Breaking news: The HSUS, New York Blood Center announce landmark agreement for care of Liberian chimpanzees

By on May 30, 2017 with 158 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Today, The HSUS announces a major, multi-million-dollar agreement with the New York Blood Center (NYBC) concerning more than 60 chimpanzees formerly used by the NYBC in medical experiments in Liberia. The New York-based medical charity has committed $6 million to The HSUS to help with the decades-long task of providing long-term care for the animals. This morning’s joint announcement signals a critical turnaround in The HSUS’s relationship with the NYBC. Most importantly, it provides financial resources for the careful stewardship of these chimpanzees, who deserve every measure of human mercy after the travails they’ve endured.

In 2015, The HSUS and Humane Society International responded to an emergent crisis and began to care for the chimpanzees on a set of estuarine islands in Liberia with insufficient natural food and water resources. Dedicated individuals took it upon themselves to provide enough food and water for the chimpanzees to survive in the first days, but the circumstance required the intervention of a party that had the staying power to provide daily care to the animals. With the support of the Liberian government and more than 35 animal protection and conservation organizations worldwide, The HSUS stepped in, bringing on many of the chimps’ long-term caregivers to provide boots on the ground for the animals. We’ve been there ever since, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars a month. We have a staff of more than 30 people operating the facility, led by great ape specialists Dr. Jim Desmond and Jenny Desmond, as well as John Zeonyuway and Joseph Thomas, who have worked with the chimpanzees in Liberia for decades.

To care for these animals, we had to confront some extreme logistical, security, and personnel challenges, in addition to shouldering responsibility for the immense financial liabilities that this intervention required. In the broadest sense, we were mindful that chimpanzees are long-lived, and our response to this crisis essentially obligated us to a 40-year commitment and millions of dollars to provide proper housing, enrichment, and veterinary care for them.

The crux of the agreement announced today stipulates that the NYBC and The HSUS are effectively splitting costs for long-term care of the chimpanzees, which will include day-to-day care and also the construction of improved sanctuary facilities. The HSUS and HSI will take on responsibility for the lifetime care of the chimpanzees and will seek support from our supporters and others to help raise the remainder of the needed funds.

I am pleased to express my thanks to the NYBC for making this very generous and important commitment. I’d be remiss, too, if I did not offer our sincerest expression of gratitude to thousands of individuals and dozens of organizations whose generosity and kindness allowed us to help the chimps for the past two years, providing a bridge to an even more secure future with the new facilities we intend to build. This project has required an ensemble cast, and I offer additional earnest appreciation to the government of Liberia, the Arcus Foundation, Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute, Duke University scientist Brian Hare, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, actors and animal advocates Kate and Rooney Mara, the American Anti-Vivisection Society, and the Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society. And the most important thanks are reserved for our incredible chimpanzee care team on the ground.

The HSUS and HSI plan to work hand in hand with the government of Liberia in the years ahead, and that partnership will be critical given that the chimps have been through very difficult circumstances and need round-the-clock care.

The additional millions we must raise are still a very substantial financial burden we must bear, but we do so knowing of the steadfast resolve and commitment of our supporters. We intend to start building an endowment for the care of these chimps today, rather than leaving the task to future generations of leaders and other supporters of The HSUS. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the HSUS-NYBC agreement and adding to the $6 million endowment by making a donation to this Liberian chimp fund online at: or

At The HSUS, our range of campaigns and animal-care responsibilities is immense. But make no mistake, today’s announcement represents tangible progress for our cause and provides a measure of financial security for animals in need. Of course, while we celebrate our gains, it’s never far from our minds that a laundry list of tasks will always remain as we aggressively pursue our animal protection goals. We pledge to address every one of these challenges in a strategic and serious-minded way, just as we’ve done in the run-up to the landmark announcement today with the NYBC. You count on us to do as much, and we’ll strive to never disappoint you.

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  1. Debra Cook says:

    This is wonderful for these chimps. You guys are the best.

    • Stella Johnson says:

      This such good news. How could the NYBC think for one second they could get away with this. Let it be a lesson to them and others. We must make this world sensitive to the plight of animals. they are so much a part of us. thank you.

