Consumers, farmers deluge USDA in support of Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule

By on June 29, 2017 with 6 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

An analysis completed by The HSUS and the Humane Society Legislative Fund revealed that of 47,000 comments received by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in response to a request for public input on the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices rule (87 Fed. Reg. 7042), 99.5 percent opposed the agency’s delay of the rule and requested that the agency make it effective and put it in practice. This is an extraordinary outpouring of public concern about a long overdue upgrade and clarification of the organic standards and it would mark a much-needed improvement in federal animal welfare standards for pigs, chickens, cattle, and other farm animals.

The Obama Administration’s USDA promulgated the final rule on January 19th. Right out of the gate, the Trump Administration delayed implementation of the rule for three months, and then it extended the delay another six months, establishing a 60-day comment period where the agency asked the public if its prior expressions of approval for the rule still applied. Our exhaustive analysis of the comments reinforced what the public said in the original round of comments: consumers and farmers want a strong and meaningful standard that amplifies the animal welfare components of the USDA organic label.

The original January 2017 rule was hardly a slapdash production. It had been in the works for over a decade and there was substantial, extended feedback from farmers, consumers, and other key stakeholders that stretched throughout almost the entirety of the four terms of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The overwhelming preponderance of feedback backed the idea that animals raised under organic label be given outdoor access and be afforded high animal welfare standards.

The USDA rule encompasses an array of housing, husbandry, and management standards, including the prohibition of certain cruel practices like tail docking of cattle; the transportation of sick, injured, or lame animals; or mulesing of sheep (cutting the skin from the back legs and rump). It clarifies the requirement that animals cannot be tightly confined, and sets minimum indoor and outdoor space requirements for egg-laying chickens. The rule requires that producers provide a sufficient number of exits and design outdoor areas to promote and encourage birds to go outside on a daily basis.

Let’s be clear that this is not just about animal welfare. It’s about consumers and the marketplace and what people want to buy. And It’s about supporting the livelihood of pig farmers, egg producers, and other men and women involved in livestock agriculture. Organic farmers, with a real brand behind them, can demonstrate to their customers that they are honoring more humane and sustainable husbandry practices on the farm, and can demand a higher price for value-added, ethically sourced products. Consumers will pay a premium because the animals are treated well, not fed antibiotics or hormones, and not chewing on feed crops sprayed with inorganic pesticides.

Conventional producers are fond of saying that people vote with their pocketbooks, and that animal advocates may talk a good game about giving animals more space and outdoor access, but that in the marketplace, consumers default to lower price points rather than higher ethical standards. But if their efforts to subvert this rule tell us anything, they reveal that conventional producers are wary of consumers having this kind of information and this kind of choice. Organic is the fastest growing product line in the grocery business, and consumers are reaching for the products on the shelves with this label emblazoned on the packaging. But they are also asking that the label mean something, and that the weak standards put in place in 2000 (a full decade after the 1990 passage of the Organic Foods Production Act) be fortified so that there is authenticity behind the organic brand.

If some consumers want “organic” products, then give it to them. They feel better about their food purchases and think it’s healthier and more humane. If farmers want this opportunity to feed the demand of a surging market, give it to them. Every cut of meat, half gallon of milk, and dozen eggs provides revenue-generating opportunities for thousands of family farmers adhering to a standard and showing sound husbandry practices.

These are common sense standards that should be customary and standard on farms. It’s kind of remarkable that allowing animals to be able to stand up and stretch their limbs requires a special label in the first place.

The conventional pork industry has seen more than 90 percent of producers go out of business in the last 40 years, the dairy industry 88 percent, and the egg industry more than 95 percent. Their adoption of industrial-style production methods, combined with the anti-competitive practices, drove farmers out of business and hurt rural communities as much as any other factor. An authentic organic label is about stopping the hemorrhaging of people from rural communities and actually growing the ranks of family farmers.

Make no mistake, the attack on this rule is an attack on family farmers throughout the nation. It is an attempt to gut federal animal welfare standards in agriculture. And it is an attack on consumer choice and the integrity of the organic label. The latest outpouring of comments (46,500+ out of 47,000 comments favored the rule) is democratic redundancy—with stakeholders, time and again, demanding meaningful standards for the organic label.

There should be no confusion about the message. The written record is unmistakable and transparent. The American people have spoken, and it’s time to honor their wishes.

