cruel. How can this possibly be allowed. Why. What is wrong with our country and its officials.

    • Bob says:

      it’s all part of Making America Great. What is the matter with this country. Have we lost our way completely. It’s immoral beyond belief.

    • Marly Duran says:

      When we have a president whose sons kill elephants for sport, this is the kind of thing we can expect. It’s all awful, but the steel traps are about as inhumane as it gets. The suffering is beyond belief, and it’s not necessary in any way. Those should be outlawed permanently across the globe. I wish every member of congress who voted to overturn these protective measures could experience a night in one of those traps~ it would certainly be educational… for all of us. I don’t see my elected officials on the short list of lawmakers who voted against this, I’ll work tirelessly to see them defeated when they run for office again.

  7. Ma.Rodriguez says:

    Vote NO!!! On H.J.Res. 69

  8. Beth Begin says:

    We are the guardians for these animals who desperately need our protection. I am horrified by the total disregard for these animals. I will not vote for anyone involved in this bill.

  9. Sherry Bezanson says:

    Please stop the killing of these innocent animals.
    They deserve to live just like any other living being.
    Leave them be…..

  10. Benny Holdren Jr says:

    This has to stop.

  11. Shirley says:

    This is so wrong. They are PRESERVES! We need our wild animals and places. Don’t destroy them!!

  12. Sharon Seslowe says:

    I cannot bear this news. I just don’t understand the taking of animals lives in these callous inhumane ways. Why? For sport? I’m appalled. What can we do to fix this? I’ve called. I’ve donated. I don’t understand. For a few bloodthirsty big game hunters to have some fun? For big money to keep trophys on their walls. This hideousness has to stop. Please. Make it stop.

  13. Gail O Jordon says:

    THIS must be stopped.

  14. Sandra Williston says:

    Cruelty is something from the stone age. Being as this is the 21st. century…. WHY has humanity not evolved from such dark draconian practices????????? It is long past time that this horrible cruelty is stopped!

  15. Emerita garcia says:

    Wth is wrong with people . u should be hunted and kill for fun. It needs to stop!

  16. Ann Taylor says:

    I say STOP this inhumane act of violently and needlessly killing innocent animals. I have to wonder what will exist in the wildlife, as our grandchildren grow up. This current administration cares about nobody, including humans and poor innocent animals. We The People are angry!!

  17. Jacqueline Evans says:

    This practice is criminal. Who proposed such a plan? Since when don’t the people of this country approve of this kind of thing? Everyone needs to get on board and fight this all the way.

  18. Joan Rennie says:

    The passage of this resolution is despicable.
    (I so hope that all those “likes” do not mean liking the resolution)
    Please all pressure your Senators to reject this.

  19. Brittany Camero says:

    This is wrong!!!!!! This is Disgusting! How can u sleep at night knowing Yoy killed an innocent animal .. I’m
    Sure you wouldn’t be happy if someone killed you in your sleep! Didn’t your mother teach you anything ? Shame on you

    • Rosemarie Piserchia says:

      what can we do to change this law about killing bears and wolves in their dens.

      • Linda ward says:

        I would like to know the surest way to stop the killing of animals in preserves and/or dens.I dont want to see rhsse areas taken over by prairie dogs, rats, snakes, etc. Even too many deer can decimate an area. The woods in my area are proof.

  20. Terry Niederman says:

    This is horrible. No one NEEDS to kill innocent animals for fun.

    • Rik says:

      Hey everybody remember in November 2018 midterm elections. Every seat in the house is up so we can fired everyone of these SOBs. 33 Senate seats also. We can flip the majority there too! GET INFORMED & INVOLVED! Our lives depend on it.

    • Kevin Grimes says:

      Absolutely so wrong

    • marian s beightol says:

      The Trump boys, Eric and Donald are trophy hunters.

      • Suzy Yong says:

        Save the wolves and their babies, the black and brown bears and their babies, the coyotes and their babies, they are voiceless, defenseless, helpless and innocent, their lives matter

    • Tawney Staples says:

      But caribou and moose are ok…both of which are vegetarians…hmm

    • Bethany says:

      I agree. How would these people feel if we went around killing their family for fun. This is absolutely horrible. These beautiful animals were here long before we are and because we’ve taken over their homes, they need to be killed for it.

    • Kristi Kwon says:

      Someone needs to start hunting these sadistic so-called hunters.

    • Nancy says:

      Trump’s sons do, but they prefer endangered species.

    • Janice McDaniel says:

      I definitely agree and don’t understand why they even want to do it!

    • Jacqueline Wernett says:

      No they don’t

    • Heidi says:

      This is crazy!
      What’s wrong with these people in the house of representatives ?

    • Andrea says:

      It’s sickning. What’s wrong with people

    • Effu says:

      I am not for something of this nature. If it is true it must be stopped. However I will forever hold a story like this as potentially fake or at a minimum blown out of proportion until all sides and all parties involved in the issue have been represented and allowed to present their side. The humane society has always had the agenda its name would mandate but they also play political games and have outright lied on issues in the past. They are in fact notorious for it.

      Research the facts and not just the facts that serve their purpose.They lost me at “fake states rights issue”. It is not fake. These “national” wildlife refuges are often times taken from people of the State in question and not in an ethical manner. You turn an area with large aggressive predators in it into a refuge next to an area where people are trying to live and there are going to be problems. Peoples lives come first.

      • Naomi says:

        Explain why we should come first. It’s because humans are encroaching on their territory that we have to create refuges. We are getting too close to them. Not the other way around.

      • Will says:

        They don’t do I now, this is to allow it to be done again by the Alaska state wildlife service to control overpopulation of certain species. If they over populate, and can’t find enough food, they will starve to death, that’s cruel.

        • Walter S says:

          What’s more cruel, starving to death from lack of food or starving to death because your legame is stuck in a steel trap

    • Amanda says:

      How distructive are Republicans becoming? Shame on them! These guys actually have no shame,a distructful bunch that only care about themselves with no regard for life. Animals are part of our egosystem they too have a right to exist. There are enough guns out there to murder a nation the N RA does not surpass the RIGHT to preserve our wildlife!!!

    • Matt Marozick says:

      Big game hunters get a life. This is cowardly and shameful.

    • Patrick Morley says:

      Is it for fun? There is no explanation of the reason Something similar is happening to the wild horses in the Australian Mountains but an attempt at an explanation is that they damage the ecology there! Most people think that there has to be a better method No one thinks that is being done for ” fun”

    • Grubby says:

      Agreed but don’t look for your Orange Clown of a President to do anything about stopping this horror. People need to stand up and protest this barbaric behavior. We cannot allow this to happen.

    • Debra says:


    • J says:

      there is a reason to cull them to preserve the population of moose carribou and other animals they decimate but i agree this type of hunting is disgraceful and cowardly

    • Mitch Schapira says:

      What this article doesn’t mention is that Alaska has a state laws that protect natural resources. Foremost, the Constitution which commands that natural resources must be managed for the good of all. This is somewhat in conflict with the Alaska Statehood Act passed by Congress and signed by Ike. The federal law guarantees protection for the customary uses by Alaska Natives, which include subsistence hunting. As a result these issues frequently arise in State court and there is a considerable body of law on the subject. The overwhelming sentiment in Alaska is that Alaskans can manage wildlife a lot better than the Feds can. Even before Trump moved to Washington, there was considerable evidence which supported this view. Nothing since Jan. 20th has made folks want to reconsider.

    • PFM Fan says:

      Apparently, Republicans (and 5 Democrats) need to kill innocent animals for fun or they would not have voted for this. Aren’t there photos of Trump’s sons killing Africa game trophies? Hey – nice lion head on the wall. Sorry about your small penis.

      • Donna says:

        This is not for fun, nor does it have anything to do with the sons of our new president. I recently saw a T.V. show on the National Geographic channel, that said bears and wolves are killing the BABY moose and caribou, because they are easier to catch! The DNR have noticed a steep drop in these animals, and noticed they were seeing fewer and fewer babies. When they started investigating the reason for it, they found it was because they were being killed off by the bears and wolves. It IS a shame that the bears and wolves are being culled. But imagine NO moose, or NO caribou. If you have NO babies, eventually, you have NO adults….

    • Sue says:

      Trump & the NRA don’t care!!! Period..

    • Tina Andreatta says:

      Please call your two senators and Trump

      Please tell your friends to call and vote NO

    • Edye says:

      This is butchery!!

    • Shawn D says:

      Seems innocent animals always pay the price where humans are concerned. Animals are being pushed back every day and their living areas are getting smaller and smaller and if they wonder out of the increasenly shrinking zones they are considered a danger and are killed. Needless to say I respect animals more than humans as animals are innocent and it’s humans bad choices that cause innocent animals to suffer. Since they are not human and can not speak up we are required to speak for them. There are far more uncareing heartless and even abusive humans out there that even go as far as thinking it is funny. There needs to be more severe punishment for making innocent animals suffer. Kill a human and get life. Abuse and torture an animal to death and get what? 6 months? A fine? i say create the eye for an eye punishment. Whatever you did comes back on you. Break their leg. Yours gets broke. The animal dies… you die. I bet respect for animals would be a lot better. People who think animals are unfeeling and are just savage beast are ussually the cause of most of the needless animal suffering. With their logic, traveling to another country and not understanding thier language would mean they are savage killers and soulless beasts. Quit being a savage human and stick up for animals. Yes there are animals out there that will kill and perhaps eat you. But that is their conditioning. This will also get worse as they are pushed into more tightly packed and increasingly smaller habitats… also caused by humans. We have failed this planet as the intelligent dominant species and quite honestly I’m ashamed to even be human. i just can’t believe how long this earth has been around and how short of time humans have destroyed it. The world seriously needs to be depopulated. Which will happen soon as we continue to destroy the planet. We strive as humans to make things suffer from our stupidity while all along calling it ingenuity, progress and inventions to make human life easier.
      You know, I don’t even know how to put into words my feelings on this topic. As you see I ramble on and on and on trying to pull out the words that would just make people understand animals are just as important on this planet as anyone or anything else. God help anyone I see abuse an animal. I’m sure my rage will overtake my rational thinking as I destroy this person with the same uncaring emotion they showed the animals.

    • Linda palmer says:

      Horrified this is going to be allowed Can’t imagine hunters wanting to kill defenseless hibernating animals…please stop this!

    • Sue Marvin says:

      The animals are at man’s mercy. Too many men are barbarians.This is sickening.

    • Rosie says:

      What is wrong with people!!!

    • Cath says:

      Our government are pyschopaths.

  21. Juanita Moore says:

    This is cruel and very unjust to the beautiful creatures with which we share this earth! Stop these inhumane practices!

    • David Eric DeBruler says:

      I agree they were here before us

    • Jacqueline Wernett says:

      Mans dominion does not mean extinct these beautiful ❤
      My sons name is Wolf for a Reason

    • Rosanne Fischer says:

      A f*cking atrocity!
      Those animals BELONG there!
      Not to mention they’re on a refuge.
      What sadists our representatives are! They actually WANT these animals to die ghastly deaths and be gone. WTF? Are we in the Twilight Zone? We have savage monsters running the country.