    • laurel mancini says:

      Has Ponso, another NYBC chimpanzee, left on an island of the Ivory Coast, been taken to a sanctuary? Of twenty research chimpanzees, he is the lone survivor.

      • Stephanie Stone says:

        Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Poor boy must be so lonely.

      • Jean Abrams says:

        Yes, an update on Ponso would answer the same question from many responders. I will wait for further info prior to donating.

    • Bonnie DeBisschop says:

      Bless everyone involved. Way to go !!!!!!

    • Connie says:

      Yes, it is such very good news. Thanks to all who persevered to make this happen.

    • M Chinn says:

      Thank you for letting me know about Donny Moss. God bless his good heart and stubborn determination to see that these freed animals receive a secure and safe life in retirement after the years of tortuous experiments in captivity.

    • G smith says:

      Thank you Donny Moss God bless you;()

    • Artie Koster says:

      Very much agreed. Yet there is much to be done, especially with puppy mills.

  2. RHODA ORLOW says:

    Once again “HOORAY” for Wayne!!

  3. Debbie Vermeal says:


  4. Annick says:

    Happy to hear the good news, we need more news like this in the world. Thank you for your hard work.

  5. Elivia Savadier Sagov says:

    This is wonderful news! Some good news in bad times for our wild animal brethren. Thank you so much for your commitment toward this outcome. And Kudos to NYBC for agreeing to share these costs.

    • l mcglensiter says:

      Kudos only to the NYBC for FINALLY doing half of the right thing. What is not mentioned in this article is that the NYBC committed long ago when they were using these poor animals for profit – that they would provide care for them when they were no longer being experimented on. Then when the time came to fulfill their commitment to provide financial support and care for them they reneged leaving them to starve! It was only through the persistence of the HSUS and also financial sponsors of the NYBC who threatened to withdraw their support – did the NYBC finally step up and agree to sharing the costs with the HSUS. Personally I think the NYBC should fully fund all of the care!

      • Debra says:

        Totally agree! They (NYBC) finally step up & think by throwing some money around that they are absolved from the horrendous treatment these animals had to endure? When in the world are ALL animals going to be free of abuse? They’re all precious, feeling beings that deserve so much more! Laws need to be changed & people punished severely when they break them. Enough is enough already.

      • Carola Hume says:

        i agree with you, NYBC is morally obligated to totally fulfill their original funding commitment to these chimps themselves.
        i wonder if the NYBC stock holders are aware of their company shirking it’s responsibilities, & would they agree with it?

        • Carola Hume says:

          i forgot to add, if these chimps are allowed to continue breeding this will be a never ending commitment. the female chimps should be on birth control medication via their food.

      • Danielle says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you!

      • nancy Lasley says:

        Absolutely agree. Their commitment to fund half the cost is of course still a huge victory for everyone involved who fought so hard on behalf of these wonderful animals, and for the chimps themselves, but it certainly doesn’t erase the astounding lack of ethics and compassion the NYBC has shown in this matter. Shame, shame on them. Heartfelt thanks as always to the HSUS, HSI, and everyone else for their tireless efforts. This is great news!!

  6. RHODA ORLOW says:


  7. nancy says:

    This is great news and it made my day .However, isn’t it a disgrace that this place is going to take care of these chimps due to the pressure from groups, the public and of course HUSU ! I pray a day comes when all animals are treated with respect and humans stop their on going harm to all……….

  8. Stephanee Rose says:

    I am wondering about controlling the population thru birth control.

    • Diane ODonnell says:

      I would also like to know about birth control prior to contributing. I can’t imagine they would be allowed to reproduce but nothing is mentioned. Don’t want to contribute until I know there’s an end in sight. Did I miss something?

  9. RHODA ORLOW says:


  10. RHODA ORLOW says:

    What you have been doing to help animals does not go unnoticed !

    Thank you, Wayne, for all your hard work!

  11. Karen and Edward Osgood says:

    So, that’s it? They donate $6 million and can just wash their hands of it? Does this suggest any further commitment on their part or are they just going to be let off and can turn their backs on animals they used and abused?
    Not good enough, folks. This organization showed a blatant disregard for living creatures that didn’t ask for the kind of lives they endured.
    I am glad to know they will be taken care of, but I just cannot forgive this organization for their shirking of responsibility, especially when it comes to living beings.