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  1. Dianne Primeaux says:

    The subject I am commenting on deals with cruelty, trauma induced process and your law which states “once the animal is licensed, it becomes property of the owner which prohibits the process of monitoring the animal’s welfare which becomes horrible beyond words. Examples: Lab animals, circus animals, and zoo animals, factory farming. Your department does NOT take action against animal cruelty. Change your laws. Fining does nothing but accumulate money.

  2. Robynne Catheron says:

    “If some consumers want “organic” products, then give it to them. They feel better about their food purchases and think it’s healthier and more humane.”

    Wayne, I love your blog and I’m always behind you, supporting just about everything you do. But I’m not sure I understand your meaning behind the quotes around “organic,” or what you meant by saying some consumers “think” it’s healthier.

    Could you please clarify?

    Thank you,
    Robynne Catheron

  3. Anita Eylar says:

    I fully agree that these regulations should be put into place immediately! More humane means a better life for the animals and a better consumer product. Temple Grandin proved that years ago with cattle. Let’s move forward instead of in the muck!

  4. margarita clayton says:

    Thank you , Wayne. You are a compassionate person & you fight for all animals. I support you in all you do. Our animals deserve a good life. Businesses are not trustworthy when it comes to animal welfare; they’re all evil to their animals.

    I hope legislation on soring, farming, etc, come about quickly for the animals.

    I’ve been vegan for about 40 yr. due to this cruelty; I feel I’m not contributing to animal suffering; my arteries have 0 clogging, cholesterol levels are super, but I do consume oily fish weekly, sugar is controlled by eating plant based protein when carbohydrates are consumed & calcium plant based veggies & 0 yogurt. etc. help w/the calcium intake.

    Thank you for all you do.

  5. Meaghan Simpson says:

    Fact: 95% of USA citizens demand heirloom certified organic foods/farms NOW.

    Fact: 98% of USDA foods/farms produce sicko poison foods that are illegal in other countries!

    Fact: sicko poisoned foods are causing mega diseases and sky rocketing healthcare costs crises!

    Fact: healthcare in USA is SICKO CARE brought to you by BIG PHARMA POISON PETRO chemicals….leading cause of death in USA !!!

    Fact: You are 9000% more likely to die at the hands of a medical doctor in USA! than you are likely to die at the hands of a gun owner. Check the data… Gets worse everyday! Mega poisons super addictive deadly big PHARMA sicko drugs!!!

  6. Meaghan Simpson says:

    I love Wayne like I love animals and heirloom certified organic farms/foods
    for 73 years…I been born and hanging at the core of every kind of animal lovers community and the C.C.O.F. and OREGON Good TILTH strict original natural rearing heirloom certified organic farms/foods standards.

    I know the people, I know the farmers, I know the foods and how long since we the national Food & Water “green wave” flooded super market mgrs and the USDA in mid 1990’s with our demands for heirloom certified organic foods in all our super markets across USA! F&W national surveys
    showed that over 98% of USA citizens want heirloom certified organic strict original standards and we want them for all our foods. USDA in WA, DC received HUGE response by millions of citizens who wrote letters and signed surveys by the bushel loads. The USDA said they never had been deluged by SOOO many mountains of mail EVER! The USDA then made a horrifying response saying since USA citizens want heritage heirloom certified organic foods,… USDA said “well that’s easy, we will just call all USDA conventional chemical grown foods, ORGANIC!… And that will solve the problem!

    That’s when WE the people from OREGON and CALIFORNIA got another major petition together with our fed gov senators and congressmen and went to USDA WA, DC and told them NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! We will never allow such traitorous sabotage of our heritage natural rearing organic strict original farms/foods standards, EVER!
    That was over 20 years ago when many heirloom certified organic seeds and plant nurseries businesses flourished in CA and OR Willamette Valley my home turf. It was also just after MONSANTO had invaded our AG valleys and no one told us and no one knew GMO CORN, WHEAT AND SOY were out in farms all over and 3 different veggie burgers brands had entered the “natural” health foods market. WE the people have been slowly discovering the truth about GMO in spite of heinous refusals by Big AG Biz to disclose GMO on labels. That’s when USDA started coming up with their perverted versions, USDA Organic and they have been hacking and diverting our real organic standards into USDA fake organic ever since.

    It is very gratifying to see that 99.5% of all the comments submitted to USDA are totally for approval of the rule for Organic Livestock and Poultry
    Oh yes! These are my people been doing it for 25 years and way before.
    So glad the trolls did not invade the comments poison the mission.

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