    • Ranice Appell says:


    • Will says:

      It’s very humane, maybe not moral but very humane.

      • Barbara Hollis says:

        Will, I wouldn’t say it’s ” humane” but I would say it’s “human”!
        Trump says, “their only animals, what do u care?” He also said “I fooled them all, ha ha!” (that’s about his bull during his campaign).

  22. Keith Pension says:

    I’m for a very thorough House cleaning, and I don’t feel like waiting till spring!

  23. Lucinda Wright says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable. Please oppose the bill in the Senate.

    • Mimi529 says:

      It’s already passed by party majority. Republicans, again. Bill backed by the NRA. This isn’t sportsmanship. It’s murder.

  24. Lucinda Wright says:

    This is absolutely unacceptable. Completely immoral and not at all sporting. I can’t imagine ethical hunters supporting this practice.

    • William Hegedus says:

      Thee problem is so many hunters are NOT ethical!!!

    • Andy James says:

      Thank you, for acknowledging that there ARE ethical hunters amongst us, hunters that are only interested in fair chase hunting adventures and experiences. These hunters also purchase licenses to hunt, with a portion of the money collected going towards the support of the Pittman-Robertson Act, a Government run Conservation program, so that our generation, and future generations can enjoy healthy populations of native wildlife. I have not read this article, and don’t trust that The Humane Society can report this kind of story honestly, as they are SOOOO biased, but if I had to bet, I’d say that these “hunts” are necessary, to maintain HEALTHY populations of wildlife.

    • Damian soutter says:

      We should be protecting the animals not allowing this to happen to them! They are living beings just like us

  25. lhoogland says:

    It’s time to kick ass and take names….the entire Congress comes up for re-election in two years…make these mothers pay with your votes!!!!

    • Val says:

      It was the House of Representatives

    • Darla Hill says:


    • Laurette says:

      We need to make sure these democrats are not re elected for they approve violating our National Parks and are bought by the NRA
      2018 remember- if needed primary them.

      There were five Democrats who voted with the Republican majority – Reps. Henry Cuellar, Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela of Texas, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, and Collin Peterson of Minnesota —

    • James Coons says:

      YES, YES, YES! Wholeheartedly agree with you on this…

  26. Darcy mitchell says:

    It makes no sense and is VI’s ilia and cruel. What is the point of killing the bear and wolves while hibernating? That’s not a sport! Disgusting!!! This is a wildlife reserve!!!! That used to mean something

  27. Penelope J Melko says:

    I will help to petition that the men and women who voted in favor of the bill be solely responsible to do the dirty work themselves

    • marilyn boehm says:

      Here are the NAMES of the Despicable Democrats who voted to allow the massacre of wolves and bears in Alaska:There were five Democrats who voted with the Republican majority – Reps. Henry Cuellar, Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela of Texas, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, and Collin Peterson of Minnesota — Make a note of it for the next election & VOTE THEM OUT

    • A. L. says:

      Petitions are okay, but calling and/or writing (via postcard or fax) to your congresspeople is, according to the congresspeople themselves, much more effective.

  28. laura azar says:

    This is horrific. What can we do? Is there anyway to stop this barbarism? 💔

  29. Lorinda Klein says:

    This is appalling and should be stopped!

    • jim says:

      send a message to your local n federal politician all the way up to Trump by pressing the contact your US senator in blue in the last ph and following the directions!

  30. Mikki Ostertag says:

    OMG!! I’m so sick. How can you treat animals like trash? They need you. Please step up and stop this now.
    I voted republican and now I’m sorry I did. I wanted many things to change but why in the hell are you doing this? Please please change your minds.

    • Robert Norton says:

      Sorry’s not enough.
      You have blood on your hands.
      Think before you vote next time.

    • Cj says:

      Thank you. Tell them you voted for them, but you withdraw your support. Please, tell THEM. They need to heat push back from their supporters to check the madness.

    • Tim says:

      You and lots more Reps. are feeling voter remorse. It’s too late. We’re all gonna die.

    • Andy James says:

      Mikki, you voted right. I’ll bet that there isn’t a soul that’s involved in this killing, that actually likes it. I’m a hunter, and if it was my job, I’d do it. I wouldn’t like it, but I’d understand the need to do it.

    • Barbara says:

      Btw democrats voted for it too, it says in the article. So don’t be too upset with your vote.

    • Noni Wade says:

      Nothing else you could expect from Trump & The man is irresponsible ignorant and plain evil. What were you all thinking?! I glad you are sorry, but it is too late..

  31. Asbabot says:

    Barbaric, immoral, criminality. They must be stopped.

  32. Arlene Cirocco says:

    Stop the killings of our wildlife!….We must protect our beautiful wildlife.

  33. Burnice E Charles says:

    I think they shouldn’t kill the wild animals leave them in their homes let them live

  34. Pamela Nichols says:

    This law that was passed- to kill hibernating bears, wolf pups in their dens, unconscionable… and on protected land… what are you people thinking? You are upsetting the natural balance in nature! Soon man will be on the endangered species list… absolute idiots. Repeal this immediately… Cruel, in humane, unconscionable, a disgrace. You representatives should be fired…

    Pamela Nichols

    • neal gagner says:

      no law was passed and it is not about killing hibernating bears.
      H.J. Res. 69 is about the 76.8 million acres of hunting & fishing land that was took away from Alaskan Natives

      • Nancy Roy says:

        Cliff, perhaps you can get a local Alaskan resident to give us an educated summary of what is going on with this resolution. What is the purpose? Any restrictions? Is this really about culling the overpopulation?

    • Shanhong Lu says:

      I am seeing massive sickness in humans already.

    • Cliff Powers says:

      I agree 100%. Replace the animals in their dens with these idiots who voted for this.

  35. Wes Cole says:

    Please leave the Bears and Wolf Pups alone. Please don’t kill Them. This is cruel and unnecessary. Thanks for leaving the Bears and Wolf Pups be.

  36. christine beaudry says:

    This adds up to murder….just horrible and not needed…….It is our wild lands and we do not want it to happen

    • Deb Ohio says:

      You cannot murder an animal. I don’t agree with this either, but get the definition correct.
      the unlawful premeditated killing of one HUMAN BEING by another.

  37. Lea Derence says:

    Do unto others as you would have done unto you. And, animals do qualify as others.

    It is immoral and unjust to kill animals. I am going to do whatever I can to get people to go vegan and hopefully soon killing animals for any reason will be a crime – it IS certainly a crime against God. THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

    • Nikki says:

      Do unto others as you would have done unto you. And, animals do qualify as others.

      Lea one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time and so true.

    • Zomatillo Lajaronius says:

      Lea – To most of those kind of “hunters”, it has nothing to do with killing animals to eat, they do it because they enjoy killing things, just like Donald Jr. and Eric Trump.

    • Deb Ohio says:

      Lea I don’t agree with this ruling either, but you have a warped view of the Bible…you can’t pick and choose the verses you want to follow and ignore the rest of the Book.
      #1, killing an animal is NOT and will never be “murder”.
      You cannot murder an animal.
      the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

      #2, God required animal sacrifice in the Old Testament, and Jesus ate more than his share of fish and lamb.
      So you’ll have to find another source to cite if your soapbox is going to be forcing everyone to become vegan like you. That one’s not going to fly.

    • Patricia says:

      Sorry, but what? Does that mean anyone who made an animal sacrifice to God has gone to hell? Last I knew, the Lord favored people who did that. The Bible doesn’t say not to kill animals.. anywhere…
      how many times has Jesus eaten fish for crying out loud?
      Genesis 9 says “They are given into your hand. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have given you all things, even as the green herbs.”
      Please get your facts straight, and stop trying to force your beliefs on other people.

    • Jamie says:

      Killing is not the problem. Don’t try to make it seem like it is just because your a vegan idiot trying to push your views on others. Killing without limits or rules is the problem. Hunting is actually vital to animal populations. Without hunting, game animals would overpopulate and eventually starve to death. But, there are so many humans who want to hunt, that we need to have rules and regulations so populations won’t be overhunted. Killing bears while they hibernate and killing wolf pups while they’re denned up is not okay, and will lead to overhunting. Wolves were literally just removed from the endangered species list two years ago. This policy will put them back onto that list. Not to mention what it will do to bear populations, and prey animal populations. Predators get overhunted, this causes prey to become overpopulated. It’s not rocket science. Keep the rules and regs for hunting. They are a good thing.

    • S. Barbian says:

      GENESIS 9:3
      “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.”
      LEVITICUS 11:2
      “Speak to the people of Israel, saying, These are the living things that you may eat among all the animals that are on the earth.

      ROMANS 14:2
      One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables.

  38. Raina greening says:

    This makes me sick! This is wrong on so many levels. Let me sneak into your house and shoot you whil you sleep…. ugh I don’t understand the lack of heart people have… so sad what is happening to this country on so many levels. I am embarrassed , we are the wealthiest counry butt also the least enviromently friendly, worst health care, not to mention homeless populations… sickening stop with the killing….

    • neal gagner says:

      We are the best liars H.J. Res. 69 is about 76.8 million acres of hunting and fishing land that was taken away from our Alaskan Natives!!

  39. Joy says:

    Who on earth with any kind heart or feeling sanctions this kind of killing hibinating bears n baby wolves . Do
    They want nothing left want sad world it is when have people like this

  40. Beth Wells says:

    National parks and wildlife above the NRA!

    • Charlene Probst says:

      Absolutely an in unbelievably barbaric move. This is inhumane and I evolved behavior. t is obvious to me that politicians are being bought by the NRA as well as Fish and Game. Shocker. Fish and Game is much more about creating revenue through hunting licenses than protecting and conserving wildlife. We need a petition and we need to stop this.

    • Linda Eckhardt says:


  41. Frances Orr says:

    The following Democratic House Members Reps. Henry Cuellar, Vicente Gonzalez and Filemon Vela of Texas, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, and Collin Peterson of Minnesota.
    I want an explanation of your thinking on this!

  42. Terri Boerwinkle says:

    Vote NO on H R 69. The changes are inhumane.

  43. Tina says:

    Please do not vote against wolves they are family and are dedicated to their mate.

  44. Kevin says:

    This is inhumane.

  45. JANEL B COHEN says:

    This is horrific, we cannot allow this to happen.

  46. Tricia Chesnowitz says:

    I’m a republican and this is OUTRAGEOUS!!! What is wrong with you people? I don’t care if you call yourselves hunters or what. You are monsters if you stoop to this level to murder animals. And that is what this is, murder. Going into a den and killing babies ? Going in where animals are hibernating ? Who is the animal ? YOU are !

  47. Reva Monk says:

    Seriously you have no clue on what you are trying to do! It is a horrendous not to mention seriously in human! It is appalling to think that, These animals don’t belong here , that we do! I am ashamed to be considered a human!!🤢😭

  48. D Glo says:

    This is horrific.