    • Sharon Feldberg says:

      I agree with Karen and Edward. We are thanking NYBC who had to be shamed into responding??

      • Elizabeth says:

        In the universal sense of things evil exists and the people who participated in this type of work for their job are evil. Whether it is beneficial to thank them so they follow through with funding for political reasons, that may be part of the game that has to be played. I don’t know. I feel grateful for any individual that has fought for these amazing higher level beings.

        I think the organization that did this testing is getting off light but maybe there is a higher power that will demand a price to be paid that is beyond this world.

        Thankyou for fighting for these chimpanzees.


      • M Chinn says:

        Ditto. NYBC still has much to be ashamed of after years of sentencing the chimps to horrible, slow deaths by the coldblooded abandonment. Think how Ponso had to watch his troop and his own family die off one by one leaving him completely alone.

      • Marge Gelsleichter says:

        I agree, think of how long it took to do the responsible thing.

    • Deanna Jolly says:


    • Dana Eubanks says:

      I totally agree with you, I couldn’t have said it better!

    • Joan says:

      My thoughts as well. NYBC fought this for years. Thanks to all who finally got the $6million but they got off easy.

    • Donna Mandell says:

      I totally agree with you. Its more than just the all mighty dollar
      .Can’t imagine the life these poor animals had to endure at the hands of man. More needs to be done other than writing a check….these types of abuse needs to stop. Just because these poor animals can’t talk doesn’t mean they can’t feel. The pain inflicted upon them is a disgrace an because they can’t say stop hurting me does not give anyone the right to continue to do so.

    • Momo says:


    • laurel mancini says:

      I hold that money is good, but leaving wild animals in their habitat is best. Assuredly, their lives are not easy. When humans leave their land they do better. And even though their lives are not easy, at least the actions they choose are their own – to run or swim or fly, to eat, to search, to mate, to be with their own. And those are the same freedoms we have, and take, for ourselves. All creatures on this earth are of the same circle of life. Mammals, avians, insects, reptiles, amphibians and all the plant life on the surface of this earth, and in the sacred waters. We can keep this in mind as we live day to day.

  12. Florence Arnow says:

    I am overjoyed,as I protested this refusal to care for these beautiful chimps.
    Thank you HSUS..Do you need any help.

  13. zelefia daniels says:

    i want to know more about your progam

  14. Sandy Norris says:

    so happy for these precious chimps who have given so much. Please keep updates on the facility and photos of how the chimps are doing. Thank you for taking care of them…

  15. Carrie says:

    It is a wonderful thing that the Humane Society is doing. These are intelligent and deep feeling creatures, with parenting skills that are far better than many humans! They should and must be treated with kindness and respect. Thank you all again.

  16. Jullian Fredericks says:

    Thank you for sharing such a heart touching story and in fact, I was just thinking the other day I wish humans could stop using animals of all kinds for experimental purposes. I feel our society is advanced enough and should be able to move forward in science and medicine, without subjecting animals to such torturous testing.

    Thank you for being such a strong link in the chain for human decency and for helping promote such a long overdue cause.

  17. Beatriz Blanca says:

    It is so relieving. Thank you for this victory.

  18. Beatriz Blanca says:

    Thank you. It is relieving, indeed. Just look into their eyes as they are put into experiments. Help them. Mercy for them.

  19. Catherine says:


  20. Brown Maryetta says:

    So happy to hear they will be taken care of finally.

  21. Paula Calhoun says:

    Bless all those that worked hard to make this happen. These Chimps deserve the care of a trained staff and correct interaction to give them enjoyment, and fulfillment for the rest of their lives.

  22. Elaine Sloan says:

    It is UNFATHOMABLE that DONNY MOSS of NYC who was relentless, did hundreds of demos, kept the pressure on, spoke out for the chimps in the media and elsewhere, went to Liberia to see the chimps and is the TRUE HERO behind this success is not mentioned as one of the MAJOR ACTIVISTS RESPONSIBLE for this victory!!!
    He deserves mention and credit for never giving upand for being the MAJOR FORCE behind the struggle and success. CONGRATS, Donny, you did it!!!!