  49. Nandia Black says:

    The House just sold our cherished wildlife down the river in a back alley deal to appease Safari Club members and elk hunters. This is a travesty which the American people must not condone. Aerial hunting and steel-jawed leg hold traps are inhumane and morally wrong. Entering dens to shoot baby wolf pups and hibernating bears is unconscionable. Such practices have for many years been banned because they are extreme and barbaric. We must not allow politicians that are morally corrupt to erode the sanctity of our National Wildlife Refuges. We must oppose H.J. Resolution 69!

    • Sandra Burkeen says:

      And the round up of mustangs and burro to appease the cattle ranchers.

    • Bernee says:

      You say it very well, I hope you don’t mind if I quote you?

    • neal gagner says:

      H.J. Res. 69 has nothing to do with Aerial hunting and steel-jawed leg hold traps are inhumane and morally wrong. Entering dens to shoot baby wolf pups and hibernating bears. H.J. Res. 69 is about giving back 76.8 million acres of hunting and fishing land that was taken away from our Alaskan Natives. Our Alaskan Natives are much better stewards of the land than the people who oppose H.J. Res. 69

    • Laura Zak says:

      Well said, I want to copy and share this, with your consent. I am too sad and upset for my own words

  50. Angie says:

    The measure of a man is how he treats the smallest of creatures!!!

  51. Sonali Gaba says:

    Stop this please

  52. Carol Ross says:

    There is a reason a group of baboons is called a “Congress”!

  53. Carol Ross says:

    There is a reason why a group of baboons is called a “Congress”!

  54. Ken Blacketer says:

    Thank you for this information and the great work you do.

  55. JI says:

    This is horrible needs this can not be allowed!

    • Carol says:

      Are you kidding me there is no need to kill all the animals on the earth. This will come back to bite us in the ass and so it should

  56. Sharon greco says:


  57. Wallace Havens says:

    Did you ever see a wolf tearing apart a baby elk or moose. They should kill all the wolves. Keep a few in the zoo and thats it.

    • Jeannette Neill says:

      THAT is natural. That is the circle of life. Not humans killing sleeping animals, now that’s not natural.

    • Kathy says:

      That’s called nature. This is disgusting.

    • marian s beightol says:

      Wolves are important for keeping down the deer population and also for hunting rabbits and rodents.

    • Nikki says:

      I am hoping you’re kidding, and if not read a book about how ecological system works!!!!

    • Rita Fix says:

      But it is the natural order of life.

    • Marlon Zmuda says:

      Animals should be hunting you. You are an animal.I would love to see you being hunted especially in your home sleeping. You would deserve such treatment as you would give animals

    • Pat Keith says:

      Have you ever seen a human beat up and kill another human being….They should kill all the humans and keep a few in the zoo and thats it!

    • P. Hobman says:

      You’re of the mentality we’re talking about.

    • Cindy Lester says:

      Wolves kill elk and moose to eat and survive. Humans kill animals because they enjoy it. They need to keep the bears and wolves safe and put a few of those humans in a zoo. Killing Moose and Elk for enjoyment is bad enough, but killing bears hibernating and in leg traps and wolf pups in their den to make hunting better for humans is shameful and disgusting. None of those congressman voting for this idiocy will get my vote.

    • Amy E Dickerson says:

      Allow nature to happen. Humans killing off wildlife with guns disrupts nature. The elk and moose are the wolves food. There are still plenty of elk and deer left for us. The wildlife management understands populations and how many tags to give out to keep the ecosystem in balance. Please educate yourself. The wolves were here first!

    • James says:

      What the hell is wrong with you? These are carnivores they eat elk and deer. This is the natural order of things. Humans want to kill wolves and bears to artificially inflate deer and elk populations for sport hunting. Which in 2017 is a sport of cowards.

    • Carol Cassidy says:

      But those acts are part of the natural order of things.
      Human interference is not.

    • Kat says:

      Mr. Havens,

      Although it is a painful fact of nature that some kill others to eat and survive, including humans, wolves and other predators serve an important purpose in maintaining an ecological balance. This species in particular cull out the weaker prey animals, leaving a healthier group to utilize the available resources.

      This action by the House of Representatives would not stop the killing of elk, moose, or other creatures – it merely seeks to allow only humans to do the killing of an even wider range of animals.

      The saddest part of this legislation is the profit motive. If a rogue wolf, bear or puma is taking livestock from a farmer or rancher then, okay, it might need to be put down if relocation is not an option. However, to randomly kill any and every predator, in whichever manner best suits a person, no matter the cruelty and “unsportsmanship-like” conduct, in order to artificially inflate the more tasty prey herds so some humans have an easier hunt, is an abomination.

      And, if there are not enough people who are willing to pay the fees to hunt (hopefully using every possible part of the animal taken), these species will overpopulate, negatively impacting vegetation and leading to mass deaths by starvation.

      So please reconsider which creature is more cruel in its reasons for, and methods of, taking a life.

    • Caroline Black says:

      But a wolf killing an elk for food is the natural order of things. Have you ever been inside a slaughterhouse where animals are killed for human food. Nothing humane about it. If we kill all predators we will have too many elk and they will die of starvation. We need to let nature be the way it was intended to be. This is so wrong.

    • Anne says:

      I believe elks and moose are natural food of the wolves. It’s that hairless white ape that does not belong..

    • Mia says:

      You sir are a fool. A wolf kills to eat. It doesn’t kill indiscriminately you are not only talking about the eradication of a whole species but upsetting the balance of nature. Just for some trigger happy loons to go out shooting.

    • Patricia says:

      Wolves help with population controls they are valuable to the environments they live in! Animals can not thrive in zoos, they are used to covering hundreds of miles of land. Sticking then in cages and pens is sickening and should never have been done in the first place. How would you feel if we stuck you in a zoo!

    • Regina Hudson says:

      Wallace Haven there is a big difference in hunting for survival or ambush animals and call it sport !!!
      It is their world too !

    • Perttu says:

      So next kill all of the hawks bears foxes muskie eagles bobcats, and all other predator species. Right.
      Did you actually go to school?

    • R.S. says:

      Well this comment is so stupid I suspect it of being from a troll just trying to cause trouble, but I’ll bite. I was going to say “don’t be an idiot” but I guess it’s too late for that. The predator animals kill for food–only what they need to survive. Big difference between that & trophy hunting to “prove you’re a man”. And to not understand what happens when you eliminate an entire species–you must not have been paying attention in school.

  58. Jo Pendlebury says:

    Stop all hunting especially this cowardly new proposal of allowing hibernating bears and babies in nests…DISGUSTING!

  59. Laura van Rooyen says:

    Please help to stop killing and poaching of animals, its just cruel.

    • Linda Holtzinger says:

      Did you ever see a human being torture, murder and rape another human? Children and babies included. I say we Kill all humans and make sure they become extinct since we are so distructive.

  60. Cindy says:

    Leave Wildlife Alone!
    We’re Supposed to Watch over them.
    Not harm them!

  61. Michal Morse says:

    What an appalling Victorian attitude to wild life, how can Americans be so cruel.

  62. Smet Closset viviane says:

    It’s à SHAME ,It’s pity ,cruelty just for money SHAME ON YOU !!!

    • Smet Closset viviane says:

      I can’t understand ,It’ cruel …why ? Only for money ? Kill wildlife …I’m so sad ,please stop this cruelty

  63. Wendy averett says:

    WhAt makes humans believe they have the right to destroy everything in their path?? Unacceptable!!!

  64. Denise Goodnow says:

    Ecclesiastes 3 19.

    • S. Barbian says:

      Ecclesiastes 3:18
      18 I said in my heart, “Concerning the condition of the sons of men, God tests them, that they may see that they themselves are like animals.”

      GENESIS 9:3
      “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.”
      LEVITICUS 11:2
      “Speak to the people of Israel, saying, These are the living things that you may eat among all the animals that are on the earth.
      ROMANS 14:2
      One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables.

  65. Karen Benton -rose says:

    A time will come when all countries will be judged on how they protected all their animals from suffering cruelty neglect and extinction

    • Bruce says:

      A time will come shortly where all people will be judged by how they have lived their lives before God, whether they obeyed God’s word, the Bible, and submitted their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ or whether they did not.

  66. tanya smith says:


  67. Ann Ainsworth says:

    This is so wrong killing animals in their habitats. Let nature take care of itself.

  68. Evelyn olivos says:

    Im against hunting. It satisfies a dark side of people.

    • Deb Ohio says:

      Really? Said the coward who is probably stuffing a cheeseburger in her face and allowed someone else to do the butchering for her. Do not criticize all hunters, most of us don’t let anything go to waste. Unless you’re a straight up vegan who doesn’t own one scrap of leather including shoes, you need to shut your hypocritical mouth. You use more animal products than you realize. I don’t agree with this ruling either, but it’s not fair to lump us all into one group. There needs to be a balance of prey vs predator and sometimes it’s a good thing to thin out the deer population.

  69. Karen phelps says:

    Please don’t pass HJ res 69 have u lost your minds pure cruel slaughter of wildlife you are insane

    • neal gagner says:

      If thinking that it is better for our Alaskan Natives to be able to fish in the rivers and streams of Alaska to provide food for their families like they were able to do until last year. Than you can call me insane for that is what H.J. Res. 69 is about it has nothing to do with killing pups in a den.

  70. Jo says:

    What the Hell…. Why are people so cruel…. Animals are not property stop treating them like they are…. Do not support this law

  71. Cindy says:

    Why??? Are we being overrun with these animals? I feel the NRA has definitely overstepped their boundaries here. Don’t understand how people get enjoyment out of shooting animals, especially young ones! I think the second amendment needs to be rewritten.

    • Jasg8r says:

      I’m a proud card carrying member of the NRA. I can find nothing where they backed this. Believe me I’ve looked since reading this.

  72. Pat Bouziden says:

    Please protect our wildlife. This is heartless killing serving no purpose for wildlife preservation.

  73. Kim davidson says:

    Cowardly cruel stop stop stop.
    Please do not kill inoscent animals
    In there beds with their babies!!!
    Stop stop stop 😪

  74. Katie says:

    What right do you have to wipe out entire packs fir doing nothing but trying to survive in their own habitat? They were here first and all we do it push them out of their homes, abuse them, eat their food so they have look in other places, and then we kill them for it. Or any chance we can really. How do you not see how wrong that is?

  75. Marie Colon says:

    Who are to kill off a species! Let the animals be!! You are not God!

  76. Ashleigh says:

    This has to stop it is barbaric and we are going to make these beautiful creatures extinct l! It is wrong and inhumane on every level! This is not culling but a torturous, evil horrific practice! This bill can not be passed! These animals are harmless and again ignorance humans have to interfere with the beautiful creatures we have on our planet! It is wrong and cannot be passed!!!

    • Georgiana DeVries says:

      This is cruel! Please do not kill these innocent animals. Hunters have no heart, or conscious, and neither do the lawmakers who support these cruel acts. To the hunters out there….what if the tables were turned and animals were doing this to us? Guess what, they are not. Let these animals live their lives. They have just as much right to be here as we do!