  23. Rita Waine says:

    Thank you so much for caring for the medical needs and survival of these beautiful chimps!❤️

  24. Ashlee Smith says:

    Please save the chimps they need our help

  25. Reina Benavidez says:

    Please consider allowing students in animal husbandry
    and volunteers to assist as well…to gain experience in their chosen field
    and help spread the word to aid all creatures that share our world.

    Thank you to all for stepping up and showing you greatly care.
    Humane Society as always you hold the world in caring hands
    you show us all ( this is ) how we save our planet and ourselves
    The cosmos takes note.

  26. Joan Hobbs says:

    May all blessings come to those who made this possible! After years of torture, confinement, then desertion on a hostile land of war and inadequate supplies, finally, after more than the loss of 75% of their population due to strife, they have the care they need. Finally, at long last.

  27. Anita Faulkner says:

    So glad to hear that NYBC is finally agreeing to help take care of the chimpanzees they exploited.

  28. Dan Perdios says:


    This is surely great news and your organization is to commended for its persistent pressure and dedication. However, I believe that you left out a group of supporters that were of extreme importance in this battle and the ongoing work of the Humane Society – the thousands and thousands who continuously followed this story and did the online actions. Those who regularly emailed the NYBC expressing our outrage at their criminal behavior. Then contacting those corporations who had previously supported the bloody torture company urging them to stop. I believe it is this public pressure that eventually led to the change of heart or should I say change of pocketbook. I believe folks who took the online actions need as much acknowledgement as those who made donations and were on the ground. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I just didn’t see this in your article and I’m sure it was just an oversight in the excitement of the moment as this is truly great news and perhaps sets a precedent for the future of these animals and all those who are tortured in this way…Thank you.

  29. Paula Vayda says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a while! Absolutely wonderful!

  30. elaine sloan says:

    It’s unfathomable that Donny Moss, the GREAT ACTIVIST responsible for much of the success has not been mentioned as one of the major victors of this battle. Donny was relentless, had hundreds of demos, spoke out in the media and on the street, went to Liberia to visit the chimps and never gave up! Here’s to Donny and his outstanding commitment and work to help the chimps! THANK U, Donny!!

  31. Wendy Bowman says:

    This is wonderful wonderful news! Thank you HSUS for your continued hard work in making this happen!

  32. benne says:

    leave Chimps alone

  33. Summer Devlin says:

    Wonderful news. Too bad it took so darn long for NYBC to live up to their obligations. I wonder how many chimps lost their lives because of neglect during that time.

  34. Alyson Burgess says:

    Absolutely wonderful news! Well done to everyone concerned – thank you for working so hard to ensure the protection and welfare of these chimpanzees!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Using animals for research on medical conditions or procedures for humans is rarely of much value. The results do not translate to humans. Much better to find human volunteers, possibly from people who already have whatever condition is being researched, paying volunteers, or granting “good time” to prisoners?

  36. Dan Perdios says:

    Here’s what Dr. Brian Hare wrote,

    With your help, after years of tireless effort, we can provide these hero chimpanzees with the top-notch care they deserve. Congratulations to the chimpanzees and all who worked on their behalf!

    Your voices, through this petition, kickstarted our campaign. You signed, called, wrote, and donated; HSUS organized and sustained emergency care; peaceful but persistent protesters (especially those led by Donny Moss and Their Turn) did not let NYBC think we were going to abandon the chimpanzees as they had. The constant pressure gave HSUS/HSI the leverage they needed to successfully negotiate a fair financial agreement with NYBC. All of our combined effort created this victory for compassion. Thank you to each and every one of you, and, of course, to the HSUS led team in Liberia who have been taking care of the chimpanzees. You are all heroes!

  37. Ida says:

    I’m so happy to hear they are stepping up and doing the right thing. I read this story in your magazine and it touched my heart so I’m happy to hear they will be cared for, for the agonizing pain they have experienced at the hands of “research”.

    • Katherine Hollingsworth says:

      Rather than “stepping up” it seems more like they were dragged, kicking & screaming, trying to avoid doing the right thing.

  38. Dennis Jordan jr says:

    The compassion and empathy are overwhelming

  39. Kathleen Fitzgerald says:

    Well thank goodness the NYBC finally stepped up! It’s just a shame that so much pressure had to be placed before they were willing to do the right thing.