  77. Brianna Zaffino says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. You people should be ASHAMED. when will you put stupid money aside and understand when we kill nature we kill ourselves. I am so embarrassed of this country.

  78. Jennifer berry says:

    This is cruel and inhuman ! Dont do it

  79. Sonny R. says:

    This is absolutely horrible! Please use common sense! Bad things happen when humans intervene.

  80. Judy Ramirez says:

    How arful do we have to get before someone realizes that this is ALL WRONG…STOP THE KILLING !!!!!!!!

  81. Steve Yakoban says:

    True insanity for greed and self-indulgence. The real problem is that under trump, this is just the beginning – really.

  82. Linda J Comparillo says:

    I didn’t think my opinion of Republicans, especially those in Congress, could get any lower, but now it has. What is wrong with these people? Do they want an Earth devoid of any live but themselves? What kind of a world will children grow up in when all they can look at is pictures of everything we have killed. We should be stewards of the Earth, not destroyers.

  83. Gretchen Mayer says:

    Sinful and I’m ashamed of our country!

  84. Michelle Fitzgerald says:

    Why would you want to be known for such awful and inhumane practice’s? Isn’t that what Alaska is all about,The amazing wildlife? Please don’t adopt such deplorable practices, continue to let the majestic creatures that so many come to your state to see continue to live. It’s what makes Alaska, Alaska.

  85. Annie Vincent says:

    To The US House of Representatives.

    It is not humane humanity that you are interested in, well obviously most of you who voted for the return of hunting, or rather the ‘blood sport’ of killing innocent vulnerable animals by heartless, gutless, lowlife human cowards. So what does that say about you who voted for this unconscionable decision.
    You are bought, by your vested interests which seems to be the way of things done in the US. Damn those of you and may karma take care of you.

  86. Donna Phelps says:

    This is so wrong and

  87. Jimette J Dragani says:

    This practice of slaughtering animals must be stopped, what have we become.

  88. Elizabeth Mori says:


  89. JoAnn Azzara says:

    This is appalling!!! 😡

  90. Athena Dontas says:

    That’s just appalling and disgusting!! Cowards!!!!!!

  91. John L. White says:

    This is another ploy by the NRA and the Safari Club and contract hunting parties to pad their pocketbooks at the expense of mother natures plan of natural survival. This cannot be allowed to go forward.
    Go back to your desk and work on the correction to the National Health Crisis and leave the animals alone. I am personally compiling the list of all Congressmen and their voting position on this issue. It will be posted on as many social media sites that I can manage.

  92. Karen Hamlin says:

    Disgusting and Stupidity. Breaking the chain of life will come back to haunt us all.

  93. Wolf pup says:

    Let’s set those traps right beside the doors of their bathroom

  94. lance freedlund says:

    Is this the will of the people? Of course not…the majority of people would not agree to this. The politicians who voted ‘yes’ are NOT doing their jobs.

    • Barbara Bakowycz says:

      That’s why you need to monitor their voting record and vote them out by letting them know why. Call or email your rep and remind him/her your taxes pay his salary and you vote. We are their employers. They work for US and need to be reminded of this often. I try to call my rep and Senators every day, especially now with the confirmation hearings taking place. They need to hear from their constituents if they want to get re-elected. Believe me, they pay attention to these phone calls if they get enough if them.

  95. Julie Serenson says:

    Stop this cruelty of killing off innocent creatures. ..eliminating nature is cheating our children and grandchildren of witnessing the beauty of this country…..lets preserve it for future generations. ..let ou r children and grandchildren witness nature fro themselves instead of reading abut it in the books

  96. Peggy Laplante says:

    Absolutely NOT an option!!! NATIONAL wildlife refuges are NOT to be governed by money hungry, over indebted states & lawmakers that have been BOUGHT!!!! reverse!! Reverse!!! REVERSE!!!!!! YOU IDIOTS!!!!! Come ON!!! stupid stupid humans……

  97. Julie Serenson says:

    Stop this cruelty of killing off innocent creatures. ..eliminating nature is cheating our children and grandchildren of witnessing the beauty of this country…..lets preserve it for future generations. ..let our children and grandchildren witness nature for themselves instead of reading about it in the books

  98. Lynn Snyder says:

    Please stop this senseless killing! They have as much right to life as we do!

  99. Bonnie Toadvyn says:

    This is the ulimate in cruelty…not sportsmanship. or hunting…just mindless slaughter. How could anyone vote for cruelty and slaughter…this is 2017!

  100. Rita-Eileen Glynn Smith says:

    Where is the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus on this? Started in 2009 – what exactly is the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus’ purpose if not to prevent this type of atrocity? Who is our animal advocate in Congress.

  101. J. Ford says:

    Stop needless slaughter now!

  102. Jeff Biss says:

    Republicans are evil. They need to be removed from office.

  103. Linda says:

    What is the point of this. Killing hibernating bears and wolf pups isn’t even sport and it will probably interfere with the natural order of things.

    I can’t believe all these things are happening in Washington and the stupidity of who is running this country.

  104. kawaiiKouhai says:

    This is outrageous, you can’t kill innocent animals it’s inhumane. And some wolves are considered an ENDANGERED species!!!!!

  105. Hugo says:

    Killing innocent and beautiful wolves is just UnGodly. I would hope that animals could shoot back.

  106. Valerie Dickinson says:

    What purpose does this serve?. It is just killing a defenseless animal. Please read the research on the link between animal and human violence. You are creating mass murderers. People who kill for the thrill of it.

  107. Lynda Myers says:

    Do you have any idea what the resolution will be in the Senate? It’s helpful to have a number. Thanks!

  108. otis more says:

    The wolves and bears only eat the sick and weak in the herd. They keep down diseases so they maintain a healthy population. Kill out the predators and you destroy the caribou herds and the moose so it defeats the purpose of killing said predators.

  109. ines van acker says:

    Makes me SICK!! Please RESIST to this kind of terror and help saving your precious heritage for future generations. How is it even possible that this sort of disgusting human behaviour has been able to gain votes???? Refuges should stay what the word means: a REFUGE.

  110. Valerie Potter says:

    This is so cruel and unnessersary.we need to protect the wild life for our future generations. Are we sure this isn’t just an excuse to kill?????

  111. Kristina Lange says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated.” –Mahatma Ghandi


  112. Sheila Obanion chaney says:

    This is so wrong…how can people who are supposed to represent us do this…beyond disgusted

  113. Kate Sarginson says:

    What kind of complete idiots are these people? Have they no interest aside from making money and gaining power? Why would you needless slaughter helpless animals. I hate hunters but even they give the animal a fair chance. Killing something while it sleeps is the height of cowardice. So much for these so called religious people who don’t seem to remember that the Bible tells them that they are the stewards of the Earth and are to protect the creatures therein.
    This makes me so heartsick.

  114. paula says:

    I actually had some respect for that country, BUT its gone now, i wonder what animals would do if they held our fate in their hands ????

  115. Viktoria P says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking. I’m nauseous by this. Can anyone advise on petitions available to sign??

  116. Belinda says:

    This is ridiculous. There is no sport in killing animals this way. It’s also going to affect the population of these animals. I hope that we can do something about this. I enjoy hunting season, but there is a huge piece of property where I go that is not fenced in or barricaded in any way. That is what hunting should be. The animals have a chance to get away.

  117. Tara N MARTIN says:


  118. Kate Hisdal says:

    How can we change this? What is the next step to overturn or fight against this measure?

  119. Connie West says:

    Shame on any politician that would vote to allow this horrific act of senseless killing of these animals.

  120. Serena says:

    This is outrages, leave the animals alone. They are defenseless.

  121. Mary Franceschini says:

    I am sick to my stomach that we have reached this point. But, I suppose, that’s what we had to expect with this administration and the NRA and the Safari club are more than happy. Never mind who or what gets hurt! Disgusting!!

  122. T. Tiner says:

    Like Obama said…don’t boo…VOTE!!!
    CALL your Senator …let him/her know your thoughts! Take a STAND!
    Pick up the phone and CALL! I DID!!

  123. Valerie Croley says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. I feel let down by the people we voted into office to stop things like this. Just another example of callus, cowardly and ignorant people that want to destroy the planet that supports their stupid asses!

  124. Ele Larson says:

    So nice of all of you to comment but you need to get in touch with your Senators and The President! I did! I’m furious! Gandhi said you could judge every culture by how they treated their animals. Well why are we then going back to barbarism? This is sure not ‘hunting’!

  125. Terri says:

    These people in our current Government seats and the Republicans are the worst of the group. How can after all these years and the progress that’s been made with Wildlife and Animal Protection Laws now take a big step backward. These people who voted to basically cancel the need to help and protect this cause angers me to no end. Animals can’t speak or fight for themselves so those of us who can speak up and fight, we try and fight to keep protections going. To have our Government stab us in the back again, is not giving me any sense of encouragement from them. I’m sickened by this and will continue to fight and voice my opinion on this matter. These people lack sense, heart, warmth, caring, protection, and have failed our Wildlife, Farm and Domestic animals. They have also failed those of us (humans) who care and have continued to fight for this cause.

  126. Char OConnor says:

    Send an email to your lawmakers today! I did and I hope none of these people get re-elected. The only thing they will understand is to be out of a job…..

  127. Dee Vlahos says:

    In all honesty i just don’t understand how anyone could think this is OK? These representatives need to be monitored and when it’s time to vote, VOTE THEM OUT!

  128. Jane Pinckney says:

    I’m appalled that real human beings would think that slaughter is a good practice. Our country needs to get a grip on preservation and kindness. What the hell is going on for them to NOT want to protect our heritage of wildlife.

    God save us from these terrible people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Holden Hume says:

    Truly reprehensible action … but they probably don’t know that word. Lame, disgusting, primitive, uncivilized, anti-environment, anti-animal, anti-eco system, murderous, vile, awful.

  130. Ann says:

    These animals need protection, not abuse

  131. Frederick Samuels says:

    I sincerely believe it is time to dump these twisted and worthless senators.
    There inhumane mentalities are beyond belief! They have no place on this earth
    Even the Russians value and respect their wildlife far more than these sub beings!

  132. DMFinPA says:

    Well, hey, we’re “making America Great Again!” In the Trump era this is what it looks like. As he would Tweet, “SAD!” Problem is “the base” voted these people in. Those who are horrified by what we’re now seeing either didn’t vote or just voted for the office of president. Many don’t vote in off year (non-presidential) elections. That’s partially how we wound up in this situation, because the extreme right–they vote in EVERY election. Am gratified that my Republican Congressman, Brian Fitzpatrick, had the conviction to vote against party here. A rare man of principle.

  133. Billy Angus says:


  134. Charlotte Platt says:

    This is heinous!!!! No on HJ69

  135. Virginia Matthews says:

    What are we to do.?This is a sin and a shame.

  136. Sandra Cline says:

    I would love to know how these so called politicians sleep at night. Ignorance is obviously bliss to them. This administration does not have my support and never will. There is a special place in H__L for those who support such a heinous act. Remember all of you in this administration, you are going to have to explain to your children and grandchildren why there is no natural world left.