  40. Audrey says:

    Oh so awesome!!!
    Many thanks to each and every person involved in the caring of these beautiful animals….I am so relieved to know that as long as they live they will be taken care of. They have done more then their share of work on this earth….it’s time for peace,quiet and fun for them….again THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED….IM SO HAPPY..

  41. Robin Wilson says:

    I certainly hope that both entities follow through with their commitment to the chimps.

  42. Sondra york says:

    This is such good news thank you so much for sharing

  43. Ellen Edwards-Thrasher says:

    Praise the Lord above ! These people have turned their backs on their responsibilities and the Chimps have given their all and then some ! Thank you to each and every person that gave money, sign petitions, shared this site and the everyday struggle to be the voices for these Beautiful Chimps. Now, They will live a much better life, free of needles, abuse and human domination !
    My heart is full of happiness ❤️

  44. Jill Wachter says:

    I am so happy!! After all they have been thru!! They are getting the help they deserve & need!! It’s the right, humane thing to do!! The chimps have suffered enough!! Bless everyone & the Chimps!!

  45. Kaynyc says:

    I marched for this NYC. The guy who managed these rallies was crazy committed. I give blessings to everyone who made this happen and blessings to our Chimps!

  46. LUCIE MARX TITUS says:


  47. Lysandra Maxim says:

    Wow! HSUS rocks👏! Making a small donation today!

  48. Timothy Gonsorek says:

    Thank you all so much for helping they deserve it.

  49. Bonnie says:

    It is the fair and decent solution for what these beautiful, intelligent creatures have endured at the hands of “so called civilized” human beings. I’m proud to support these efforts!

  50. Debra Terranova says:

    The least they can do after they torture these beautiful animals. Nobody should be experimenting on any animals period!!!!! If they care so much about the animals, they shouldn’t be causing them unnecessary harm to begin with. They should take all that money and put it toward human research only. THERE IS NO REASON EVER TO DO ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS. I would love to do animal experiments on a person and then they can tell me what they think.

    • Laura Davi says:

      Thank you Debra!! Well stated. I would definitely help you out on the experiments on a person.

  51. Sandy M says:

    This is amazing!! A true victory for the chimps that have been through so much! No animal should be tested on and I will support any group that will help put an end to testing on animals.

  52. Heather Bruce says:

    Wonderful news. Thank you.
    What has been done to ensure population control?

  53. Pamela Nickerson says:

    So, so happy for these precious primates. I’ve volunteered at Save the Chimps in Florida and it was most unforgettable experience I’ll ever had. I cried and laughed the 5 days I was there. Thank you

  54. Lea Zrenda says:

    All I have to say is THANK YOU to all the folks who worked so hard to make this happen!! God Bless You for all your efforts!

  55. bianca puccio says:

    Thisvis wonderful i am so happy to hear this nees.we eill 08dh hardvtogether to mskevthere lives betterith a bit orvmorevof normality. Thank u for showing me anything isvpossible if u push for it.

    • bianca puccio says:

      Mmy message at first was messy…i thank u for sending me this incredible news so happy to see & hear this .i am so excited. For the chimps.nice to see they will be able to live as they should in there world with a bit of so proud to be involved with this project..thanks for sharing .i will spred this incredible story..thank u bianca

  56. Carole Walters says:

    What wonderful news! It brings tears to my eyes to see the chimps climbing trees, enjoying the outdoors!
    I just question why the NYBC shouldn’t be held accountable for a larger sum of money to contribute toward their long term care?
    Keep up the wonderful work you do.

  57. Cindy Trembly says:

    This is awesome news!!

  58. Mary says:

    Thank goodness.

  59. Doug Pratt says:

    Impossible not to notice the what appear to be very young Chimps. I’m curious as to whether or not the adults are still propagating? If they are, isn’t this project going to last more than 40 years?

    • Katherine Herzog says:

      Chimps are very long-lived animals….this $6 million is merely a drop in the bucket. Hope this is just the beginning of NYBC’s priming-the-pump so to speak. Building a new chimp sanctuary and care for the baby chimps for possibly 40 years… is a very long term endeavor. Good news but the fight is not yet over.

  60. Annette Purdy says:

    So wonderful to take care of these beautiful animals for the rest of their lives. They were used in study for human ailments and it is our responsibility to pay them back for research we did on them….

  61. Doreen Bellmore says:

    Thank you HSUS for your determination and commitment for the care of these chimps! This warms my heart!

  62. chris lock says:

    They shouild have done this some time ago

  63. Marion Dennis says:

    It says that you will be obligated to pay for your commitment but what about all of the new babies being born what is going to happen to them? For who will take care of them since new births will definitely extend beyond 40 years.

  64. Blair Stewart says:

    Thanks to everyone who worked on this project. You have done an amazing job! These animals have had to endure a terrible life prior to being set free and to think that they would have to endure more suffering due to neglect was a sad and undeserved sentence.
    I wish I had unlimited money to help, but if everyone just gave a little it would add up, but that’s a topic for another time.
    Again well done.

  65. Karen gallian says:

    This is AMAZING!!! Those Chimps have been through so much and the thought of them not being taken care of is horrendous! I HAPPILY support ANY AND ALL ANIMAL organizations!
    Thank you…. thank you…..thank you!!

  66. Mary McGeary says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do for animals. You are awesome!

  67. Barbara Bullas says:

    Wonderful news. Wish I were in a position to help fund this – – we’ve taken too much advantage of wild life in experiments for the benefit of the human animal. Time to make it right.

  68. Loretta says:

    So happy to hear.

  69. Debbie Puckett says:

    I am so happy to hear this. It was unbelievable to me that these people could just abandon these animals after years of mistreatment. But I also knew if anyone could change their minds it would be HSUS. I am so proud to be a very very small part of this organization.

  70. joojoo says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts.

  71. Marsha Elston says:

    What good news for the chimps! No more experiments or pain. And enough
    to eat and drink and freedom to move around and be sociable. We mourn
    for those who have passed on but are joyful for the survivors.

  72. Karen Haines says:

    It’s about time!

  73. PAM HESTER says:

    GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS THE CHIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Patty DeYoung says:

    I applaud both Humane Societies and partners for working on this issue and acknowledge the Blood Center’s commitment to providing funds; even though it took them WAY TOO LONG.

    There is some concern on my part as to why it takes “more than” (not sure what that means) 30 people to take care of “more than” (again, what does that mean) 60 chimps!!!

    A statement was made that it will take another $6M to provide for the chimps; making it $12M. If these chimps are sterilized (if not, why not, with the diseases that I understand they were subjected to by the Blood Center), the colony will decrease over the years; not increase. $12M looks like a great deal of money to provide food and medical care and some type of housing/stimulation.

    Am sure I’m not the only one who is puzzled by the announcements as they are written and you might do well to give a more detailed explanation.

  75. Connie says:

    Why can they not be moved to a sanctuary here in the US?

  76. Dorothy Kerkowski says:

    This is the least that should be done given the testing these chimps have been subjected to. If we were testing humans, which I think should be done, they would be compensated and sign off before the tests. The chimps feel pain as well as a social structure of family and friends. Food, water, good health, a place of their own is minimal!

  77. Kathy Dowell says:

    God is working through you wonderful and caring people. God bless you.

  78. Donna' says:

    That’s wonderful! Ending to terrible life!

  79. Kathy Dowell says:

    God is working through these dedicated people to care for the Chimps. God bless you.

  80. Rosemary Miller says:


  81. Meryll Green says:

    Research seems to be moving from animal testing be it very slowly but all research facilities must now think laterally leaving animals out of the picture. Stem cells are a new discovery testing done in a dish. BUT until everyone sees the light any animal used in testing must be looked after and treated well. No unnecessary experiments as in repeating an experiment knowing full well it does not work is just deplorable which happens in teaching universities. To find cures-thoughts must change.

  82. Soniae chobanian says:

    I just luv the chimpanzee there so intelligence is amazing they all deserve the best, I’m so happy there going to b well taken care of ”/.?

  83. Sabrina Boudreaux says:

    About time this happens. Congratulations to all who helped secure this transaction for these beautiful chimpanzees. And thank you to all the staff and volunteers who dedicate their lives in helping these animals!!! If each one of these chimps could talk they would surely tell you “thank you & God Bless to everyone.” If only I’d live closer I would definitely be one of the volunteers helping feed or clean up at the sanctuary. Again, “Thank you” from all the chimps!!!