  137. David Eric DeBruler says:

    Why kill innocent creatures, I would come up with a law to protect them against any kind of hunting, including deer.

  138. TGooding says:

    I am beyond disgusted with this but if you think trump will do anything about it…think again. He’s anti-environment and both of his sons are well known to be trophy hunters….and he proudly defends that.
    What is happening to America the Beautiful???

  139. Ruth Russell says:

    These are sad times with so many protections for wildlife and our environment being rolled back.

  140. Candy says:

    I am SO SAD about this. What is wrong with these House people? This new president is sicker than I thought he was! So eventually we won’t have any more of these Beautiful Creatures to enjoy? SICK!!!

  141. Rolf says:

    Is this because conservative republicans are in power? Is this what we have to look forward to for the next four to eight years? I don’t understand why they think this is okay, especially in a place where animals are supposed to be safe.

  142. Megg says:

    Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. There is no justice in America.

  143. Elicia Worth says:

    If and I mean IF bears and wolves are such a “problem” then what about relocation, to an area where there is not overpopulation. We need these key species of animals and their habitat as much as they need us to protect and speak up for them.

  144. Shane says:

    I think it has to do with balance. If there are to many thin them out if not leave alone. The thinning praticie should be done in a cost effective and as humane as possibile. Keep in mind some times the element of suprisre is the only way.

  145. Paula Arsenault says:

    Any representative that voted for this need not be re-elected. This is cruel and inhumane. Wildlife refuges are to keep our Wildlife safe not kill them. Let nature take it course.

  146. Mary Martinez says:

    Commenting here will do nothing. We need to get on the phone and contact our senators. HSUS: what will the bill be called in the Senate and can you please provide a script and other pertinent details? Hand wringing is all well and good but we need to move into action as quickly and powerfully as we are able.


    Wow, I must be hallucinating because I THOUGHT that our Congress and Senate have some serious work to do regarding fixing the ACA, dealing with the ongoing threat of ISIS and addressing domestic issues in the US but apparently I must be crazy because our elected officials are busing making legislation for game hunters to kill baby wolves in their den and shooting bears while they are hibernating…wow, I had no idea that the international and domestic dangers had all been wrapped up. Every single one of the monsters who voted for this need to be voted out-ASAP.

  148. marilyn corio says:

    This is a REFUGE !! Stop this barbaric slaughter of animals that have done you no harm. All for the plrasure of a very few and of course MONEY. There is no excuse for this unacceptable behavior !! YOU ARE NOT GOD !!!!!

  149. Gordon Thomas says:

    What is the specific goal of this move? Is there a legitimate end for which this is being done? These are creatures that have existed here ,for perhaps, thousands of years! Maybe men should think how it would be if the situation were to be reversed and animals would extinguish men for entering their domains.

  150. mimi says:

    This government is a really bad example. It is unethical towards all living – whether humans or animals. And it has been only 2month since the election and the result of their actions is disastrous.

  151. Barb Eaton says:

    This is not Republican or Democrat – This is PURE EVIL filled with CORRUPTION. Neither party listens to what the citizens of this country want. We’ve been signing petitions for years to protect the wildlife and with every new House and every new Congress the animals get thrown under the bus. There is no compassion, no love of the outdoors, no love of the beautiful wildlife that are struggling so hard to survive because of us taking over their lands and waters. Your neighbor will shoot you because you took too long to get into your own driveway, a stranger will kill you because he can. That is the mentality today driven by the media that reports it over and over and over. Kill, Kill, Kill. Animals, people, doesn’t matter. This whole world (not only here don’t forget the rhinos and elephants) only wants to kill everything they can. They are all mentally ill – including those that introduce the bills that reverse protections already in place. We can never stop them unless we can stop the corruption that causes it in the first place.

  152. Erin says:

    Is there a petition for this?! 😠

  153. Nancy Zuker says:


  154. Lara Godwin says:

    What can we do to protect these precious animals? This breaks my heart. Maybe we should do a national march demanding protection of our animals…..

  155. Rod Rongstad says:

    Old fool….never have had time for his cartoonish bluster and ridiculous masculine posturing….

  156. Matthew Yates says:

    Mr. Buck has a valid point starting at 17:45…at least listen from that point on…

    Here’s just more information-I like to make informed decisions.


  157. J.CALDER says:

    We , the entire human race must stop the retrograde actions, directives & laws which only amount to insanity ,cruelty , vile appetite & disgusting behaviour upon those in the animal world.
    End all cruelty now.
    Demand & ask all Animal & Wildlife advocates, to aid this cause,speak & act on their behalf.
    I cannot believe that America has returned to such backward traits.
    Shame on you.

  158. Peggy Ederer says:

    I hope they burn in hell. This is heartbreaking & a disgrace!

  159. Kelly Green says:

    This is just wrong, how would they like it if someone did this to them.

  160. Donna Hanson says:

    These ANIMALS have a RIGHT to LIVE & BREATH in there HABITAT! And LEFT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have enough trouble with gun control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Carol Link says:

    this is terrible & so evil to kill these animals like this
    they won’t be happy until they have killed every living being on this planet

  162. Bibi Toofany says:

    I live in England, UK but I will be sharing this post for my Facebook friends to read.

    This is appalling.
    This should not be allowed to take place.
    We are losing all of our animals already without this being sanctioned to happen. 💔

  163. Kerry Endsley says:

    Man is hell bent on destroying our earth and everything on it. Just another flush of the toilet. We have Heaven on Earth but too stupid and greedy as a civilization to recognize and appreciate it.

  164. Nancy says:

    If you don’t stop this cruel and inhumane practice, my sincere hope for you that you succumb to ten times the abuse that you are permitting to these poor innocent animals. I’m confident my fellow animal protectors will have little or no sympathy for you. To allow trophy hunting while animals are HIBERNATING!!! shows us what f’g P.O.S. cowards that you are. Hmmmm, an eye for an eye. SO STOP, THINK, AND DO RIGHT BY OUR LIVING CREATURES.

  165. A says:

    Hunters should be hunted.

  166. Dee says:

    Contact your senators to stop this

  167. Margie Newman says:

    PLEASE vote against HJ Resolution 69!!!!!!!!!!! This is a horrendous, vile act against our wildlife; being on a wildlife preserve, I believe this should be against the law!!! SHAME on you, House of Representatives!!!!!!!!!!! WHY, in God’s name, would you vote for this????????????

  168. Debra Brown says:

    What are you all thinking of? What on Gods green Earth would drive you to think this is a good idea. We have to fight for these animals Right To Live!!


    This is Cruel, we have to pull together and stop this kind of killing to innocent animals.
    What is wrong with Congress to let this happen. See how they would feel is is was reverse roll and they were the innocent animals being killed

    Think about that.

  170. Richard Hamedl says:

    It is wonderful that your agency is always looking to protect these innocent animals – who are prey a lot of times to hunters (sc*mb*gs) !

  171. Craig Crawford says:

    This is clearly a States Rights issue. The Federal Government controls over 90% of the land in Alaska, because of the way AK became a State. Now Federal Bureaucrata dictate from afar with no understanding of the true environmental or economic impact. Go Don Young get the Feds out of Alaska’s business.

  172. Rick Beam says:

    No way should any of this be allowed. Think about it. This is not sport. These practices are perverted. Any self respecting conservative would want to conserve wildlife

  173. Beth stolar candio says:

    Our congresspersons need to read Elizabeth kolbert’s ” the sixth extinction” . science is the facts.

  174. Andrea M says:

    But seriously. When this becomes a law (or whatever they’re calling it) through the Senate and the 45 President: what then? Is anyone planning for a “what then”? Let me know, i want to help.

  175. Chris Jonsson says:

    I wonder what will happen if Sarah Palin is named Abassador to Canada. If she goes on a wildlife killing spree in Canada there may be some resistance up north. Get the picture America. Killing Teddy bears and baby wolves in their dens will make your children hate you forever. And many of us animal lovers too.

  176. cynthia martin says:

    What I just read about the vicious, evil, cold hearted, group people who believe animals have no rights that have lived on the land for centuries, raised their young there, with no thought of being slaughtered in their dens, adult and cub bears, wolves dying in steel traps……just makes me sick and is painful to imagine how callous those murderers must be to believe it’s the right thing to do to wage war on these innocent animals who have rights just like us, want to raise their babies, just like humans, don’t have a chance with this madness going on! This is all out of greed and coldness of heart ~ what about our children who might not get to see these beautiful animals, and find out they were massacred out of greed for the land and money! Shame to all you mindless killers of the innocent!

  177. yulia kiselev says:

    I just send email to CA senators.please,do the same.

  178. Lorraine Johnson says:

    This is Disgusting,To go into a animals Home while they are sleeping and kill them! What coward’s, Awful, My Daughter’s busting her behind to become a Veterinarian to save animals and monster’s can just go slaughter sleeping wildlife, Karma! I hope & Pray!

  179. Beckie says:

    Is our only recourse to vote in a new congress? How many animals will needlessly die in the meantime? This sickens me.

  180. L. Schwind says:

    As a senior and member of many animal rights organizations, I am still enraged, sickened and totally bewildered by persons who call themselves “HUMAN BEINGS”, the law-makers in particular in this case, who voted for this twisted, sick law, who would pass such an atrocious bill for their own gains in one way or another, monetary or otherwise, at the expense of innocent animals. These so-called “people” have no respect for life and its beauty and the awesomeness of nature and sanctity of ALL creatures. I would like to see these atrocities called “human beings” endure what these poor innocent creatures endure at the hands of these gun-banging idiots and feel-the pain and sheer terror of being shot and mutilated mercilessly without a chance for escape by those who would torture and kill them for their so-called sport. This is NOT sport, this is TORTURE AND MURDER plain and simple, and I would like personally to take my gun and give these “human monsters” a little justice of mine and hear them beg for mercy when there is none to give when they are at the other end of a rifle!!!!!!

  181. Julie W. says:

    Use your voice, email your representative and senator! Tell them to put a stop to this horrible resolution.

  182. Eleanor Buckley says:

    The members of Congress should be ashamed of themselves. This is so cruel. Killing animals in our national refuges is appalling! This is where our country is going??

  183. Tali says:

    Will the Humane Society and other Animal Rights, Conservation, and Animal Cruelty organizations planning to fight this bill in court?

  184. Jackie says:

    The house definitely needs a spring cleaning, this is horrible in many different ways

  185. Stephany J Perry says:

    God’s creatures should not be harmed at all.

  186. Bill M says:

    This article does not in any way reflect the real bill to pass the house!!! The bill would allow for the hunting of animals like caribou and allow the indigenous people to again fish their waters and also once again allow the trapping of fur bearers yes wolves,coyotes and bear however NO ONE traps bears because there is no need to do so. It is against the law anywhere in Alaska to harvest bear or wolves in their den unless it is for subsistence which the natives have done for a thousand years to eat when times are tough. Good luck finding a wolf den it’s nearly impossible.
    Under the last administration they took the right away for roughly 10,000 people 95% of which are native spread over 2,000 square miles of land and don’t have a real grocery store within a hundred miles of them. Gas is $10 per gallon and milk is climbing above $8.
    If you’ve never been around it you can’t fathom how they live.

  187. gabriele holland says:

    So glad to see people are not happy on what is going on with killing GOD’s creatures which are a benefit to this EARTH. Just dont’ get it how Humans can do this and feel good about themselves.

  188. Me says:

    This is clearly an article based on the writers opinion not stating specific enough details. Meant to infuriate that public, for the want of more views. I am sure reasons were far more important than just populace of large animal game. The whole point of conservation is keeping the balance of animals. There is no natural balance as humans we must protect and balance the few areas that we want to be around for our children and grand children. It is this kind of spoon fed media that destroys, our ability to think for our self and makes you see red. The authors readers manipulation was truly spectacular!

  189. Calviac says:

    I am French, and I have studied the history of the USA, including the Western conquest, the pioneers, the hunting men who defended themselves and nourished themselves. Today, it is different, we must respect These animals, the bear, the wolf, the bison, the horse, etc., is part of America ‘s patrimony, the one that attacks these animals, attacks America?

  190. Linda Romero says:

    Why isn’t there a petition on this site, allowing us to sign in favor of rejecting these inhumane changes? Where we could also make comments in regards to the horror that this action brings to the American people?

  191. Len Jaffe says:

    As I mentioned in a Facebook post, the only reason I could think of for this slaughter to take place is to clear the land systematically so it can be leased or sold to industry for resourse exploitation. If there is any truth to that, that is the best argument to put more money into expanding renewable energies. Let the wildlife be.

  192. Ken Lyle says:

    Shooting a moose is sporting? Really?

  193. Elizabeth says:

    This is absolutely horrible. My stomach is actually turning now. I hope it does not pass the senate.

  194. Christin Gardner says:

    This is outrageous! How do we fix this?

  195. Jon says:

    Those on favor of this indeed need to die a horrible death….

  196. Andrea says:

    This is disgusting and beyond disturbing! I could just cry and scream all at once. Anyone who supports this horrific act should be ashamed of themselves!

  197. Sean says:

    Here is the transcript of the resolution which will give wildlife control back to the State of Alaska.
    Inform yourself and then decide.

  198. Linda Tindall says:

    When will it stop. Right when you think the problem is fixed they find a loophole. On a refuge no less. Please vote NO!

  199. Ken Spivey says:

    I share the revulsion of killing hibernating bears, and also of killing bear cubs and wolf pups.
    I would want to read the full bill to see what the exact language is, and also if it did address some overreaching federal decrees.
    Just as an aside, I surely hope everyone who is vehemently opposed to this practice, is just as sickened over killing a baby that is safely living in its mother’s womb.

  200. Tamara Rakow says:

    This is SO UNAMERICAN! This is SO CRUEL!!!
    Nobody has a right to harm INNOCENT BABY ANIMALS!!!
    Those kind of practices do not belong to the civilized world.

  201. Tamara Crum says:

    Disgusting! It’s news like this that makes you ashamed to be part of the human race.

  202. Vivian says:

    Trophy hunting !? You wimps ! I’ll find some real hunters to hunt down you wimpy hunters.

  203. vic winkler says:

    I expect to see much more of this kind of Federal ugliness with the current Congress and so-called President Trump. This is ugly, misguided and barbaric. It is right up there with the kinds of things ISIS does, and it is our Congress that is doing it right here in the “civilized” USA. #asshats

  204. Barbara Bakowycz says:

    My representative, David Rouzer, is a complete buffoon and voted for the ban, unsurprisingly. In spite of our activism in his district, this deplorable human being got re-elected because he ran unopposed! Without term limits, we need responsible individuals to run for office to oppose individuals like him. Grassroots efforts can work. Whomever you elect into Congress will be who votes for or against bills that affect you. Your Senators, same thing. With the current administration we are stuck with, now is the time to prepare for the 2018 elections by organizing and supporting new candidates who can replace the majority of the buffoons who will be trying to get re-elected. There will be numerous GOP seats for Governor, the House and Senate up for grabs. The GOP has no interest in protecting wildlife, animal welfare, our environment and public lands. Now is the time to plan before they inflict more damage. I’m in the non progressive state of NC. Unfortunately, Burr got re-elected by a very narrow margin. But people who voted for him are now angry. And…we booted out our GOP governor McCrory and his lieutenant governor. So much is possible if you get involved and vote, or consider running for Congress yourself. It’s the only way to a solution for many issues of concern. Many House reps are unqualified yet they got elected. They have made it a supplemental career. One does not need to be a rocket scientist or possess a PhD. Food for thought.

  205. Roy Halverson says:

    The enviroment, animals the economy our health will all be hurt as long as these republicans are in power. Thay are for the most part mean spirited puppets.They always talk about special interests controlling the Democrats, when in truth theyare puppets to special interests, none of them good for the average guy the enviroment animal rites.

  206. Barbara Bakowycz says:

    Please monitor your legislators’ voting record on issues such as this and let them know where you stand before they vote. Call, call, call every day. I do that on my lunch break. It takes a few minutes but many of them keep track and survey their calls. Especially if they are near their term end and want to get re-elected. These people work for you and are the decision-makers who get to vote on bills like this. Request townhall meetings. Hold them accountable. They unfortunately in this case had the majority, which is the GOP, be successful in passing this outrageous bill.

  207. Susan Curry says:

    This is deplorable! Have we no compassion? No mercy?
    What is wrong w people? They vote for this when I’m sure the peopl go not want this. Why?

  208. roger e simmons says:

    just another example of a crazy president’s goal, both of his kid’s are trophy hunters

  209. Jeanette says:

    I am not a US citizen, so many may think I have no right to comment, but comment I will. I can not believe what this present government is doing. But I really can not believe that they would sanction the killing of wild life in their dens. What kind of people are they? I am generally opposed to hunting, with some exceptions. But this, by any stretch of the imagination, is not hunting. As one person commented, will our grandchildren and their grandchildren have only pictures to look at of all the beautiful animals that used to roam this earth? Right now we can try to defend these animals; let’s not leave it too late. We as humans have managed to eliminate many, many species. Let’s try to protect those that are left. I would hate to live in a world where there are only human, and barbaric humans at that.

    No, I can not believe the mindset of those who would propose such a ruthless murder of creatures. The world needs more animals, not fewer.

  210. RICHERE DEZIEL says:

    Sickning, shame on that US house of representatives, shame on USA !

  211. Debbie hawley says:

    Can we go and shot the people that want to shot the animals trump ain’t going to do anything he is out for himself he doesn’t care about the animals

  212. Kelle says:

    What can we do to stop this from moving forward?

  213. Anna Roberts says:

    This is insane!!!! It is barbaric and should not happen.
    Please everyone – get the word out and make contact with
    your state respresentative

  214. Cajun Girl says:

    Insane!!! This must be stopped.

  215. Mitze Bender says:

    This is just awful and needs to stop!

  216. wolfess says:

    My father worked for the National Park Service so my brother and I grew up respecting each animals’ right to share this planet with us. What a disgusting people we have become — I definitely will be calling my senators about this!

    *I live in Omaha and watch with joy all the creatures who come to my yard for the food (peanuts, corn, cat food, and leftovers) I put out for them — Rasputin the raccoon, Blossom the opossum, Angus B the black squirrel, Salvatore and Serafina the brown squirrels who sit on the front porch railing to shell the peanuts and eat them, and Freya the stray cat who is happy to eat the cat food I put out for her instead of going after the bluejays, Redheaded and Downy woodpeckers, and the crow family that comes for the hamburger and bacon bit balls.

    Pwr 2 the HUMANE peons!

  217. Helen Shuk says:

    This is so horrific and so hopeless. They don’t listen to people, they completely corrupt and sold to special interests.I want to say to you all “resist” but I know nothing will help.
    The suffering will continue…

  218. Jo Ardell says:

    Who ever voted them in, vote them out! The lawmakers only care about money and all they can get! They do not care about our Wolves, Wild Horses, Wildlife or any of the other Animals! Do you think they care that steel-jaw traps or snares cut into the bodies of helpless Wildlife, and how they languish in agony? It is just all for politics and money and power. The humane ethics is not there. The Animals Deserve So Much Better –

  219. Theresa Anderson says:

    Wolves and bears are very necessary in helping to keep the populations of other animals down by killing sick and diseased animals such as deer, elk, caribou and moose thereby strengthening the herds. This has been proven at Yellowstone when the wolves were reintroduced there.The people who are allowing this to happen should be voted out of their positions and reminded who put them there. Money hungry cowards .I wonder who is lining their pockets!

  220. Sandra says:

    Just… “WRONG”!!!

  221. Michael says:

    So are the populations of these predators too numerous for the local ecosystem? Is hunting allowed on these federal properties that would allow the predator populations to be controlled without killing the cubs and pups?

  222. Aletha says:

    Can you please post if the bill is still called HJ 69 in the Senate so we know what to reference when we call? Thx

  223. Sharon Martin says:

    When GOD created earth and ALL living things, these were the greatest gift given to us ,not to be mutilated in such a barbaric way,animals all over the world are so abused ,the people that pass these ridiculous laws should focus on the livelihood of these wonderful majestic creatures,in a blink of an eye it’s all going to be gone,I guess I also will be telling my grandchildren of how the earth was once filled with all these beautiful things as we look at photographs, never knowing what it would be like to actually see ,touch or even hear ,please change your way of thought have mercy on these helpless ,defenseless animals ,there here for a reason and murdering them is not it.GOD BLESS YOU EVIL INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE ACTING ON THIS ,BUT I WILL PRAY FOR YOU,MAYBE GOD WILL SHOW MERCY ON YOU.

  224. Lonna Liddell says:

    This is horrific. I cannot believe the cruelty of “people” who endorse this. I suggest we put Trump and his cronies in the dens. To me, that would be the ultimate justice.

  225. Scott says:

    How can we get involved to reverse this? I am extremely angry that this was allowed to happen.

  226. Linda LInda says:

    This Can’t be really happening! This house is coming DOWN!

  227. Jaques says:

    Alright guys, let’s do something. Humane Society, what do you need from us?? Complaining about it will do nothing.

  228. Dar says:

    The BLM has a 600M backlog of work because it spends US $ chasing wild horses with helicopters, choosing to entertain themselves instead of being honorable public servants doing their duty. Our wild animals and natural resources are US property, not something for our rampant public servants’ whims to dispose of. Stop the mismanagement and destruction of US property, and do what your employer, the US public, has mandated.

  229. marie says:


  230. Gordon Brown says:

    This makes my blood boil…………

  231. Mayte says:

    Everyone here is rightfully upset, but please get involved by calling your senators, starting/signing petitions and taking action. It is thee only thing that will help the animals. The animals only have us few caring people to look after them. Don’t let them down. I won’t.