  84. Susan Baguiao says:

    Fantastic new’s

  85. GINA POWELL says:

    Very happy about this.
    What the thousands of racehorses who go to slaughter after generating BILLIONS for the horse racing industry?
    Since you are a supporters of this legitimized horse cruelty perhaps you can secure a deal for aftercare money?

  86. Lisa Muryn says:

    Why did HSUS and HSI agree to SPLIT the financial burden with NYBC ?

    Since NYBC gets ALL of the benefit of testing on these poor creatures, why don’t they get ALL OF THE FINANCIAL BURDEN ?

  87. Wendy Potterton says:

    Thank you all for your hard work and your kindness, this news has made my day, week, year !!!

  88. Ranay says:

    It is about time!!!!!!!

  89. Dawn says:

    Thank you HSUS, HSI, and NYBC!!! Well done!

    Collaboration + Partnership = Meaningful Change

    Keep up the fine work on behalf of all the animals and the betterment of society!

  90. F Stuart says:

    Wonderful news. Thank you.

  91. Nancy Raymond says:

    As long as HSUS is working in conjunction with NYBC for the care of these chimps I am relieved – NYBC for so long refused to be responsible for their care and would have allowed them to starve to death. They used and abused the chimps so I have little faith that they alone would do one thing to preserve them.

  92. John G. says:

    It is great to hear some encouraging news for a change! We can make a difference if we all sacrifice just a little bit of ourselves and support organizations like the Humane Society and the SPCA.

  93. Deanna Jolly says:

    What about future research? What about Beagles and cats?
    Does this mean no more animal testing at all? And other Chimps?

  94. Jannette Patterson says:

    Please explain why you don’t give credit to Donny Moss as he was a major force in this effort. For 2 years, Donny led a campaign against NYBC with a focused, intelligent strategy, inspiring dozens of activists to protest on a regular basis, and he even went to Liberia to check on the chimps. All of this at his own personal expense, no help from HSUS. The least you can do is acknowledge Donny. Those of in NYC who helped Donny know how much he deserves this, this victory was largely won by his hard work.

  95. NANCY says:

    There is a God. Thank you HSUS, HSI, JANE GOODALL, JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE and EVERYONE ELSE INVOLVED IN THIS FIGHT. The Blood Bank made the right decision. YIPEEEE

  96. Nancy D Neilson says:

    The picture looks like the one of a man who goes to an island and brings food to the chimps since they we’re abandoned there.
    Is that the sanctuary?

  97. Walter Shelton says:

    If humans were treated this way by any animal – abuse, hospice, die – the outrage of the situation would not be lessened by better hospice conditions. This is taking a .1 out of 100 situation and celebrating its becoming a .2 out of 100 travesty, which leaves it pathetically less vicious and INHUMANE. Chimpanzees lack our level of reasoning and we lack their level of understanding.

  98. Sheri DeOrio says:

    Thank you for fighting for these chimps!

  99. Dawn Risner says:

    I am overwhelmed at this news . So thankful to all who had a part in this wonderful act . Of course there are so many more animals suffering and dying that desperately need help but every animal saved is a victory . Each one of these chimps is important , precious and deserving of a long happy healthy and most importantly free life !

  100. Pattie Wolf says:

    I am quite happy to finally hear some good news.

  101. cat says:

    Hell yeah!

  102. Bill Tomlinson says:

    Congrats! This is the type of effort that everyone who believes in doing the right thing needs to support. Let’s continue to take good care of these chimps, and all of the worlds creatures. Thank you for the good work. Bill Tomlinson and family

  103. MS says:

    Job well done — the alternative would be cruel and unconscionable — if we do not care for our fellow chimps, WHO WILL!

  104. Judith Felsten says:

    Why is $6 million from NYBC considered adequate with forty-some years of care ahead? Doesn’t sound like half of what will be needed, and what happens to the descendants of these chimps? Supporters deserve a more detailed description of the plan.

  105. Rod Anaforian says:

    For a single moment simply rejoice . . .

  106. Evelyn Lennon says:

    My heart swells with great joy, we our their voice and we have been heard. They can now live the life that was meant to be.

    Thanks is not enough, but I’m speechless.

  107. Catherine Szenczy says:

    Many thanks to HSUS and all who supported your efforts to ensure these beautiful animals will be given the care they need and deserve for the remainder of their lives. Please continue to keep us informed about their welfare and their ongoing need for support.

  108. Susan Wancour says:

    Thank you HSUS for your perseverence and long time commitment to these once tortured and then abandoned creatures. It’s about time NYBC steps up to the plate and takes some responsibility for what they’ve done.

  109. Cat Mapps says:

    Can’t believe this result! Its amazing! Well done HSIUS!

  110. Stephanie Stone says:

    This is very good news, indeed! However, I completely agree with all the comments re NYBC who should have taken responsibility long ago and really should be 100% responsible now. Thank you to HSI, HSUS, Jane Goodall and all the organizations and individuals (like Donny Moss!) who would not give up! You all, along with the chimps’ caregivers, are heroes. I hope that all the chimps, including the sole chimp on the island off the Ivory Coast, will live out free, peaceful and contented lives, enjoying good food and daily visits.

  111. Pat P. says:

    Although I am glad that the NYIf it weren’t for extreme persistence, condemnation, public pressure, threatening boycotts, etc. the NYBC would have broken their commitment to these chimps (allowing them to die) after using them in painful experiments for years. They should be responsible for their entire after-care, not a split responsibility with the HSUS.
    I can’t imagine that $6million with be anywhere near enough funds for the support of 60 chimps, and their ability to thrive! After their horrible sacrificial years of torture, they should exist in a paradise!

    Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who willingly attempting to save and cherish these wonderful primates!

    If only so many other tortured innocent animals could have an exchange for a life of loving sanctuary! When will humans acknowledge their responsibility in creating physical and psychological pain to helpless innocent animals placed on this earth for us to watch over and ensure their safety, security and relish their beauty.
    Humans own our animal brothers and sisters and endless lifetime of peace and care–there will never be too much!

  112. Alma Karcheski says:

    It looks like they are breeding. I am sure that thought has been given to the potential of a growing population of chimps on these islands. It is concerning since it seems that the islands are not a natural life sustaining habitat, therefore making these chimps forever dependent on humans. It is daunting to think that you have a growing number of chimps and limited resources from an unnatural source (human assistance). It doesn’t sound good for their future. I love animals, especially chimps and I am worried.

  113. Ivylle says:

    This picture brings tears of joy for these chimps. Thank you all for your
    commitment to care for these precious lives. Maybe one day, we can
    feel joy for all animals for which we are now fighting.

  114. Ivylle Anderson says:

    This picture brings tears of joy for these chimps and their new suffer free
    lives. Your commitment to this endeavor will, hopefully, reach all animals
    that are presently in the inhumane captivity of humans. All animals were
    placed on this earth in our care, but due to man’s evil, they have been
    exposed to cruelty, pain, and much suffering. Maybe our continued
    fight for their welfare will bring a free and happy life for all still confined.

  115. Harvey Finley (Aged 9) (:(:(:(:(: says:


  116. Carolyn Denton says:

    Thank you to every person involved in making this happen. May God Bless all of you. These chimps are certainly deserving of a decent retirement after all the suffering they have endured at the hands of man.
    I have the same question as another person asked. What about birth control for the chimps?? This is very important.

  117. Julie says:

    Congrats to HSUS and all the other partners involved who never gave up. Special thanks to the dedicated local animal care workers on the ground who continued to provide the essential care to the chimpanzees even when there were few resources. You all saved lives. Thanks so much!

  118. Kevin Bowen says:

    $100,000 per chimpanzee sounds like a lot. Is this a secure location or is most of the money for security? Is the money going to medical care to bind their wounds? Do they need to be in isolation due to communicable diseases?
    Could you possibly create a sustainable environment where the chimps can take care of themselves? If we spend $1.5 million or $25K per chimp this would leave $4.5M for protection of other primates. Obviously I do not know the circumstances but think we should look for creative ways to provide the greatest good to all animals.

  119. katie mcdougall says:

    I saw several very young chimps in the video. Have the adults been neutered?

  120. Susan B Johnson says:

    Bravo, Wayne! A real coup for our simian kinfolk.

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