  232. neal gagner says:

    read H.J. Res. 69 it is about giving back the rights of the Alaskan Natives that was taken away from them last year

  233. neal gagner says:

    H.J. Res. 69 is about the rights that was taken away from our Alaskan Natives last year. After reading the commenting policy I will be surprised if my comment gets posted knowing that “U.S. House sanctions killing hibernating bears, wolf pups in their dens on federal refuges in Alaska” is totally misleading if not an out right lie

  234. Mary Olsen says:

    Please tell us….what can we do to stop this?!! I’ve spent time in Alaska and watched wolf packs with their pups through a spotting scope. the thought of killing such beautiful wild animals is unbearable, as is the thought of killing bears, or any other needless killing of animals. This must not be allowed!

  235. Christina Barton says:

    I’m completely baffled ad to how this can happen on a national wildlife refuge! This escalates my feelings toward politicians to a whole new level. I believe THEY need to be treated the way THEY are voting to treat these magnificent creatures. The REAL problem would then, take care of itself.

  236. lori says:

    please make it easier to write the letter and share with others… people will not spend the time to look up, write, send.. some people don’t know how, even if they care. Please make it easy to sign and share

  237. cindy e says:

    Write your Senators with outrage!

  238. Debra Waylsnd says:

    Do you want to tweet about this Mr Trump? Making America great again ?

  239. Kimberly Pasko says:

    This is not hunting. This is not sport. This is disgusting and barbaric murder. What type of people and society would allows this? What does this say about us as a humane race?

  240. E. Green says:

    Why are people putting up with this?? Where are all the honorable hunters???

  241. June Budd says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! These people with no morals/values need to be stopped! Animal cruelty needs to be banned not encouraged! I am disgusted and extremely disappointed in these people…shame on you bullies!

  242. Debra Allen says:

    This is horrific to even contemplate. Please vote NO to this!

  243. Linda Peterson says:

    NO WAY!!!!!!! Congress is dispicable to approve it and who is this idiot from Alaska who proposed it? And they are talking about doing this on the wildlife refuges ! I propose that we set up a politicians refuge and set our own traps!

  244. Yelena says:

    Stop this craziness, u barbarians, We need more stricter laws to protect innocent animals from monstrous humans

  245. Stephen V. Geddes says:

    Strange–seems everything these bird do these days is just wrong. Don’t any of them think before they vote?

  246. Stephen V. Geddes says:

    Strange–seems everything these birds do these days is just wrong. Don’t any of them think before they vote?

  247. Greg Baz says:

    The video shows how important wolves are important to maintain the eco system in its natural state. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q

  248. Helaine Greenberg says:

    I can’t contribute much more than what has been said by others. And I stand with them against this slaughter of the beautiful animals who are not hurting anyone and with whom we share this earth. Our elected officials will not get my vote if they approve this dastardly resolutuion.

  249. Karen Johnston says:

    Do you know who would NOT do this and/or contribute to any other form of animal cruelty? VEGANS. BE BRAVE, BE KIND, BE VEGAN! <3

  250. John Cameron says:

    When will our species learn to respect the other lives on this planet, our home? The more we destroy life, the closer we come to our own extinction.

  251. Zane King says:

    The government must be made to stop this slaughter of the carnivores. Through these actions it allows for killing completely innocent creatures thereby causing an imbalance to herbavoires versus carnivores and causing a shortage of eatable food for them.

  252. Mark Dougherty says:


  253. Popi Oso says:

    Republicans. Sold your parks. First the animals for hinting. Then the trees for logging. Then The Ground for mining. And they already rolled back air quality and opened coal mining without regulation of the dust that kills the streams.
    Pugnuts sold out to business for the profit margins. But hey… if the planet gets too toxic it will make Jebus come rescue his few million souls… and condemn the rest of the billions to clean up their mess. If they can.

  254. Susanjane Alva says:

    We need to stop this. vote no on HJ-69 Call Senators.

  255. Diana Phillips says:

    This is appalling! Shame on the people who want to allow the slaughter of these helpless animals! Please vote no!

  256. Sherwin Brsun says:

    What is the reason for this right to murder these precious animals. Anyone voting for this to be allowed is an animal not a human being!

  257. Desiree Herbeck says:

    This is barbaric, diabolical and absolutely disgusting! It shocks me that this was even thought of to begin with. This needs to be stopped!

  258. Denise says:

    Are you serious? Who gives you the right to play God and take all of these animals out? Hunting for sport or to kill an animal for fun is horrific. You all make me sick. One day you will all meet your maker and you will be judged. These animals have just as much right to live as we do. Believing that another life is less important than yours is all that is wrong in this world. Shame on all of you.

  259. Ralph Pace Jr says:

    This has to be stopped!!!

  260. Jessica stevens says:

    This is sick and terrible

  261. Fed up AMERICAN says:

    What is really sad about this “post” is that it is written with 2 agendas: 1. to stir haters against republicans & 2. to act like this is the worst thing in the world not protecting these poor animals. It is an excellently written persuasive article. Everthing nowadays has either a LEFT or RIGHT way of writing. There is nothing about this that makes a person understand any other reason than giving people the right to hunt these poor animals. This is just like the poor little bambi deers that DNR needs to kill because of overpopulation in some areas. Good luck all you mice…just follow the Piper.

  262. Dan Harrison says:

    It is no longer possible for anyone to sit on the sidelines and wait to see what happens in this political time. It’s happening now, and not in a good way. Wait and see at your own peril….you must act!

  263. Kris says:

    Unacceptable. We do need to clean house, starting with the big house

  264. Courtney Munoz says:

    Absolutely horrifying that humans think they can just kill off any animals they please. Whoever voted for this is a heartless individual. These are lives, and they matter!

  265. Mary says:

    Stop the slaughter
    Be humane and have a heart.
    It’s too bad animals don’t have the opportunity to turn the table on some humans

  266. Linda Wager says:

    This is THEIR habitat!!! Leave them alone! Steel and raps should be outlawed!!!!!!!!!

  267. R.S. says:

    What exactly do they think the definition of “refuge” is??!

  268. Jeff Shenot says:

    I am disappointed to see so many comments about how cruel this is etc. If you are upset don’t whine about it here, that accomplishes nothing. Write your elected officials instead to get their attention. This has to pass the Senate and if enough people complain – it won’t pass. The Senate is not nearly as lopsided as the House is and you have a chance of beating this but you better make your voice heard loud and clear NOW. This was pure politics and happened because Republicans are trying to undo as much Obama Administration legislation as they can, using the Congressional Review Act. THE BIGGEST CONCERN I HAVE AS A WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST IS THE STATE OF ALASKA INTERFERING WITH THE USFWS AND NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE SYSTEM. The national wildlife refuges in AK were not created for the benefit of Alaskans, and are supposed to be managed like all units of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Some refuges allow for hunting, and although hunting seasons and bag limits for all mammals in every state are set by each individual state, each wildlife refuge that allows hunting has to ensure that USFWS-national wildlife refuge policy is adhered to, when establishing hunting season and wildlife management practices within the refuge. It supercedes state policy. This boils down to the state telling the national wildlife refuge system screw you, we don’t care what your national policy is and we are going to do things however we want to here in Alaska. Write your Senators now.

  269. Kathy says:

    What sport is it to kill hibernating bears or a young wolf pup in its den? Our society or at least congress, is becoming more barbaric by the day. In two years I will be changing my long time voting pattern!

  270. Pissed off Marine says:

    How dare you typical hypocritical so called leaders to vote on this without letting the people decide. Its not just your land it OUR land. No one in their right mind would vote for trash such as this . No real hunter would even agree to such barbaric practices. If one of these so called hunters wanting this law passed wants to hunt then go in the woods with a knife. Join the Marines as we are always looking for men. Never mind the cowards that voted or hunt like this are just that. I am ashamed to have served this country and did what was asked of me with such cowards among us. Its truly pathetic.

  271. Gretchen Woodman says:

    Allow the wild animals to life out their lives naturally. We do not have the right to invade their habitats to “harvest”, hunt or “manage” their numbers for our own convenience. Hunting with traps, poison, planes, helicopters is despicable – and is nothing to be proud of. It is slaughter, not sport.

  272. Lori Davidson says:

    This is absurd!!!!

  273. Wolf Dreamer says:

    This is so cruel!!!. These folks call themselves humans.

  274. Michelle Johnson says:

    NO No No No!! By any means…. this is so wrong, morally emotionally physically. What has our morals values come to in this world?

  275. JudyAnn Gray says:

    I find it outrageous and ironic that many of the same people supporting this are “pro life.” No, only when it’s convenient and doesn’t infringe upon you personally. It’s okay to take away health care of sick children, deny entry into the country where women and children are being killed daily, and now hunt out and kill young innocent animals sleeping in their dens. Sickening!

  276. Jane Friedrich says:

    This is insane, why would you want to kill a sleeping bear or Woll and call it SPORT HUNTING, you ppl are flicking idiots,and that’s mild

  277. Jane Friedrich says:

    Stop this stupidity

  278. Jane Friedrich says:


  279. Marlene Smith says:

    We need the name, number of the Senate Bill to let our Senators know we want them to vote against this. It’s not enough just to comment on Facebook. We need to contact our Senators and Representatives and let them know directly and then remember when the next election rolls around!

  280. Dawn Edwaeds says:

    Sure. Kill all the predators and then the deer and elk will be overpopulated causing people to want mass killing of them since they will destroy ” feeding grounds” for their livestock. There needs to be a natural balance in nature and people shouldn’t interfere unless conditions become so bad that we have to intervene. Probably big ranchers complaining that some livestock were killed. Too bad, the animals were here first. We just keep encroaching on animals habitats for what , the all mighty dollar. The wolves were nearly gone and are making a comeback. Hunting involves patience and skill. Not going into a den of sleeping animals and just shooting them. This is just plain wrong

  281. Cathy Eignus says:

    What’s the matter with the people who are passing these laws? What can I sign,
    who can i write?

  282. Ryan Chatfield says:

    Your a pretty piss poor hunter if you go in their dens to kill them. I am a hunter/trapper i only agree with trapping beavers at their dens only if i get called to get rid of them because their causing to much damage or building dams that flood fields. I can see killing adults without killing pups or cubs.

  283. Carol Kushner says:

    This is appalling. I have no words for this barbaric behavior.

  284. Carol Kushner says:

    Our legislators seem to have lost their morality.

  285. Soapy Sudbury says:

    Wow, this is terrible that the Republicans are doing this! Next thing you know, they will be for killing unborn human babies. Just think how bad that would be!

  286. R. Hester says:

    A lot of indignation here in the Comments. How many of you wrote / emailed / called your Congress members to tell them?

  287. Jan says:

    Greed over Gods creatures.

  288. T.Davidson says:

    As a potential visitor to the State of Alaska, I am disgusted by this attitude to wildlife “management”. I am a recreational hunter and fisherman,, visiting Alaska has always nbeen on my bucket list. I have now cancelled any plans to visit the State of Barbarism, your loss, Canada here I come, I want to see wolves, bear and coyotes.

  289. Levi says:

    I am a Republican and believe in the right to bear arms. .
    For protection, not the senseless killing of innocent animals in their dens.
    How can you hunters think it’s sport to do these things? Already you feed deer all year so they will easily be killed during hunting season.
    You have vehicles and weapons and know you will be safe while you hunt.They are trying to live and care for their families but this lawakes that almost impossible.

  290. Zach C. says:

    Ok, it’s now official. I hate Republicans. Not just a lil bit but with a passion. They are disgusting ppl who only care about themselves, their buddies & taking as much as they possibly can from this planet. In their wake, they will leave toxic poisons in our environment, massive debt & many sick or dead citizens & animals.I will fight them tooth & nail and I hope you all will too.

  291. Zach C. says:

    Ok, it’s now official. I hate Republicans. Not just a lil bit but with a passion. They are disgusting ppl who only care about themselves, their buddies & taking as much as they possibly can from this planet. In their wake, they will leave toxic poisons in our environment, extinct or newly endangered species, a hotter planet & many sick or dead citizens from all the pollution they create. I will fight them tooth & nail and I hope you all will too.

  292. Katherine Rutledge says:

    Animal refuges were made to give animals a place to be safe. Who gives the government the right to overturn this. Alaska is a very large state. Are they not humane enough to share it with the animals. When all the animals are gone is the government going to allow shooting people because of over population? Shame shame on the Republicans and the US House.

  293. Marie says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Whoever passes that law should be condemned to live in a hole and be hunted.

  294. Nancy Strickland says:

    Are the people who resort to such wimpy pathetic means of killings animals in need of such a paper thin disgraceful ego boost? Surely these acts are not done by men trying to impress a woman with skills or power!

    Try arm wrestling a small child if you need such a pathetic ego boost.

  295. Nora S Auten says:

    WTF????? Pardon my language, but are they heartless? How would they like it if we killed their dog or cat while it was sleeping? All of God’s creatures are important to the balance of nature. If we kill them so that we can eat, that’s different, but to just kill a creature to kill it is beyond horrible & despicable. Perhaps we should declare open season on anyone who agrees with this killing.

  296. Heidi Zimmermann says:

    If we don’t protect our wildlife now we’ll end up like Europe and have none. Future generations will be left with stories of the magnificent animals that once roamed the earth. Alaska and B.C. are some of the last places on earth where these beautiful animals still live in the wilderness areas. What possible motive do these killers have other than the fact that they are very twisted in wanting to kill adorable little pups in their dens.
    We need politicians who will stand up and protect nature!

  297. Marlene says:

    Why are you targeting innocent animals? They are not hurting you. Do any of you have pets in your household? Do you treat them like family? My guess is that you do not. I do not believe that animals put on this planet were put here for you to sanction their killing. You are not God; you do not get to decide who or what lives or dies.

  298. Nicola Gordon Bowe says:

    I cannot believe such barbaric cruelty has been democratically proposed and adopted. HOW can this be stopped and protective legislation revived to ensure the safety of e.g. wolves and bears, for whose welfare we have fought for so long?

  299. Beverly Gessele says:

    NO! NO! NO! Are they insane? Killing innocent annimals just for the fun of it is just wrong. When will we ever learn that we were put here to care for the earth and it’s inhabitants, and not destroy it. They need to go on photo tours instead of hunting tours.

  300. Denni A says:

    the Sportman’s and Safari club is behind this with the help of the two animal killing Trump boys. how could anyone not see this coming when they voted for Trump.

  301. Carla says:

    I am sickened by this. What kind of human beings do we really have as Senators. The way I read this is that they voted today in favor of it. Maybe a Petiton now to have it changed would be something as far as taking action. I dont know as I do not claim to understand how this all works with these Laws. This must be stopped though somehow. This breaks my heart. 🙁

  302. Tara says:

    Please contact your senators! This bill cannot pass the senate,we need to protect our animals.

  303. Sherry Gruntsman says:

    I hope everyone who voted for this choke’s on their own blood. Disgusting creatures that call themselves humans. I hunt for what I need. I use everything. I am humane in my killing. This will just lay open more room for vile people to hunt for sport and over hunt their species.

  304. Jan says:

    Stop slaughtering Gods creatures.

  305. Lenny Guardino says:

    This world is full of the Devils children!!!! Theirs no words to describe such inhumanity’s which most are inflicted upon all Animals everywhere!!!! So called human beings voting yes to Torture an murder inocent Beautiful amazing creature in their homes!!!! Whom GOD put here way way before So called humanity!! How Evil N Cowardly can one be!!!!…all should Have midevil infinity upon them Devil selves an that’s still way too good!!!!….How are we gonna stop such monsters!!!!…Don’t slow down by no means call all concerns an speak for these Animals against these murderous monsters!!!!

  306. Carla says:

    I think this is horrendous. Can anyone tell me ” What prompted this Bill in the first place”? Why did the Republicans ( mostly) want to over turn the Bill and make all of this hunting ok. This was ask to me from someone and I dont know the answer as to “why”.

    Thank you.

  307. Norman Mearns says:

    I am not what’s called a humanist. I do not believe man was put on this earth to dominate and rule over all other forms of animal life. He was put here to live in harmony with all other forms of life, including animal, bird, and sea life.
    The only form of animal life that is overpopulating the planet earth is man himself, which in itself is causing massive problems for many of the other species. These are the problems that we have to work on, not add to them by just eliminating the spiecies.

  308. Jan Martinez says:

    Be brutal and we become brutalised.Our species is debased by wanton acts of cruelty and certainly killing hibernating animals, use of steel jaw traps, aerial killing, is debasing and a black mark against mankind.Hunters have the arrogance to say animals are savage – they sure can’t top humans for barbarity. All the world needs is love, kindness, compassion towards all living things.

  309. Pam says:

    This is a crime against GOD!

  310. Tom Beard says:

    If you would like to engage in constructive action regarding this issue I urge you to contact your two US Senators and voice your concerns. You can look up each Senators D.C. office number and simply say the following to the aide who will answer the call; My name is …… and I am a constituent of Senator (your Senators name), and I contacting him/her today to urge him/her to oppose Senators Sullivan and Murkowski’s joint resolution 18 (S.J.Res.18), which would revoke the Fish and Wildlife’s rule protecting wildlife on the Alaska National Wildlife Refugee from cruel and abhorrent hunting methods.

    I understand that S.J.Res.18 will come up for consideration very soon in the Senate, so if you have time, give your Senators a call

  311. Reg says:

    Many of us want to contact our elected officials but don’t know what to say. Please give us a sample letter to copy. Thank you for your important work.

  312. RA says:

    Everyone complaining on this site should take action! Have your voices heard! Our house and senators care nothing about this website-what they care about are VOTES. Tell them you will NOT vote for them in the upcoming election because of their barbaric choices. It is easy-takes 2 minutes of your time, tops. If you don’t know what to say, do a brief google search, but if you are polite and let them know that you, as a constituent, strongly object to their action on HJ Res 69, they will get the point. Simple.
    Here’s a list of numbers:

  313. Rick Siegfried says:

    It should be legal to kill mentally-hibernating, fascist Republicans.

  314. Barry B St John says:

    Hmmmmm. A passionate subject. Personally I am not in favor of non lethal traps or killing of animals from the air unless for management reasons. However after watching a cougar carry off and chew on my dog 20 feet from the front porch I think that the concept of cruelty is a human one. Animals have no such concerns. IT COULD HAVE AS EASILY BEEN MY GRANDDAUGHTER! I had no compunction about delivering a load of shot into its chest. That lion will kill no more dogs or children for that matter.

  315. Patricia Benoit says:

    How can ANYONE condem killing INNOCENT animals as the right thing to do?? I guess I can see (though still VERY hard to do) of killing turkeys, deer, etc., So they don’t “over populate, ” and what? Die of natural causes? Kill them for being on THEIR lands? But this law that has just passed is inhuman. How can they the “lawmakers” sleep at night knowing they are killing innocent animals? Hope you have nightmares for EACH animal that is slaughtered thanks to your new law. Sweet Dreams!

  316. Brenda says:

    I’m not sure how this makes America Great Again??? The world is watching…

  317. Tricia Hamilton says:

    I have lost my faith in mankind.

  318. Bill says:

    When are we going to stop killing hibernation human babies, were is the outrage people?

  319. Brett says:

    Whatever their reasons for sanctioning wildlife slaugher around the globe, they can be all traced down to one main thing….. property rights.. Wildlife is seen or viewed as trespassers which barbed wires are useless to keep them out. Barbed wires are for keeping humans out and livestock in. They chopped horns , paws, etc as souvenirs but the real reason for all the slaughter go back to property rights that probably went too far! BLMs of the globe are all too happy to comply by allowing OHVs to roam around where they damn please.. to help extend slaughters on federal lands ,etc. Yes, there are still those kinds of people who are obessessed with materialism like guns and OHVs, etc and they are too happy to kill all wildlife off to make the lands safe and fit for humans ..

  320. jamie alick says:

    I have been involved with human and animal rights the majority of my 65 year life. . fighting the lack of empathy human beings have that cause them to ignore the life of other living beings on our planet to serve their own selfish desires and opinions regardless of how it negatively effects life on our planet. President Obama was not perfect as none of us are. However He and Michelle fought for the rights of ALL including the lives of innocent animals .. children . people of all races and sexual preference… the safety of our environment for future generations. Trumps White House is determined to wipe out anything Obama.. even if it negatively effects human and animal life… Trumps White House will eventually go down in history as the Presidency that destroyed the planet for future generations,, caused extinction of animals .. because he supported the greed of major corporations that polluted our environment .. destroyed wild life .. clean air and water.. the rights of ALL human beings because of his support for the greed of the wealthy that he supports.. that negate all life unless it produces money for the wealthy… God Bless us all as living beings on this earth.. Especially the innocent animals and children that have no voice….

  321. Denni A says:

    2018 and 2020 is just around the corner, get your butts to the polls. elections have consequences. when you don’t vote others vote against YOUR INTERESTS AND VALUES.

  322. NattyB says:

    How can we fight this? We cannot stand by and allow this.

  323. Abyela Cruz says:

    We need to stop this. Those people who are killing the animals should be sent to jail. They can’t just hunt animals on sanctuaries without a punishment.

  324. Abyela Cruz says:

    Those people who are killing the animals should be sent to jail. They can’t just hunt animals on sanctuaries without a punishment.

  325. tom says:

    it is part of the Alaska state constitution to protect ungulates (moose, caribou ) from predation ( wolves and bears). I have lived in rural Alaska and there are no grocery stores in places like Chuathbalik. When the caribou migrate through is when to “shop”. A friend lost his dog mushing team to a wolf pack in one night. I find it disturbing to read people complain about a law that they do not understand and a place they have never lived. I am for this legislation.

  326. Samantha says:

    what is wrong with The united Stated these days?!?!?!?!

  327. Janet says:

    This is what happens when you kill the wolves and bears. The ecosystem is upset all the way down the line!

  328. C. B. says:

    And this is yet another example of the endless atrocities committed by humans against wildlife, and another reason why I loathe the human race in general. We are a cancer, a plague, the single most callous, destructive, cruel and unsympathetic creature on the face of the earth. I hope for the sake of the planet and all it’s innocent inhabitants, we are wiped out sooner rather than later

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